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Newz Forum: BASKETBALL: Trio charged with trying to extort $3 million from Anthony

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 05:02 PM
NEW YORK -- Three men were arrested Tuesday night for trying to extort $3 million from Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony.

Joubert Santos and Jason Pabon of the Bronx, and Rodrigo Sanchez of South Orange, N.J., videotaped Anthony in a fight, police said. The details and location of the altercation were unclear.

"I just found out today that they were arrested. So I'm happy the police handled it the best that they could," Anthony said after the Nuggets beat New Jersey 90-88 Tuesday night.

The second-year forward acknowledged he had been worried about the situation.

"It would be something anybody would think about. It is a lot to handle. Things happen for a reason," he said.

The suspects demanded the money from Anthony in exchange for the tape. But a meeting was set up near Central Park using an undercover police detective as a representative for Anthony, said Sgt. Michele Irizarry, a police spokeswoman.

A check was handed over and Santos, 29, Pabon, 26, and Sanchez, 36, were arrested and charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Anthony's agent, Calvin Andrews issued a statement Tuesday night saying the suspects were "ill-intentioned" and "trying to cash-in" on the taped altercation.

"That incident was a private matter between two individuals, and it has been completely resolved," Andrews said. "When these individuals who had absolutely nothing to do with that incident demanded money, Carmelo chose not to give in to these demands and we turned the matter over to authorities."

Last week, a Chicago man was charged with attempting to blackmail New York Yankees slugger Gary Sheffield and his wife with a purported sex videotape. A federal judge refused to dismiss the charges against 38-year-old Derrick Mosley, a self-styled community activist, and ordered him held in jail.




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