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Newz Forum: BOXING: Hatton vents frustration

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posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 08:31 PM
Light welterweight Ricky Hatton hit out at Vivian Harris after the WBA champion pulled out of their October clash.

Harris cited cash as the reason for his decision despite Hatton's promoter Frank Warren having taken measures to meet their pre-arranged £400,000 fee.

And WBU champion Hatton said the Guyanan was clearly "not as confident as he made out" of defending his title.

"This is flabbergasting - he won't get a payday like that anywhere else in the world," the Briton told BBC Sport.

Hatton admitted that this left him frustrated in his ambition to take America by storm.

"I have no idea where we go from here," he said.

"I am gutted that I had the opportunity and then it was taken away from me."

Harris turned down the chance to fight Hatton following a disagreement over money.

Warren had agreed to meet a £120,000 shortfall himself for a 2 October fight, but Harris' promoters Main Events told Warren the WBA champion had changed his mind.

Warren said: "We've done everything in our power to make this fight happen."

He added: "After all the trash Harris has talked and the financial demands he has made - which I met - he now says he doesn't want to fight Ricky."

Harris, however, insisted that he would still be prepared to take on Hatton as long as he was treated fairly.

"I am willing to give Ricky Hatton a shot at my belt - a real title held by a real champion.

"He is a good fighter and has been built up well - the hype in England is phenomenal and Warren has done a great job with him.

"But I think they've now lost perspective of reality. I am the world champion.

"If Hatton's scared to leave the UK, I will fight in England, all I want is a fair deal financially.

"Offering me £400,000 seems like a lot but under the circumstances it's not.

"I'd stand to take home maybe £55,000 or £110,000, which for this type of fight is unfair, when they expect to pay the challenger about 80% more."

Story from BBC SPORT:

Published: 2004/08/03 19:24:31 GMT


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