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Newz Forum: FOOTBALL: Peyton Manning on his way to history

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 06:50 PM
I, along with every sports critic deep down didn't think Peyton Manning would ever come close to Dan Marino's record a few weeks back. But since that moment on, Manning has had three games where he threw for five touchdowns. And on Thanksgiving day against the Detroit Lions he had six touchdowns.

If you look at it, in one week he has 11 touchdowns. Manning is now sitting on a NFL high 41 touchdowns and is seven away from Marino's record of 48. That is remarkably, especially when he has five games left to play. In this day and age where defenses are becoming more sophisticated with coverage's and schemes, Manning is making it oh so easy. He always seem to know who is open, and the ball is always on point. Not to mention that he has probably the best core of talent helping him out.

Every week there is always someone different carrying the load. It used to be just the combo of Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, but now its Manning and whoever is open at that time. He has five talented receivers in Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Brandon Stokley, Dallas Clark and Marcus Pollard. Three of the five are having a Pro-bowl type season. Manning has no clear cut favorite when he is on the field. The guy that is open at the time gets the ball first. And to think Manning is doing all this with RB Edgerrin James being second in the NFL in rushing with more than 1100 yards. This is more than just a balance attack. It is just unfair to every defense in the league.

Manning and his receivers dedicate themselves to pre-game warm-ups, where they go over the patterns they plan on using in the game. Manning is the smartest guy on the football field. He is always so calm and collected as Manning reads the defense and go about his attack. The few times that he is rushed out of his comfortable pocket, Manning always seems to find one of his targets.

A week from now we could be talking about Manning's record. Well that is if he continues at this rapid pace. Who knows, he could throw for seven touchdowns against the Tennessee Titans. He has shown that there isn't a defense in the league that can confuse him enough that he won't find the open man.

The Indianapolis Colts who have a record of 8-3, could find themselves in the AFC Championship game come January. Their defense may be lacking, but if Manning can throw five, six, or maybe seven touchdowns, along with Edgerrin James running attack, the Colts could easily beat any team. Manning's ability to throw for five or more touchdowns will give them a good chance of winning regardless of the opponent.

When the season started we all use to say, could Manning break Marino's record? Then when he started throwing touchdowns more frequently we all wonder when was he going to break the record? But since this past week, the question now is, how much more touchdowns is Manning going to have than Marino? Some people have said he could throw 61 touchdowns. This is realistic with his skills. So we will just have to wait and see what happens.

by Librado Wright

Copyright Librado Wright 2004

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 07:23 PM
I saw a bit on TV over the weekend where he credited gettign together with his recievers in the off-season. I think tht the rules changes that promote passing also may have something to do with this. Not to take anything away from what he is accomplishing, though. this is truly amazing!

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 10:34 PM
Pretty incredible. The only rap that used to be on Peyton was that he "overthought" and "micro-managed" everybody at the line of scrimmage. Doesn't seem to be much of a problem for him this year. I wonder if Eli has the same stuff in him.


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