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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 07:44 PM

Erik's fight on June 22 against Marco Antonio Barrera will be the rematch of Mexico's two superstars, both of whom are universally recognized as being among the best fighters in the world at any weight...their first fight was named "2000 Fight of the Year" by The Ring Magazine, and the fifth round was named "Round of the Year" was a breathtaking battle - Claude Abrams of Boxing News reported from ringside, "The 5,171 in attendance at the Mandalay Bay Events Center watched intently, captivated by their spirit, punching prowess, endurance and craft, and were thrilled by repeated uninhibited exchanges. Let's just pay homage to two outstanding fighters and one sensational showdown."

There are genuine hard feelings between Morales and Barrera, who exchanged punches at a Houston press conference last December; promoter Bob Arum said, "It was scary because they were punching each other with their bare knuckles. They weren't pitty-pat punches. These were punches with bad intentions, and they were coming with bare fists. No one was hurt, fortunately."

Looking back on their first fight, Erik said, "I know I fought with a lot of heart that night. I tried to win that fight every second that I was in the ring. Barrera didn't do that. He tried to win the fight by fighting about ten seconds out of every round. I don't think that's the way you should win a fight."...regarding his personal relationship with Barrera, he said, "We've never been friends, let's put it that way."

A pro since the age of 16, Erik has given very impressive performances at the highest levels of competition, and scored several spectacular knockouts...he has defeated world champions Guty Espadas, Marcos Antonio Barrera, Wayne McCullough, Junior Jones, Jose Luis Bueno, Daniel Zaragoza, and Hector Acero-Sanchez.

2001 - 1ST WBC F DEFENSE - in his last fight on 7-28-01 in Los Angeles, CA, he won a 12 round unanimous decision against WBC No. 1 ranked mandatory challenger Injin Chi (24-1) of Korea: it was a hard, exciting fight that repeatedly brought the fans to their feet; Chi gave a strong effort and constantly pressed forward, but Erik was the sharper, harder puncher and outworked him for much of the fight; Erik was cut and swollen over the left eye in the 6th round by an accidental clash of heads, and Chi was penalized one point in the 10th for various fouls; Erik's left eye was completely closed at the end of the fight; scored 117-110, 116-111, 116-112; after the fight, Erik said, "I wanted to show in this fight a different Erik Morales. I wanted to show a faster and more destructive fighter. But unfortunately, the head butt in the sixth round made me change my game plan. Obviously, he can take a punch, because I hit him with some great shots. After that head butt, I just couldn't go after him, because he was very dirty. He was throwing elbows. If I would have gone for the knockout, he probably would have head-butted me again."

Michael Rosenthal of the Los Angeles Daily News wrote, "Wow! The Erik Morales-Injin Chi fight on the Jones-Gonzalez undercard was breathtaking. Dozens of recklessly violent exchanges lifted the crowd to its feet and the noise was deafening."

Lonnie White, of the Los Angeles Times reported, "In easily the best bout of Saturday night's fight card at Staples Center, Morales showed why he's quickly gaining notice as one of the sport's best fighters."

Undisputed light heavyweight world champion Roy Jones Jr., who headlined the fight card, was also impressed; he commented, "That was a fight."

WON WBC F TITLE - on 2-17-01 in Las Vegas, NV, he won a 12 round unanimous decision against defending champion Guty Espadas (33-2): Erik started fast and built an early lead, but Espadas showed tremendous heart and determination and rallied to win the last two rounds on all three scorecards; scored 115-113, 116-112, 116-112; after the fight, Erik said, "He threw a lot of punches and he had a lot of heart, but I landed the harder punches and I also outboxed him. I thought I was always in control of the fight."

2000 - WON WBC INTERIM F TITLE - on 9-2-00 in El Paso, TX, he TKO'd former WBC featherweight champion Kevin Kelley (51-4-2): it was an exciting fight and Kelley gave a great effort, but Erik dominated; he scored knockdowns in the 5th and 7th rounds, and the referee stopped the fight at 2:30 of the 7th round.

9TH WBC SB DEFENSE - on 2-19-00 in Las Vegas he won a 12 round split decision against WBO champion Marco Antonio Barrera (49-2): it was an incredible battle with intense action from the first bell to the last, and very close - it was one of the best fights of 2000, or any other year - and left both fighters cut, battered, and spent; scored 114-113, 115-112 Morales, 114-113 Barrera; after the fight, Erik said, "He was a brave fighter, and we both gave it all we had. We were both hurt during the fight. He was the biggest puncher I ever faced in the ring."

1999 - 8TH WBC SB DEFENSE - on 10-22-99 in Detroit, MI, he won a 12 round unanimous decision against former WBC bantamweight champion Wayne McCullough (23-2): it was an exciting fight that earned a standing ovation from the crowd, and Erik had a clear edge throughout; scored 116-112, 116-112, 119-110.

7TH WBC SB DEFENSE - on 7-31-99 in Tijuana he TKO'd Reynante Jamili (39-4): Jamili gave a good effort, but Erik outworked him and dominated the fight; he scored a knockdown in the last seconds of the 6th round, and the referee stopped the fight at 3:02.

6TH WBC SB DEFENSE - on 5-8-99 in Las Vegas he TKO'd Juan Carlos Ramirez (17-1): Erik scored one knockdown in the 2nd round, two in the 3rd, and another in the 9th, and the referee stopped the fight after the 9th round... 5TH WBC SB DEFENSE - on 2-12-99 in Las Vegas he TKO'd Angel Chacon (24-2): Erik knocked down Chacon - through the ropes, out cold - and the fight was stopped without a count at 1:50 of the 2nd round.

1998 - 4TH WBC SB DEFENSE - on 9-12-98 in Tijuana he TKO'd former two-time world champion Junior Jones (44-3): it was a thriller while it lasted, but Erik scored a knockdown in the 4th round, rocked Jones several more times, and the fight was stopped at 2:55 of the round.

3RD WBC SB DEFENSE - on 5-16-98 in Indio, CA, he TKO'd former WBC world champion Jose Luis Bueno (30-8-2): it was a devastating knockout; Erik scored two knockdowns and the fight was stopped without a count at 1:19 of the 2nd round.

2ND WBC SB DEFENSE - on 4-3-98 in Tijuana he TKO'd Remigio Molina (31-1) at 2:24 of the 6th round.

1997 - 1ST WBC SB DEFENSE - on 12-12-97 in Tijuana he TKO'd John Lowey (25-1): Erik dominated the fight, but Lowey was awkward and difficult - Erik was cut in the 3rd and 5th rounds by head clashes; Lowey was penalized one point in the 3rd for the headbutt, and two points in the 5th - one for the headbutt and one for an illegal punch; Lowey claimed an injured hand and could not continue after the 7th round; after seven rounds, Erik led by scores of 69-62, 68-62, 68-62.

WON WBC SB TITLE - on 9-6-97 in El Paso he TKO'd defending WBC champion Daniel Zaragoza (55-7-3): it was a close, exciting fight, and Erik stopped Zaragoza with a body punch at 2:59 of the 11th round; after 10 rounds, the judges were split - 96-93, 95-94 Morales, 95-94 Zaragoza.

1996 - 4TH NABF SB DEFENSE - on on 6-7-96 in Las Vegas he won a 12 round unanimous decision against former WBC champion Hector Acero-Sanchez (33-3-3): Erik came on strong in the middle rounds, staggered Acero in the last seconds of the 6th, and rocked him again in the 10th; scored 118-111, 118-110, 118-110.

3RD NABF SB DEFENSE - on 2-25-96 in Las Vegas he TKO'd Rudy Bradley (13-3-2) in the 11th round.

1995 - 2ND NABF SB DEFENSE - on 12-18-95 in Tijuana he knocked out Kenny Mitchell (22-14-3) in the 2nd round.

1ST NABF SB DEFENSE - on 9-9-95 in Las Vegas he TKO'd Alberto Martinez (32-20-2) in the 4th round.

WON NABF SB TITLE - on 7-14-95 in Las Vegas he won a 12 round decision against Juan Torres.

1995 - 1ST MEXICAN SB TITLE DEFENSE - on 11-10-95 Erik won a 12 round decision against Enrique Angeles (27-5).

WON MEXICAN SB TITLE - on 4-21-95 in Tijuana he TKO'd Enrique Jupiter (27-5-1) in the 6th round.

1994 - on 12-19-94 in Tijuana he TKO'd veteran Jose "Pepillo" Valdez (44-9-1): the fight was for the Hispanic (AMBH) title: Erik was rocked early in the fight, but rallied to stop Valdez in the 3rd round... He debuted on 3-29-93 at the age of 16, and had his first 16 fights in Mexico.

AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Erik was born in Tijuana in a building owned by his father...his family lived there and his father operated a boxing gym there, as well; the building was recently renovated and the gym was expanded; the family no longer lives there, but Erik still trains there at times...the building also houses the offices for Erik's web boxing magazine - - which features boxing news.

Erik 's father, Jose, was a flyweight contender in the 1970's and is Erik's trainer...Erik's younger brother, Diego, is a former WBO super flyweight champion...Erik started boxing at the age of five and reportedly had 114 amateur fights (108-6)...he won 11 major amateur titles in Mexico...Erik is a computer enthusiast and takes a laptop with him when he travels...he is also a boxing promoter and manager and has promoted fights all over Baja California...Erik and his wife America have three children.

STRENGTHS: Physically strong with excellent skills and punching power...has an aggressive style, keeps a fast pace in the experienced against top opposition...had a strong amateur background.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 9 years, 3 months...41 fights...240 total rounds...104 world championship rounds.



DISTANCE FIGHTS: 12 rounds - 7 (7-0)...11 rounds - 2 (2-0)...10 rounds - 3 (3-0).

Sex: Male
Nationality: Mexico
Alias: El Terrible
Hometown: Tijuana, Mexico
Birthplace: Tijuana, Mexico
Division: Super Featherweight
World Rank: 1
Date of Birth: 1976-09-01
Age: 27
Reach: 72"
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5' 8
Trainer: Jose Morales
Manager: Jose Morales

Erik Morales Career Record (46 Wins, 1 Loss, 34 Knockouts) -

Mar. 29 -- Jose Orejal, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2
May 7 -- Jaime Rodriguez, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2
May 25 -- Oscar Maldonada, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 3
July 8 -- Marco Tovar, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 1
July 26 -- Jose Alvarez, Tijuana, Mexico, W 6
Oct. 22 -- Jaime Abrica, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2
Dec. 6 -- Alfonso Mota, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2

Jan. 21 -- Paul Olevera, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 3
Mar. 26 -- Isidro Nolasco, Mexico City, Mexico, W 8
Aug. 22 -- Julio Cardona, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2
Oct. 17 -- Idelfonso Bernal, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 3
Nov. 28 -- Ramon Magana, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2
Dec. 19 -- Jose Valdez, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 3

Feb. 3 -- Ricky Hernandez, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 1
Apr. 21 -- Enrique Jupiter, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 6
June 2 -- Armando Castro, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 10
July 14 -- Juan Torres, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 12
Sep. 9 -- Alberto Martinez, Las Vegas, KO 4
Nov. 10 -- Enrique Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico, W 12
Dec. 18 -- Kenny Mitchell, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2

Feb. 2 -- Rudy Bradley, Las Vegas, Nevada, KO 11
Apr. 22 -- Lee Cargle, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 2
June 7 -- Hector Acero-Sanchez, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 12
Oct. 12 -- Javier Torres, Anaheim, California, KO 2
Nov. 29 -- Robbie Lovato, Tijuana, Mexico, W 10

Apr. 4 -- Concepcion Valasquez, Las Vegas, Nevada, KO 8
Sep. 7 -- Daniel Zaragosa, El Paso, Texas, KO 11
(Captured WBC super bantamweight title)
Dec. 12 -- John Lowey, Tijuana, Mexico, TKO 7
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)

Apr. 3 -- Remigio Molina, Tijuana, Mexico, TKO 6
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)
May 16 -- Jose Luis Bueno, Indio, California, KO 2
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)
Sep. 12 -- Junior Jones, Tijuana, Mexico, TKO 4
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)

Feb. 3 -- Angel Chacon, Las Vegas, KO 2
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)
May 8 -- Juan Carlos Ramirez, Las Vegas, TKO 10
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)
July 31 -- Reynante Jamili, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 6
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)
Oct. 22 -- Wayne McCullough, Detroit, W 12
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)

Feb. 19 -- Marco Antonio Barrera, Las Vegas, W 12
(Retained WBC super bantamweight title)
(Captured WBO super bantamweight title)
June 17 -- Mike Juarez, Los Angeles, TKO 3
Sept. 2 -- Kevin Kelley, El Paso, Texas, TKO 7
(Captured interim WBC featherweight title)
Dec. 9 -- Rodney Jones, Tijuana, Mexico, KO 1
(Retained interim WBC featherweight title)

Feb. 17 -- Guty Espadas, Las Vegas, W 12
(Captured WBC featherweight title)
July 28 -- Injin Chi, Los Angeles, California, W 12
(Retained WBC featherweight title)

June 22 -- Marco Antonio Barrera, Las Vegas, L 12
Nov. 16 -- Paulie Ayala, Las Vegas, W 12
(Captured WBC featherweight title)

Feb. 22 -- Eddie Croft, Mexico City, Mexico, TKO 3
(Retained WBC featherweight title)
May 3 -- Bobby Velardez, Las Vegas, TKO 5
(Retained WBC featherweight title)
Oct. 4 -- Guty Espadas, Los Angeles, California, TKO 3

Feb. 28 -- Jesus Chavez, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 12
(Captured WBC super featherweight title)

Carrer Highlights and Titles
Mundo Hispano Super Bantamweight Title
Mexican Super Bantamweight Title
NABF Super Bantamweight Title
WBC Super Bantamweight Title
WBO Super Bantamweight Title
WBC Featherweight Title (2)
WBC Super Featherweight Title
2000 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year - vs Marco Antonio Barrera

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