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Newz Forum: BASEBALL: Commissioner says Steinbrenner won't be fined

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posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 01:33 PM
Fox Sports

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said during a radio interview Monday he won't fine New York Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner for saying publicly he wanted Randy Johnson on the team.

Selig said he doesn't want team officials talking about players on other teams. But what Steinbrenner said isn't considered tampering.

"God, who wouldn't love to have Randy Johnson," Steinbrenner told Sporting News Radio late last month. He's a dominator and we'd love to have him. Anybody would love to have him, but I also know (Diamondbacks' owner) Jerry Colangelo isn't going to give him away. We'll have to see what happens as the (July 31) trade deadline gets closer. We'll see. You can never have enough pitching."

A day after Steinbrenner aired his comments, the commissioner's office announced it would look into possible tampering and said it would consider issuing a fine.

After several days of speculation Johnson might waive his no-trade clause to clear the way for a potential trade, the veteran left-hander said Monday he would consider waiving the clause if he could be traded to a contending team.

However, Johnson also said the Diamondbacks have yet to approach him about a trade.

[Edited on 13/7/04 by TRD]


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