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Newz Forum: BASEBALL: Cashman, other top Yankees executives meet in Tampa

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 09:45 PM
TAMPA, Fla. -- New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman met with other top team officials Wednesday during the second day of high-level organizational meetings.

Some of the officials later Wednesday traveled to Legends Field, about a mile away from the team's minor league complex, where Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has his office.

Steinbrenner summoned his top executives to Florida for meetings Tuesday, less than a week after the Yankees became the first major league team to lose a best-of-7 series it led 3-0.

Cashman met Wednesday with vice president and senior adviser Gene Michael and Mark Newman, the senior vice president of baseball operations.

Steinbrenner and his top baseball officials met for several hours Tuesday night.

New York is expected to pursue outfielder Carlos Beltran after he becomes a free agent and to add pitchers. Florida Marlins right-hander Carl Pavano and former Yankees minor-leaguer Eric Milton of the Phillies are among those available.

Pedro Martinez, the winning pitcher in Game 3 of the World Series on Tuesday night, will also be a free agent. There is some concern about the large number of innings the Boston Red Sox right-hander has thrown during his career.

The Yankees are expected to give serious consideration to resuming talks with Arizona about acquiring left-hander Randy Johnson.

After winning the first three games of the AL Championship Series against Boston, the Yankees were three outs from winning their 40th AL pennant. But they lost four straight, including the final two games at Yankee Stadium.

Vice presidents Damon Oppenheimer, Lin Garrett, Billy Connors and Gordon Blakeley along with advance scout Chuck Cottier and pro scout Bill Emslie have also been involved in the meetings, which could continue for another couple days.


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