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UFO Wave hits Holland

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posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 01:17 PM
It seems like a UFO wave is taking place in Holland. The last few days both the dutch UFO-workinggroup and MUFON Holland have been getting lots of phonecalls of people claiming they saw a UFO. In most of the cases luminous and coloured flying objects which make strange movements have been spotted up in the air.

Last tuesday, december 9th at 20:49h, a 33-year old PhD from Gouda, Zuid-Holland has seen a sphere-shaped UFO. The sky was clear and it frose.

"Watching from my balcony in a southern direction I saw an object rushing through the air. The object was round at the front and a coneshaped tail. It's colour was white/lightyellow and it radiated an intense bright light. However one could clearly see the shape of the object. The object was coming form the north-east and was moving at a high speed to the south-west, eventually fading out of sight. The total observation lasted only 3 seconds and no sound was heard" , according to the scientist.

On monday, december 8th at aprox 18:50 a 32-year old businessman from Beilen, Drente (in the east of Holland) noticed two strange flying objects. The sky was clear and nothing was blocking his view. The incident has made a big impression on the witness and he reported it to the police as well.

"While looking through the bedroomwindow of my son I saw a star which moved. I thought it was just a satellite until I saw a second 'star' that moved with the same speed. They stopped and faded-out like lights do. The distance between the two 'stars' was bigger than the size of an airplane. I never saw a shape between the lights. As I was standing inside the room with the window closed I couldn't hear any sound of movement. The objects were both had a white colour.and they were moving from east to west at a constant velocity of 30 mph. It didn't seem to be a solid object but merely consisted of light. The total duration of the event was aprox. one minute.

A 28-year old artist from Pijnacker (South-Holland) also observed a strange looking object the same night at 20:50 pm.

"There was a clear sky and there was a full moon standing in the east. I was cycling up a bridge when I first saw the object. It was flying through the air right in front of me. It was moving westward. I could see the object very clearly and nothing was blocking my view. At first I thought it was a flare or a rocket but it lasted too long. It lasted for about 10-12 seconds. Besides I was cycling towards the object. Yet I didn't see the trail of light of the object changing as to the trees in the distance, so it was flying higher than a plane. It had a long bright illuminous head and a long tail in which I even could distinguish smoke as long as it was illuminated by the cone. It looked like a comet that entered the atmosphere to me yet it seemed so close and so long... I swear I've never seen anything like it before!"

An 18-year old inhabitant of Hengelo, Overijssel and his friend observed a strange object sunday evening, december 7th. They were both walking in a small parc while the sky was clear and it was cold.

"We were walking through this little parc. It's more like a lawn with a couple of trees with no tall buildings within the vicinity, when all of a sudden a flash of light rushed diagonally into space and disappeared. It moved rapidly I think from west to east but I'm not sure."

The event lasted about a minute, but the witness can't tell what shape the object had. It went way to fast and it was too far away from us. The object had an orange glow and it was aprox 1 mile away at an altitude of 3000 meters.
The angle in which they saw it rush into space was aprox. 30 degrees. It wasn't a solid object but merely consisted of light. "I saw it with my own eyes, I'm very positive!", the witness claimed.

A whole family has seen a number of UFO's above a place called Steenwijk, Holland. One of the witnesses: "I was driving through the neighbourhood bringing someone home when I suddenly saw a little light up in the sky. At first I thought it was a star, but suddenly it took off and moved rapidly a lot further. I thought to myself 'what the hell is that', opened the window and pulled over the car.
Then I saw more of them. They were blue-ish white, sometimes pulsating to red. One was very bright. Every 5 seconds they were individually moving in another direction. All very unpredictable. Quickly I drove home and told my family about it. They all came to see what was happening. At first they thought of it as ludricous, but suddenly my mother saw one flying very fast all along the sky right over our heads. I instantly grabbed my Digicam and tried to film the phenomenon but it was too dark to really distinguish anything.

Similar objects have been seen all over Holland in Delft, Dordrecht, IJsselmeer, Kerkrade, Hengelo, Heemskerk, Pijnacker, Rijswijk, Beilen, Gouda, Steenwijk, Bakkeveen en Kudelstaart. All UFO's seem to have the same characteristics.

New reports are STILL coming in today on, the no.1 dutch UFO-site.

This story was posted in dutch by an author called Gerson on Fok!, a dutch weblog.

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