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Rabid faction laid seige to Gore home

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posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 04:58 PM
This was part of the Barbara Walters special,but it ended up on the cutting floor. The Note featured it today and it will curl your toes:

"One thing we want to leave you with to remember us by is another excerpt from Barbara
Walters interview with Al Gore and family, which airs tonight on 20/20 at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m.
CT (check your local listings).

The following exchanges, while sure to interest Note readers and historians, actually won't be
part of tonight's 20/20 broadcast, so you can read them only here and now:

WALTERS: I'm not sure that people realize that while you were in the residence of the Vice
President [during the Florida recount] there were crowds of people outside screaming at you.
What was that all about?

AL GORE: Well, this was the Republican response to what was happening during that 36-day
period, and they organized busloads of people that came and stood outside the house all day
and all night screaming at the top of their lungs.

WALTERS: What, "Get out!"?

TIPPER GORE: Things like that, yes, and, and sometimes things that we don't want to say on
your program, and, some people saw that they were buses from "churches," but it was
organized. The one thing that, that they did mainly was reach the bedrooms of our children, and
Albert was still in school locally, and trying to study, so we rearranged, you know, they kids
moved to a different part of the house, and I was trying to think of a way that we could kind of
laugh about this since obviously it was out of our control, there wasn't anything anybody could
do so I got all the boom boxes in the house and I remember sort of what the government did
with Noriega I thought we'd try that, and I aimed them at, toward, you know, where the crowd

WALTERS: The crowd?

TIPPER GORE: And I put nature sounds on and turned it all the way up. And at least the kids

AL GORE: There were a few, more than a few who supported us and were offended by the
organized chanting round the clock who came out on the other street corner during the day to
express their support with signs, and You know, emotions were running high throughout the
country and it was just an unprecedented time.

KARENNA GORE: Well, when we were in the Vice President's house during the recount, it was
it was very intense. And one of the things I remember is that there was a an organized effort
by, I don't know whether it was the RNC or it was it was right-wing groups, it was definitely
Bush-campaign-oriented effort to bus in people to have a sort of siege at the Vice President's
house, and, so, they were all lining there, screaming, and it was kind of an assortment of
groups. I mean, some of them were anti, um, were anti-abortion groups, and some of them were
pro-gun groups, and some of them they all had their different signs. But they were all
screaming, "Get out of Cheney's house," the whole time. And I just remember being there next to
my dad, because I went for a run, and I ran back through them, and I was very upset when I
came into the house. And my whole attitude was, like, "We've got to fight back harder. And
where are our crowds?" And my dad, I'll never forget his response. He said, "We have to do
what's best for the country, and it is not good for the country to have this kind of divisiveness.
And he was on the phone, really calling off the dogs. There were people who wanted to fan the
the flames of the racial issue and have real unrest. And he was on the phone asking them not
to, because of what was best for the country not because of what was best for him politically.
And that's really who he is.

WALTERS: Do you remember the crowds outside screaming?

KRISTEN GORE: The crowds that were screaming outside our house, you know, "Get out of
Cheney's house." And other things of that nature, were really upsetting. It was difficult It
was just very upsetting that someone would yell those things at us. It felt we felt sort of
like trapped in this you know, little house with all these people yelling mean things. It's no
fun. You know, whether you're a child of the person who they're directed at, or anyone else. It
it wasn't a good situation.

WALTERS: Were you scared?

KRISTEN GORE: I was scared that the truth was not going to come out. That's what I was.

Again, not anti-Republican ( I've met & spoken with Rep. Pete King from NY, and was in the McCain for president camp), but I've come too see a manipulated faction in the Republican party rise, under two Clinton terms, that is eerily similar to the Brownshirts during Weimar Germany. Given the fascist ties to the Bush family name, it makes you wonder.
An over pouring of emotion was expected and reasonable from either side; it was a charged issue. But organized operations like this, and the 'riot' that stopped the initial recount in Florida which was later found to be manned by GOP staffers flown in from other states, is manipulation of perception towards an end, which is fascist to the core.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 05:07 PM
lol, I remember that! Some news program showed a bunch people outside the Naval Observatory yelling 'Get out of Dick's house!'

Gore can go live in one of his lockboxes for all I care.

[Edited on 15-11-2002 by Bob88]

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 05:22 PM
Still, look up the Brownshirts movement during that time and you'll see analogy of action.


posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 06:54 PM
I hear you BT - those partisan Florida Supreme Court inJustices. Making the law up as they went along - they interpreted 7 days as 17, geez.

[Edited on 16-11-2002 by Bob88]

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 07:14 PM
LOL! BT reminds me of Gore. He ignores the violations of law, is mad at the U.S. Supreme Court for not letting the dems break the law, and can't get over the past and drive on.

I'll bet they'd make a cute couple!

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 08:11 PM
The topic title certainly wins Estragon's "Tabloid Headline of the week" award, B-T.
It's hard to imagine any place upon which one would gladly inflict Gore the Bore.
His one political virtue was/is that it's almost impossible to be against him since no one quite knows where he stands or can stay awake long enough to work out what he's trying to say.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 09:09 PM
(I am watching the Gore special w/ Walters at the moment - yuck)

wait- the wife wants to turn the channel - Walters is making her ill.

[Edited on 16-11-2002 by Bob88]

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 08:44 AM

Originally posted by Estragon
The topic title certainly wins Estragon's "Tabloid Headline of the week" award, B-T.
It's hard to imagine any place upon which one would gladly inflict Gore the Bore.
His one political virtue was/is that it's almost impossible to be against him since no one quite knows where he stands or can stay awake long enough to work out what he's trying to say.

'Effective Writing 101' more so than Tabloid, Estragon..."Bring in the Reader". I wonder what is the correlating species in the UK that you belong to, since you are so obviously in the same Genus as our domestic Right Wing advocates posting here. Conservative Party? UK Pensioners Party? Natural Law Party? British Centre Party? British National Party? Or are you part of Mr.. Bush's Poodle Labour Party?
I ask because barring academic investigation towards a thesis or professional competitive erudition, I am at a loss to pinpoint why a foreign national would weigh in so definitively yea or nay, absent compunction that the true politician is known only to those who see him regularly?
I do favor elected officials being of a demonstrated mettle, because after all, leadership is a component of the job and they do serve as a rally point for those they lead. I don't, however, need to be ENTERTAINED by those I elect to governance, Lord knows there are enough dinner theaters and 500 cable channels to cover that.
What anyone who saw in the 2000 presidential choice in my country ( particularly if they bothered to do some research) was a choice between a proven commodity in both our Congress and in the Executive branch versus a state Governor who presided over and directed his state to the top of all categories in everything that is BAD ( teen pregnancy/amounts of addicts/violent deaths due to crime) regarding US States comparative categories and at or near last in everything that is GOOD (less pollution, mean income, literacy), all the while making no effort to conceal his pro-oligarchy stance.
So yes, he's boring as Hades and I would have voted John McCain given the chance, but at least he's not the Devil!
Besides, a person so obviously of reasoned thought as to name their avatar after a Beckett masterpiece character wouldn't be party to mindless pilling on, would they?

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 09:01 AM
I wonder if you guys can put aside the politics and discuss the evils of staged events, staged outrage to control perception. It was clearly employed during the Dade County recount with out of state staffers flown in and during the bus-in around the clock seige of Gore.
Look here for some more

List whatever linked examples of Dem or GOP operatives employing this fascist device.

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