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Newz Forum: COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Holtz says 39-year-old wideout will play when eligible

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posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 07:22 PM
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- South Carolina coach Lou Holtz wants to give "Pops" a chance. He's waiting on the NCAA to agree.

Holtz said Monday 39-year-old walk-on receiver Tim Frisby, nicknamed "Pops," will get to play for South Carolina this season once his eligibility is approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

South Carolina athletic spokesman Kerry Tharp said the review of Frisby's academic work is standard and the school expects no problems.

Frisby recently retired from the U.S. Army, where he was a Ranger-qualified military man with the 82nd Airborne. He served in Desert Storm and during the Kosovo conflict. He joined the Gamecocks during winter workouts and was invited back with the club after fall camp.

Frisby got to dress with the team for the Georgia game on Sept. 11 but did not play.

Tharp said there was no clearinghouse when Frisby finished playing at Allentown Catholic High in the mid-1980s.

"There wasn't even college boards when he graduated," the 67-year-old Holtz quipped. "He's back in my era. College boards, I thought that was back at the carpenter shop."

posted on Sep, 25 2004 @ 10:41 AM
Receiver will suit up for South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- "Pops" has gotten the green light from the NCAA to play football at South Carolina.

Tim Frisby, the Gamecocks' 39-year-old walk-on receiver, was granted his eligibility by the NCAA membership services staff, the school said Thursday.

Frisby is expected to be in uniform when the Gamecocks play Troy at Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday night.

Frisby, nicknamed Pops by his teammates, recently retired after 20 years in the U.S. Army, where he was Ranger-qualified with the 82nd Airborne. He served in Desert Storm and the Kosovo conflict.

His playing status was on hold because of eligibility concerns with the NCAA Clearinghouse, which certifies the eligibility of college football players and was not in existence when Frisby graduated from an Allentown, Pa., high school in 1983.

Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president for member services, said Frisby's unique circumstance "was a key factor for us in making this decision."

Frisby began working out with the Gamecocks during the winter and went through spring practice with the team. He was invited back to South Carolina following summer camp last month.

Frisby caught a pass in the Gamecocks' last preseason scrimmage and dressed out in his No. 89 jersey for the Georgia game on Sept. 11. However, he did not play in South Carolina's 20-16 loss.

"To say that I'm excited would be an understatement," said Frisby, who turns 40 in February. "I'm just so thankful that this request had a happy conclusion."

Frisby is the father of six children ranging in age from 16 to about six months. Coach Lou Holtz has joked that he loves having Frisby on the team because his family boosts game attendance.

On Monday, Holtz said he wanted to play Frisby as soon the NCAA cleared him. "He's going to play this year because he deserves to play," Holtz said.

posted on Sep, 25 2004 @ 11:54 AM
Thats cool. I am glad he got his eligibility. I am sure he is going to be on sportscenter tonight. Wouldn't it be cool if he caught a touchdown pass? 40 years old, wow. And 6 kids. Future Gamecocks?

posted on Sep, 25 2004 @ 01:06 PM
Yeah, this dude makes me feel incredibly lazy...

posted on Sep, 25 2004 @ 01:44 PM
more sports stories should be like this, no greed or big ego, wants to play and willing to work hard for the love of the game...should be more like him

posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 10:00 PM
South Carolina's oldest player represents on Letterman

OLUMBIA, S.C. -- Sounds like David Letterman is as big a "Pops" fan as most everyone else.

The media blitz of 39-year-old South Carolina football freshman, Tim Frisby, hit Broadway on Thursday as the Gamecocks wide receiver appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman.

The show was broadcast Thursday night.

"It was a great experience," Frisby said. "This is unreal what's happening."

Frisby, recently retired from the U.S. Army after 20 years, was invited to Letterman's show at the Ed Sullivan Theatre after he made his college football debut with the Gamecocks last week.

Frisby was in for the final four plays as South Carolina held off Troy 17-7 this past Saturday night. He had been cleared to play by the NCAA a week ago.

Flashbulbs popped as Frisby, wearing a garnet sweater, arrived at the Manhattan theater, he said. But they weren't for South Carolina's newest football celebrity -- he walked into the studio alongside John Travolta, another guest on the late night program.

"That kind of took the edge off a little," Frisby said. "Because I knew the papparazzi weren't there for me."

After Travolta's segment, Letterman said, "at the age of 39, our next guest not only went back to college at the University of South Carolina, he also signed up for the football team, please welcome Tim Frisby, ladies and gentlemen."

Frisby then shared his story with one of TV's most famous late-night hosts -- how Frisby was one of 60 walk-ons to try for the team, how he worked out with the Gamecocks throughout the year, and how he was among 12 selected to remain.

"It's 'Pops' everybody," Letterman said of Frisby's team nickname.

Frisby told Letterman when South Carolina coach Lou Holtz first realized the receiver's age, the coach called down to the trainer, "Do you know we have a 39-year-old who made the team?"

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