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Newz Forum: BOXING: Winky Wright ready to cash in after second win over Mosley

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posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 11:37 PM
LAS VEGAS (AP) - Shane Mosley gave Winky Wright his big chance. After beating Mosley a second time, Wright is now ready to cash in on it.

Wright pronounced himself one of boxing's elite contenders Saturday night after beating Mosley in a rematch and holding onto his 154-pound (69.853-kilogram) titles. It was a narrow win not decided until the final round, but Wright immediately began campaigning for even bigger fights.

Among the names suggested were Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad and Bernard Hopkins. For a fighter who toiled nearly 14 years in boxing's minor leagues, those are big names indeed.

"I'm from the 'hood, where we have an expression: 'Show me the money,"' Wright said.

If the money comes, Wright can be grateful to Mosley, who made the mistake of fighting him in March instead of simply taking a tuneup for a planned fight with Trinidad.

Wright took full advantage by winning a convincing decision over Mosley, then repeated the effort with a narrow majority decision in the rematch.

"I thank Shane Mosley," Wright said. "Without him, I'd still be fighting on ESPN, in West Virginia."

If Wright was a gracious winner, Mosley was a gracious loser. He and Wright hugged several times at the postfight press conference, and Mosley stood around to answer questions from anyone who wanted to ask.

"He is a great southpaw fighter, but I still think I won," Mosley said. "I was in there giving it my all, trying to bang with a good fighter and it just didn't work out."

Mosley stayed in the fight by scoring well to the body and landing some hard shots to the head. But Wright used his right jab to throw off Mosley's timing, though the fight was still in doubt going into the final round.

Two judges gave Wright that round, and he won 115-113 on two scorecards while a third had it even, 114-114. The Associated Press had Wright ahead 116-112.

"It was back and forth," said Joe Goossen, who replaced Mosley's father as his trainer for the fight. "Shane was really prepared for this fight, and Winky knows that. I'm not one to complain about the scorecards, and I'm not going to do that tonight; I don't want to take anything away from Winky.

"But I think that everybody who had written Shane off better reassess their statements."

Mosley was fighting for only the fourth time at 154 pounds (69.853 kilograms), while Wright has spent his career campaigning in the weight division. Wright seemed more comfortable with his weight, while Mosley appeared undersized.

Mosley said he would continue to fight despite the two straight losses, which have dropped him from consideration for the bigger fights. About all he can hope for now is a third fight with De La Hoya, whom he beat twice.

Wright, on the other hand, wants to fight Trinidad next, and there have already been discussions between the two camps. Wright said he would move up to middleweight for the bout - or it could be held at a weight in between.

"I want Tito Trinidad," Wright said. "He looks the best out of all of them to me. Or either Bernard (Hopkins) or Oscar (De La Hoya). And I would like to give Shane another shot."


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