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Newz Forum: BASKETBALL: COLLEGE: Who is the best College team?

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 05:31 PM
There are so many good players and good teams in Men's College basketball this season. They are so good that it is very hard to pick an outright favorite to win the National Championship or the Player Of the Year award, which goes to the best college player.

But I thought I might take a step in Dick Vitale's shoes and pick my own top 5 teams and players. This is what I call the "All-Wright" teams, and the "All-Wright players."

All-Wright Teams

1) Oklahoma State- The cowboys who looks refueled for a title run will throw a all-senior line-up with Pre-season All-American and John Wooden candidate, Joey Graham leading the way. They should be alright of the bench with Junior College transfer Center Aaron Pettway. Look for a quick start for the Cowboys, as they will lock up a #1 seed this year.

2) Wake Forest- What can I say about this team, except they are exceptionally good. With Pre-season All-American Chris Paul leading the team along with shooting guard Justin Gray, you can expect the Deamon Deacons to be running at all times. Even though the ACC will be competitive, they will capture that title this year.

3) North Carolina- Coach Roy Williams is in his second year, he and the Tar Heels should have a big season. Pre-season All-American Rashad McCants and upcoming star in Sean May should make the Tar Heels a tough team. This is probably the most athletic lineup in the country next to the Kansas Jayhawks.

4) Kansas- They have 4 returning starters back from last year, and could of been the #1 team coming into this year. They should have quite a battle with Oklahoma State for the top spot in the Big 12 conference. Look for Pre-season player of the year candidate, Wayne Simien to dominate the middle for the Jayhawks. If Oklahoma State slips up watch out.

5) Georgia Tech- After making it to the title game and not winning, the yellow jackets still have a lot of confidence they can make another run this year. Jarrett Jack and Luke Schensher should be one of the best combo's in the country. With the ACC being so stacked with good teams, the Yellow Jackets could wind up with a third or fourth place finish. But watch out for them, they feel as if they are not given any respect. They are my sleeper pick this year.

All-Wright Players

First Team

F. Lawerence Roberts- Mississippi State

F. Joey Graham-Oklahoma State

F/C. Wayne Simien-Kansas

G. Rashad McCants-North Carolina

G. Chris Paul-Wake Forest

Second Team

F. Francisco Garcia-Louiville

F. Hakim Warrick-Syracuse

F/C. Sean May- North Carolina

G. Julius Hodge- North Carolina State

G. Gerry McNamara- Syracuse

And there you go all you sports fans. There should be a lot of excitement this year. I won't give you my pick for Player Of the Year or Team Of the Year just yet. But don't be surprise if winners both come out of the ACC. The conference is really that good.

By Librado Wright

Copyright Librado Wright 2004

[Edited on 11/20/04 by SportzWriter]

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 10:29 PM
ok here are my two picks for the year. well, the acc is going to be the best conference, hands down, and while clemson absolutely blows at the bottom, there are a handful of really really good teams at the top, and i think they are going to be led by unc. with may, mccants, and felton all returning, and a huge fresman coming in, roy williams is going to take that team all the way this year. the other team that can be considered a "sleeper" team is florida. they underachieved last year, and they've got roberson, lee, and walsh all returning, so with the experience they got from last year, i think they are going to come back wanting to prove something, and my preseason pick for the championship game is going to be florida against north carolina. we'll see what happens. go clemson. go acc.

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 01:23 PM
Does NCAA basketball start before March?


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