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Newz Forum: BASKETBALL: Center Magloire criticizes Hornets management

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posted on Oct, 6 2004 @ 09:26 PM
NEW ORLEANS -- All-Star center Jamaal Magloire said "no comment" when asked Wednesday if he was happy to be playing for the New Orleans Hornets.

Along with Baron Davis, that makes two All-Stars -- the only two on the team -- who are talking as if they're losing faith in team management and would prefer to play somewhere else.

"They're not looking out for our best interest and sooner or later I'm going to have to look out for my best interest," Magloire said after practice in suburban Westwego. "Until then, I'll continue to play hard and do what ever coach asks me to do."

Later this summer, Davis suggested through his agent that he might be better off playing somewhere else, noting that he was dissatisfied with New Orleans' offseason moves.

Davis said he was disappointed the Hornets failed to sign "a big-time free agent" to replace former All-Star Jamal Mashburn, who averaged about 20 points in recent seasons but will miss this season with a career-threatening right knee injury.

The Hornets' top free-agent signing this summer was Rodney Rogers, who has averaged just over 11 points for his career.

The Hornets have said salary cap constraints due in large part to Mashburn's approximately $9 million-a-year salary (through next season) limited their ability to pursue free agents.

Since training camp started this week, Davis said he has discussed the matter with team owner George Shinn and is willing to be more patient, but would nonetheless be eager for a trade to a championship contender.

This is not the start Byron Scott envisioned when he took over as the Hornets' third coach in three seasons this summer, but he has yet to complain and said he believes Davis' comments about being more patient with personnel matters and continuing to give his best.

"I'm convinced by what he tells me, (even though) his body language at times tells me otherwise," said Scott, who was hired in part on Davis' recommendation shortly after last season's firing of Tim Floyd.

"My job is to coach. I'm going to coach the guys that are here. Baron is here and I'm going to coach him the best I can," Scott said. "I'm going to get on him. I'm going to expect him to be ready to play each and every day and so far he's done that."

Another issue concerning Davis and Magloire is a new team policy limiting the use of personal trainers. Although Shinn asserted that is the true source of Davis' discontent, Davis denies it. Magloire, however, has called the policy absurd.

Magloire also said he supported Davis' comments about offseason roster moves, particularly in light of the Hornets' move to the Western Conference this season.

"Going to the Western Conference, you have to improve as a team and I think we're stagnant right now," Magloire said.

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