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Newz Forum: OTHER: The Sports Curmudgeon on Rev. Edward Malloy, Dodgers, Minnesota Swarm, Steriods p

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posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 01:41 PM
Charges have been filed against five Indiana Pacers and seven Detroit fans in the Basketbrawl incident. That will give everyone another day or two to emote about all the same issues you heard them emote about just after it happened. Here is what I find amazing. Rasheed Wallace was one of the people who kept control of himself and actually was trying to calm things down.

Does that give you an idea just how out of control some folks were?

Speaking of the basketbrawl made me think of Ron Artest and all the time he has on his hands to pursue his music interests. I have to tell you that so far, things have not been spectacular on that front, but they are on the improve - so to speak. When the CD, Chapter III by Allure, made its debut, it was ranked 21,451st in sales on Not good at all! However, yesterday that same CD ranked 17,747th in sales on so things are looking up. Back in the days when I did a rock-and-roll disk jockey show on my college radio station, I would have said that this was soaring up the charts...

Yes, there was radio when I went to college. Marconi was two years ahead of me in school.

In the follow-up to yet another news tempest, the president of Notre Dame, Rev. Edward Malloy, said it was not his idea to fire Ty Willingham and that he did not support it and that in his 18 years at Notre Dame last week was the only time he was embarrassed to be the president of Notre Dame.

That statement leads to a couple of questions:

Meaning no disrespect to a man of the cloth, where were you last week? How come you were embarrassed to be the president of Notre Dame and decided to wait a week to speak up? The Notre Dame Athletic Director indicated that he did not want to fire Ty Willingham and now the president of Notre Dame says he was embarrassed by that action. So who fired Ty Willingham? We've played the game, Where's Waldo? Now we need to know, Who's Waldo?

Memo to Dr. Myles Brand: Is this how the university presidents are going to seize control of the out-of-control athletic programs? That's what you said was going to happen under your leadership when you became head honcho of the NCAA...

This year there are 28 bowl games to be played obviously involving 56 teams. There were 59 schools in Division 1-A who were "bowl eligible" - which means they finished above .500. When Clemson and South Carolina both declared that they would not go to a bowl game after the near-riot they staged in their final game, that left 57 bowl eligible teams for 28 games; one team would be left out. I wonder if they played musical chairs to find out which team would stay home this year? Who will it be? The Akron Zips will be home for the holidays. Actually, once a school has a "bowl eligible record", the most important thing they need in order to get a bowl invitation is a reputation for "traveling well". That means that the fans and the alums from that school have a history of following the team to events and when they get to the destination they spend money. Bringing 25,000 fans along is great - unless they all stay in Winnebagos and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Make no mistake about it, "traveling well" is part of the jargon and it is a decisive criterion for invitations to minor bowl games.

I want to quote for you in its entirety a note from Charlie Walters' column in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.

"More than 20,000 free tickets have been distributed for the Minnesota Swarm's first National Lacrosse League exhibition game Friday at Xcel Energy Center. Swarm officials are hoping for a 15,000 turnout."

Look, I understand that this is a new team and this is an exhibition game. But if you give away 20,000 free tickets, you damned well better get 15,000 people to the game. Unless of course you distributed the tickets by dropping them from an airplane at 25,000 feet and letting them fall to the earth wherever the wind took them. If you can't get a high percentage response to a game where the tickets are free, that ought to give you a hint about what value the local folks put on your product!

MLB is about to start its winter meetings and the steroid issue seems to be moving ahead in terms of a more stringent testing regimen. At least we don't have to hear about the sanctity of the players' privacy for a while. Maybe some players actually asked Donald Fehr how names got named in the BALCO case when he told them that his position in the negotiation as to keep their names out of this kind of mess. And if I hear one more knucklehead say that steroids don't matter in baseball because they don't help you hit a baseball, I hope the next question to them goes along these lines:

I don't understand here. You say that steroids don't help you hit a baseball so how come so many players seem to be ingesting/injecting them? Is it because they are seeking the other effects of steroids such as loss of hair, shrunken testicles, shortened life-span and pronounced rage? Who's selling them on those enhancements, Dr. Mengele?

The Dodgers have signed Ricky Ledee. The new ownership of the Dodgers obviously has hired some spin-doctors who have worked in political campaigns, which is the pinnacle for that profession. Announcing the signing of Ledee, the Dodgers proclaimed that he had the third-highest batting average for a World Series for players who appeared in every game of that World Series. [He went 6 for 10 in 1998.] Somehow, they conveniently neglected to mention that he has a career batting average of less than .245.

Finally, here is a note from Jim Armstrong in the Denver Post:

Memo to the TV networks: "Enough already with the Cowboys on prime time. The last time they were America's Team, Bill Clinton really hadn't had sexual relations with that woman."

But don't get me wrong, I love sports...

Copyright The Sports Curmudgeon

[Edited on 12/13/04 by SportzWriter]

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