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Newz Forum: BOXING: Governor: Tyson fight 'not a fight I would have promoted'

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posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 11:44 PM
FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Gov. Ernie Fletcher intends to reorganize the Kentucky Athletic Commission after Mike Tyson's boxing license was quietly renewed.

Tyson's upcoming fight in Louisville was "not a fight that I would have promoted, and it's not a fight that I will attend," Fletcher said at a news conference Friday.

Tyson is set to fight Danny Williams on July 30. The bout is one of Tyson's first steps toward digging out of bankruptcy.

Fletcher said he was thinking of "the image of Kentucky." Tyson served a prison sentence for rape.

Fletcher said the athletic commission's chairman, Michael Cunningham, renewed Tyson's boxing license without a hearing or consultation with other commissioners. Though it wasn't illegal, the decision "wasn't vetted as extensively as I thought it should have been," Fletcher said.

Fletcher added he would decide later how the seven-person commission should be reorganized but referred to his previous worth with the Kentucky Racing Commission, which he effectively abolished and replaced with an all-new Kentucky Horse Racing Authority.

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 07:07 AM
while i agree with fletcher i think refusing to give someone a license to fight because of what amounts to personal feelings and sense of morality is pretty wrong in my book.

i dont like tyson merely because he was convicted of rape and has become a more violent person after that.

i remember when he was the youngest champ and he smiled. i remember when he gave out tons of turkeys in his old neighborhood to everyone who showed up, the poor and homeless.

tyson wasnt always a bad person but i think tyson let the dark side of boxing get to him. if he had a tenth of the class ali had (and ali was no saint himself) he'd be better off than he is now and probably wouldnt be bankrupt with a felony record.

i live in kentucky and to be honest, this has become something of a semi serious/big issue and all over one guy. womens rights groups plan on having rallies during the night of the fight to raise awareness about violence that plagues women. which is good but that only speaks for about half the people that are abused through "domestic violence". and i think using this as an excuse to do this is pretty sad IMO. why wouldnt they do something about this every day? why wouldnt they do this once a month at least? why wait till tyson shows up? christ on a cracker!

they shouldnt have just given him a license without so much as a consideration. they no brainered this one and its been a long standing tradition in this state for sports commisions to hand out licenses and take kickbacks and pay offs. fletcher is working to change that along with other things and while i do htink this effort should be put in other areas of government i still think he's doing the right thing.


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