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Newz Forum: BASEBALL: Steroid Use In MLB-Time to take a Stand

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posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 01:45 PM
We have finally seen the clear picture of the steroid use in the MLB, Jason Giambi has started a circle of endless events. These events will prompt fans to revolt against the MLB. And like some of the members of, are willing to hold out any hope of attending games in the near future.

Personally I saw this coming from a mile away. With the size of major league players steadily growing, from skinny, base runners, to all of a sudden sure HR hitters. We all knew something was fishy underneath this, but we all thought these MLB players are putting people in the seats, and increasing the popularity of the sport, that was dying at a certain time. We didn’t care, the sport of baseball was able to compete with the NFL and the NHL (whom we all know has issues by itself).

MLB had assured itself as a popular sport again. There was action there was 9th inning walk off homers. We saw drama in the World Series, and the playoffs, we saw finishers that we haven’t seen before. Even the late great Babe Ruth would have been impress with the way the MLB was taking off.

But as soon as we saw a player by the name of Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire start bombing Homeruns, and destroying records that Babe Ruth had set in his greatest years. Some of the fans started questioning how Bonds was able to do all this when at a certain point of time, he was known for his stealing of the bases, rather than his ability to hit the long ball.

What had happened, that made Barry bonds such a great Homerun hitter in the course of 5 r 6 years. Nobody could be able to have the answers to these questions. Everybody that saw all this didn’t want to question because the popularity of the sport was steadily increasing, and we all know that the rate of these Homeruns that Bonds was hitting, the Great Hank Aaron would soon have his record destroyed by bonds in the 2005 season.

How could all this happen in the matter of years. One company made all this happen BALCO. This company made products that were undetectable to the tests that the MLB gave. Coming from an athlete, like myself, if I was a professional, and I was only average, and wanted to be on top, and a company like BALCO approached me, and said “we have this product that all you have to do is apply it to your skin or take a shot once or twice a day, and you would see results like you wouldn’t believe.”

I personally, would think twice about this, and anybody who said they wouldn’t think twice about this would kid themselves, personally I wouldn’t take a product like this. I wouldn’t do something that harsh to my body, and have that type of risks involved to my body, but some professional athletes, do think twice about this, and this is exactly what has happened to a player like Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi. Both now are great competitors who make millions of dollars a year.

We all have seen a trend, especially in the MLB, of players above average in size. Why has this happened in this sport and not in others like the NFL, and the NFL and the NBA. Its because of a owner by the name of Bud Selig, who hasn’t been harsh on players who have been caught using this type of product before. Selig is also very lackadaisical with the way he tests the players. In every other sport, the owners perform tests every game, sometimes every other week, it depends on the owner and the creditability of the team. Some of the NCAA teams, well actually most of the NCAA teams are supposed to test players every game, to make sure they aren’t using any harmful products.

In the ATP (world tennis) players who do test positive for steroids or illegal drugs, are suspended for a whole year. We haven’t heard much of steroid use in the NFL, because it could be done without the public knowing and same with the NCAA ranks, because you don’t see too many big players, if somebody is caught with steroids, a team would be able to place a player on the IR, and suspended that player internally, rather than having the public knowing.

How can the MLB correct these problems with its system? The players association has supposedly been determined to correct these problems in the MLB, but how can they when the president is Bud. Ever since Bud has walked in the door, there have been problems with the MLB, sure that is one reason to help prevent future problems. Getting somebody new in office is a start, but that is still a tinny blimp on the map, of all the problems the MLB has.

The MLB has to somehow create a system that will help prevent future events of steroid use in the league, how can they when a company like BALCO has made products that are almost undetectable to the tests? One way is use a player like Giambi who has said that he used steroids, and have him help the MLB to get a positive reaction out of a negative situation.

Giambi could help, by letting the MLB use him to perform tests as to how to trace these almost undetectable tests. That’s a start to a list of endless problems that the MLB has, now sportztawkers, lets keep these going, these see how the MLB can fix this situation, lets see as fans of the sport, if we can get something going, like in previous threads Gibbs Baby!!!, a regular poster on sportztawk, has posted that he would like to see a holdout, along with toejam, TRD, and ProudAmerican, who are well known on sportztawk. All agree that we should get the word across that we should holdout on opening day. Now as fans and lovers of a sportz, lets make this happen, make sure you remember where you heard it first, and where it started, here on

Ben Irvine
(Sportztawk Staff)

[Edited on 12/13/2004 by Ben]

[Edited on 12/13/2004 by Ben]

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 06:24 PM
good article ben, but i believe that you miss the point on one issue, when you put the blame on selig i think you are looking in the wrong direction...bud can only do what the owners and the players association let him do, when they signed the latest labor agreement the guidelines for drug testing were laid out for all to see, weak and watery as they were they were the law of baseball, i think the answer lies in going back to a more powerful, independent commisioner, not an owner or a commisioner who simply jumps when the owners pull his strings, in the past the commisioner was the "all powerful" ruler of baseball and could make rulings based on "the good of the game" in this instance he wouldn't have to sit with his hands tied....he could do what needed to be done and get on with it..."for the good of the game"


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