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Questions about Fallen Angels ...........

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posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 02:15 PM
I politely asked for an explanatin, regarding my experience with a USO in the Indian Ocean, and you have not ellaborated on my queston to you- I am curious as to why you have not posted a reply to my question?

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 03:36 PM
My question, too, has not been answered. I would like an answer please.


posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by Journey
I politely asked for an explanatin, regarding my experience with a USO in the Indian Ocean, and you have not ellaborated on my queston to you- I am curious as to why you have not posted a reply to my question?

Reply: Will take time to day to answer.

Thanks for your patience....

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by TRAINEDFORTHIS

Originally posted by Journey
I politely asked for an explanatin, regarding my experience with a USO in the Indian Ocean, and you have not ellaborated on my queston to you- I am curious as to why you have not posted a reply to my question?

Reply: Will take time to day to answer.

Thanks for your patience....

Thank You- and I look forward to your response. I appreciate you taking the time, also.

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by TRAINEDFORTHIS
trained if something does not have a soul IT CANNOT REBEL, as it has no independent thought other than its programming.

Reply: Allow me to make you aware that only HUMANS have a soul. Therefore the fallen angels who REBELLED against God never had and still do not have a soul. If a human is cloned that human can rebel but yet does/will not have a soul.

Thanks for commenting.....

quote evidence to this . fallens have souls until they are deleted.

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 10:39 PM

Originally posted by Journey
TRAINEDFORTHIS- I compliment you on your patience and writing, and I have found your instruction and writing to be very interesting, and your responces to questions are most intriguing.
I am a Christian also, and have been to many Pentacostal Churches in the Southern U.S. You must understand that I see an overall possibility of the validity of this thread, however, the means of disclosure via the web leads one to seriously question such important instruction from God, as revealed to us, by Him and through you.
I recently made a disclosure in another thread about a sighting experience I had, with an USO in the Indian Ocean.
Can you tell me what I saw? My story is posted in this thread
I would appreciate reading your interpretation of this strange experience I had.

Reply: Thank you for your compliments. I give all praise to God for allowing me to receive this knowledge.

Based on what you described you were a witness to Alien/fallen angel technology which of couse would awe most of mankind. I will remind you though that this technology you witnessed could have been an original Alien vessel or it could have been one of the vessesl that TPTB have been allowed to create using their technology. I am not awed by their vessels or technology since I know that anything they are allowed to give humanity would only be JUNK!!! God does not allow them to do anything more that this. Of course even their junk seems awesome to humanity.

You mentioned that you wished that the government will give the truth. Truth is that the government does not even know the truth. They only know the LIES presented by the Aliens/fallen angels. This does not mean it is a total lie, but half truths designed to misinform and disinform. This world is in serous trouble and does not know it!!! Our only hope is our faith and trust in God has Jesus Christ!!!

In reply to your concern about God using me through the internet. God uses any tool available and remember the internet is the World Wide Web. Just think how great it would have been if the internet had been available when Jesus walked the earth!!!

Thanks for asking.....................

posted on Jan, 4 2004 @ 04:37 PM
My guess on "who is the Antichrist" is Berlusconi the prime minister of italy and his false prophet the pope. < the new pope , the pope in right now is about to die and the new younger pope is about to come in, the false prophet. They will go after Israeli with Russia and (USA Canada u.k australia) will defend against (Russia, Arab-league and some eastern europe countries) This will all be lead by Italy. You've got to think about the middle east situation and how USA wants in on some of the action, which Russia gets pissed off cuz USA is invading the last untouched military conquest in the middle east. I'm not sure about Australia and Canada yet, they might pull out. I'm predicting World War lll in 2005-2006. If not then the false meteor coming to earth to blow it up will take place. Any comments on prediction would be great !

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by Mikomi

Originally posted by TRAINEDFORTHIS

Originally posted by Mikomi
So if god didn't give souls to animals why did he create them? What was their purpose?

Reply: For His glory and pleasure and for the pleasure of humanity. Such is like asking why does one bake a cake, or build a house or buy a car, television or anything else inluding a pet. None of these things need a soul for our enjoyment.

Thanks for asking..............

So thats why we have these spiders that kill us with one bite and snakes that kill us with one bite. Also wasps who attack us mostly for no reason. They were created for our pleasure?!?

Reply: When God originally created humanity on earth (Adam and Eve) they were created with DOMINION over ALL things. Therefore snake bites did not kill, wasps did NOT attack. These things were UNDER the care, custody and CONTROL of man. This CONTROL was related to our spirituality. However because of sin, man has forgotten and lost the control of his spirituality and therefore had not the ability for the same DOMINION he was CREATED with!!!

Thanks for asking..................

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 12:26 AM
Fallen Angels is a really good book about Veitnam.....I was hoping your thread was about that...

nonetheless still quite interesting

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 12:34 AM

Originally posted by helen670

Originally posted by TRAINEDFORTHIS

the soon ALIEN ANNOUNCEMENT will not only affect mankind before the rapture BUT very much so AFTER THE RAPTURE!!!

The Rapture ?

Well the Holy Spirit that informs you is not who you think he is!

The rapture is not consistent with the Early Church and more so the Christians Nicene Creed.....
Aliens may be demons , but the messages you receive are not the Holy Spirit!

Remember, that though you may think you are all rightous, you may also be deceived because in the last days many will come and prophecy in Christ's name .....

I originally sent this reply by u2u mesage a few days back but since I have not had a response I am compelled to adress your comment here where it is posted:

Reply: It is SAD that you are responding just like Christians who believe that Jesus will reign for a thousand years on earth and that the rapture will cause them to miss tribulations (which is an error). None of this is true, yet you think just because I mention the rapture that this is what I believe. You unfortunately are in error. The RAPTURE is true but not the misunderstanding about being take away before trouble starts and the misunderstanding about 1000 years reign of Christ on earth. When Christ returns to earth He come forever for God never half does anything. The problem is many are not aware that the Tribulations for Christians will be most strong and very hard for Christians. Many will die for their faith. But after three and a half years of suffering Jesus will remove all Christians from the earth through the rapture. This is NOT the return of Christ to the Earth. We meet Him in the air and go with Him to the place mentioned in John 14:2 (I go to prepare a place for you). We are with Him there for 1000 years. Then the Great Tribulation period starts and last for 1000 years while we are with the Lord. This tribulation period is not the same one that Christians will go through SOON and before the rapture. The Bible does give us the understanding that Jesus will reign for 1000 years but it NEVER said this reign will be on earth. Many have made this assumption in error. The Christian sufferings are enhanced by the Alien Announcement. Please do not jump the gun or make assumptions for you will be doing with other Christians who believe in error that they have a get out of jail card in regards to tribulations. You may not believe my information is from the Holy Spirit but I guarantee you...Time will prove it.

Thanks for commenting......................

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 12:43 AM

Originally posted by WeBDeviL
Yeah this is late, for sure, but here is something interesting you said Trained.

Only that all Christians will soon have similar energy source and will not have the need to eat in the way we do today!!!

That is in reply to what do they eat/feed off of. That is part of your reply on they do not need to eat, and then you followed up with that statement. Now, how is it that all Christians will receive this "power" to not need to eat, if God himself said that only the just and good will receive this. Not all Christians are pure, on the contrary, some are evil. When you say 'all' Christians, do you mean even the bad along with the good? That does not make much sense, that contradicts the Word of God..

Reply: I conclude all Christians because anyone who considers themselves a BAD Christian is NOT a Christian. I do not include phonies in my definition of Christian. Anybody can talk the talk but only those who also "WALK THE WALK" will be in God's Kingdom. Not those who are lukewarm, straddle the fence, or foolish virgins. Many say they are Christians but sadly are NOT.
I hope this answers your question.

Thanks for asking..................

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 01:26 AM

Asked off thread:

Seeing as aliens seems to be synonymous with christanity to you. I would like to pose the following questions, which I have thought out, please do answer:

1: Who is God

- What is he, where does he reside, how has he impacted humanity, what does he look like?

Reply: God is the Creator of the Universe. He is Spirit except for when He wants to be flesh; then He is Jesus!!! The very fact that you are asking these questions is one of the MANY ways He has impacted humanity. The Universe is His house, but maintains a headquarters in heaven!!!

2: Who is Satan

- What is he, where does he reside, how has he impacted humanity, what does he look like?

Reply: Satan is the FIRST created angel. He resides throughout the Universe because of the vast powers given him by God at his creation. He walks to and fro like a caged lion seeking whoever he may DEVOUR!!! His impact upon humanity can be seen through sin!!! He looks like an angel since he is one but a "fallen angel". He is the originator of the ALIEN AGENDA to deceive humanity on planets!!!

3: What are Angels?

- What are they, where do they reside, how have they impacted humanity, what do they look like?

Reply: Angels are the first beings of high intellect created by God. They live throughout the Universe as dispatched by God. They are Universal workers for God and not necessarily Planetary workers as man is. They were not created to impact humanity but to keep universal order and to protect the children of and me!!! The only information I have about their true appearance is that they are VERY TALL and oh yes they do not have wings!!!

4: What are Demons

- What are they, where do they reside, how have they impacted humanity, what do they look like?

Reply: Demons are the spirits of Fallen Angels (who rebelled against God) and are involved in possesing especially CLONES that the fallen angels have created and we call ALIENS!!! They have no physical impact on humanity unless they possess on of the clones created by the Fallen angels and at that time can impact humanity through ABDUCTIONS!!! Since they are spirit they have no looks except for when they possess something like a clone which is a Grey, Nordic, Reptillian, Blondes, etc ...shape shifters and any IMAGE they project into the minds of the beholders...!!!

5: Did God create the universe and set its laws? How long did it take him? How did he do it? Why did he do it? Why did he create so many planets?

Reply: Yes, God created the universe and set its laws but I have not been told how long it took Him of explicit details of how he created the universe other than the fact he used a TOOL mankind has called "THE BIG BANG". He created the Universe to have a HOUSE for Himself!!! He created the many planets in order to have places (many mansions) for His children He was creating to live upon!!!

6: Did God create Satan, and angels?

Reply: God created all things and Satan is an Angel. He is the FIRST created angel and was at one time in charge of ALL angels. Now he is in charge of the 1/3 that followed him in rebellion!!!

Remark: You have asked a total of 25 questions which is asking a lot to answer at one time. However I will attempt to deal with them five (5) at a time. It would be best to be patient with such a large number.

Thanks for asking..................

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 10:26 PM

Asked offthread:

What really happened at Roswell?

Reply: Roswell was the recipient of a well designed strategic plan to ACCLIMATE humanity with the existence of new life forms that mankind would come to call ALIENS. Yes there was a crash landing but NOT an accidental crash landing. Inside the vessel there were three (3) beings. Two of them were CLONES created by the Fallen Angels and one was actually a FALLEN ANGEL!!! As you can see Satan has no problems sacrificing his clones (ALIENS) or even his fallen angels. The officials who came upon this crash were seriously DUPED and remain so until this day!!! This ACCLIMATION PROGRAM has continued through the media with shows like "My Favorite Martian", "ET", "Star Wars", "Star Trek", etc., CARTOONS, and even the TELETUBBIES. Mankind has very much been prepared for the acceptance of Aliens!!! This will make their Announced arrival more accepted by the public. This is STRONG DECEPTION. In Matthew 24:24, Jesus said that this deception was so strong that it CAN even fool the very ELECT if the elect allow it (if possible)!!! Acclimation was the goal at Roswell because God would have not allowed their total public exposure at that time. All is ready at this time and Believe me when I tell you that the announcement of ALIENS is SOON, for God will allow it!!!

Thanks for asking...................

posted on Jan, 6 2004 @ 01:35 AM

Asked offthread:

Seeing as aliens seems to be synonymous with christanity to you. I would like to pose the following questions, which I have thought out, please do answer:

7: Is Satan God's equal counterpart?

Reply: No!!! Satan is in no way equal to God not even as a counterpart.

8: How did God come about? Was he always there?

Reply: God has always existed in the Universe. He has no beginning and no ending.

9: Did God create man? How did he do it? Why did he do it?

Reply: God created man after He created angels as described in the Bible. God created man because He wanted children.

10: Did God create animals, insects? How did he do it? Why did he do it?

Reply: God created insects and animals using His creative powers. There creatures were created for God's glory.

11: Is there humanities on other planets? If there is, why are we the most important?

Reply: Yes, there is humanity on MANY planets. All of God's children thoughout the Universe are IMPORTANT. We are NOT the most important, but we are just as important as any other human in the Universe!!!

Remarks: This is part two of a series of 25 questions.

Thanks for asking..........

posted on Jan, 6 2004 @ 01:44 AM

Originally posted by AlecEiffel
Thankyou for answering! Since I posted that God has been revealing his signs and works to me, Im beggining to understand Him and to be honest its very exciting. Im sorry but I have one more question: What else must happen before the return of Christ?

Reply: Alien Announcement and introduction, Pole Shift, Fall of Babylon (USA) and, tremendous persecution of Christians as has not been since the begining of mankind on earth. All of this is SOON to take place!!! Take note that I have not necessarily placed events in time of occurences!!!

Thanks for asking...............

posted on Jan, 6 2004 @ 08:53 AM

Originally posted by TRAINEDFORTHIS


1. There are those who think it is a crock just because they "SAY SO". But you will notice they never give a reason other than because they say so.

Thanks for reading................

I beg to differ. I, along with others have given reasons; the posted reasons are as follows.

Originally posted by elevatedone
still no concrete answers, only promises of more answers and proof at a later date !

Originally posted by Gazrok
Ok, I get this now (as others apparently did...) It's the ideas that aliens, etc. are demons/devils, yadda yadda....and that it's all part of a war between heaven and hell, where souls are the prize, etc.

A little Dante' don't you think?

Oh, and Bigfoot type aliens and UFOs are very well documented...
I'm sure many here knew that already, but thought I'd clarify, as you attempted to correct me on that, hehe...

Well, each is entitled to their own opinion...and thank you for your answers....the evidence points more towards extra-terrestrials, than demons. Sure, you could argue that it's all part of their deception, etc. but it's a rather elaborate con isn't it? I mean, if this were truly the case, there have been ample opportunities for them to use this deceipt and influence to hasten the apacolypse....(Cuban Missile Crisis, Phantom Nuke Scenarios, etc.) Seems like unnecessary elaboration of the scam to me...

So, I'm assuming by trained, you mean Theology? I wouldn't put too much stock in the philosophical ramblings of drunk old men (i.e. the authors of the Bible and the numerous revisions/rewritings since), designing religion as a tool for corruption and control, but each his own..

Originally posted by Grouch
i can't believe you give this guy anysort of credence. I havn't read anything of his that provided any major truths or evidences.

Originally posted by daniel191159
His "answers" for your valid questions show the same patterns as that of a person suffering from paranoia.

Originally posted by earthtone
With Heelstone on this one, you gotta give us more information then just 'they are decptive' and 'i was trained for this' or nobody here will be able to take you seriously. We often get people spreading bull# on the board. Will not instantly dismiss you, but we need more clarification of the authenticity of your information

Originally posted by elevatedone
still no concrete answers, only promises of more answers and proof at a later date !

Originally posted by daniel191159
Saying that all alien life forms are here to cause trouble is a statistical improbable and his statement that there is only one species of alien life is a statistical impossibility.

Originally posted by banjoechef
ok i was gonna read the whole thread but i just couldn't make it through, this guy seems to know nothing as he hasn't given much more than few line answers, i think theres aliens, some trying to control us some to help us, we're here on earth to make it to the multidimensional stuff
aliens waited till now to try and reall influence us because of the big communication crud we have.

this junk about deception is stupid, they are only trying to deceive a small amount of ppl if this is true because the humans who have power should be able to see the evil in them unless the leaders have always been deceptive aliens clones in which case those who wrote the bible are deceptive alien clones

drugs can't be part of the deception because they are plants created by god for our use, and many drugs allow people to see throught the so called lizard reality into truth.

if your deceptive alien theory is true then civilization and knowledge is the true antichrist because the aliens brought civilization to most anceint tribes, and civlizatin is the only means by which the aliens can spread this deception becase humanity would have to work togeterh to destroy itself

Originally posted by forsakenwayfarer
i dont see why you people are giving him the time of day. the answers were getting fit right in with other crackpots and their end of the world scenarios etc and so on. convienient answers which only lead to more questions. carefully dodging the question only to present more false leads.

These are just the posts on pages one through six that support thier disbelief in you with some form of logic rather than "because I say so" statements.

For all of you out there who still believe this sorry excuse for a fraud, take note that his feeble attempts at refuting those who don't believe him are composed of these "because I say so" statement (as are his "answers" to your questions) as well as retorts that do not follow logically (as shown by his above comment and the above posts).

Here is a question for you Trainedforthis.

How old are you and how does it feel to have your false theories brought to light be a simple teenager?

posted on Jan, 6 2004 @ 10:53 PM
How long has man been on earth?
Are there any living beings on any of the planets in our solar system?
What will happen to the innocent children that have not been able to find god?

posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 02:41 PM
Ive read every message in this thread over the past couple of days. Im not a religious person but ive found this very interesting.

I have so many comments and a few questions, so if they come out slightly mixed up dont jump down my throat.

This whole Aliens experimenting on humans to discover how to create a soul is weird because many months ago before this thread was started, I read a book called UFO sightings and there was a paragragh about the american military base Dulce. Apparently there is a mixture of Humans, Aliens and Hybrids in underground bunkers. It was allegied in the Book that the Aliens where and continue to experiment on humans in one of those bunkers, Among the procedures included experiments on trying to remove the human soul.

I watched a program about the Bible codes a while ago, It predicted a nuclear holocaust in 2005/6. In a post by Trainedforthis, while he was telling about his message about the New World Order or New World Goverment he said America/Babylon would fall before the NWO would come to power. Could this nuclear holocaust be the fall of America??

Also will the announcement come before or after the fall of america??

I have one final thing to say, Lets give Trainedforthis a chance, If you dont believe him fine you dont have to read this thread. There is no need to write abusive posts to him. I for one am interested in what he has to say, lets just hear him out.


[Edited on 8-1-2004 by SamuraiSwords]

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 12:46 AM

Originally posted by Mikomi
TRAINED... A Few questions

1) You say people have already been chipped how would we know if we were chipped and where would it be to take it out?

Reply: Xrays can reveal chips in the body but one must look closely because the chip can be very small.

2) Have you ever come face to face with any fallen angels?

Reply: No!!! Even though they know who I am, they (Aliens/fallen angels) know it would be dangerous for them to approach me.

3) Why do the choose to look like 'Aliens' can they not look like humans? If yes are there ones walking round as humans?

Reply: The looks chosen for aliens are chosen by the fallen angels to give the appearance of beings from other galaxies or solar systems.

4) Can you tell us anymore except soon about this announcement like will it have happened by the end of this year?

Reply: Such information is not shared with me because it is not necessary for the job given me. I just deliver the message!!! I have only been instructed to say SOON.

6) When will the christians be saved?

Reply: The completion of salvation for TRUE Christians will take place after the rapture!!!

7) I read that the start of the pole shift has happened is this true and what is causing this?

Reply: Yes!!! It has already started. The rotation of the earth is progressively SLOWING!!! Solar flares are already affecting the earth, ice shelves are already melting and earthquakes and volcanic activity has picked up. SOON earthquakes will be above 9.0!!!

8) How do you know if you have ever been abudcted by these fallen angels?

Reply: Many do not know at all. Some recall through dreams and report loss of time etc. Some can remember through hypnosis even though usually the memory has been tampered with purposesly to cause misinformation and disinformation from the abductee!!!

Thanks for asking...............

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 01:21 AM


Seeing as aliens seems to be synonymous with christanity to you. I would like to pose the following questions, which I have thought out, please do answer:

12: If god did not want man and woman to reproduce, or be aware of their genitelia, why did he give them systems to do that.

Reply: Who told you that God did not want man and woman to reproduce or be aware of thier genitalia or how did you deduce such a conclusion?

13: Does God interfere with humanity? Does praying to him, make life better for a human

Reply: One who creates can NEVER be said to interfere with that which he created. Praying to God makes for a BETTER relationship with God. A better relationship with God makes for a better life because of a better UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE!!! To understand God causes one to have a better view of thier life.

14: If free will is good, why do non beleivers of god go to hell?

Reply: This question is just like asking if a man has free will to safely drive his vehicle and he chooses to be RECKLESS and cause the car to go over an embankment and paralyzes him for life......Then WHY is he paralyzed? The answer is simple........ Because he used his free will to drive RECKLESSLY!!! God actually does not send one to hell. One freely takes himself their purposely, through ignorance or just by DEFAULT because one has allowed himself to BLINDED by Satan!!!

15: What decides if you will be going to heaven or hell? Is it how good you are, how much you prayed, how much charity you did? What if you did an equal amount of bad and good - what happens then?

Reply: One should spend time knowing God instead of trying to keep track of their own goodness or bad. Get to know God and allow a relationship with God to take place, and the rest will take care of itself!!!

16: Does God have human emotions? Does he laugh, cry, express joy?

Reply: Yes, He can and does....Remember He is Jesus!!!

Remark: This is part 3 of 25 questions

Thanks for asking..................

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