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posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 03:26 PM
We all follow the same God. [ excluding if u do not belive in a god.] It is the differnce in religion that makes things differnt.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 03:33 PM
If you all believe in the same god then as a result, you must all have the same religion. The same belief in ONE god. It's easy to understand. The fact that none of you even believe the same belief or what not just show's how false you all are.

Science never claims to have all the answer's or even the right answer's...Big step from religion which has all the answer's and know's all there is to know....

And what has god brought us? Nothing. A belief system that is entirely out dated and false. A set of rule's to live by that are already COMMON SENSE. There is no need for a god, there never was, and thier never will be. Now quit being so closed minded and LOOK at your damned world and read the science that explains it.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 03:49 PM
James G

If christianity is outdated why most of the bible teaches a lesson of life everyday.
wether your opinion of us being false because we believe in the same religion the we are wise because the majority rules and one person can make a difference in life and that was jesus.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 04:04 PM
Hey...Show me evidence of jesus OUTSIDE your scriptures. Where's his tomb. Where's his remain's. Where's the cross he died on? Where's the spear that killed him? Shall I go on?

The lesson's tought...especially the ten commandments are common sense. Life's experiances also teach you many important things that you can then relay onto other people...But we don't worship each other for that. No siree bob, sure as hell don't...

Nope...You guy's decide to worship something you have NO PROOF of. Us uneducated non-religous type's who follow the way's of satan however...have much to offer you, much to teach you, and lot's to show you. But you won't listen to us, you shut yourselve's from reason and common sense. You take logical thinking and throw it out the door. You run from new idea's that deny your beliefs. You deny yourselve's.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 04:51 PM
have you ever thought that people could of actually
witnessed miracles of jesus??

You think its all one big blind following right?

Im seriously telling you it is wrong.

from the churches beggining until now thousands upon thousands of
miracles have happened to the saints and this is the stuff science cannot prove.

there is a ton of proof, yet will you believe it?

Infact this world will be given the sign of jesus in the sky before the chastisment.

will this be enough proof?

or will you reject it because of pride?

look, i have witnessed dradfully vivid dreams of christ and mary.

I have seen cancer cured (twice) without medical help.


prayers to god.

can science disprove this?

No. because miracles are something science cannot explain.

You put your faith in a man made thing which is scinece. science is not perfect nor ever will be.

Miracles ive seen and millions of other people are signs, you either think everybody is
lying or you just do "not" want to believe.

also you said...

"" Ive tried the god thing ""

god is not a type of culture, he is the literal creator of your being.

he will not go away nor be removed, we will though.

Also about what god teaches.

1. he teaches love thy neighbors.

2. love thy enimies.

3. vengence is 'his' he will repay.

Any christian not living by these three are not christians.

we are called to not even hate satan himself, but to love all our enimies and hate
evil. Not the person just the evil.

also how do i "know" jesus is the one besides the massive amount of miracles
ive personally witnessed of him???

how about padre pio, a saint, who cured a women with no pupils and she can now see, and
he also bore the stigmata.

how about the mother who suffered the passion of christ every friday, meaning she bled from her
sides and hands and face every friday.

how about the preist who prayed the rosary and lived through a nuclear bomb.

how about fatima which athiest saw them selves and admitted it did happen, infact 70,000
all gave the same account.

how about lasalett.

how about the building of the steps by the mothers novena.

how about the shroud of turon which scientists replaced with a different cloth just to try and disprove it.

how about saints who have been levitated in mid air while praying.

how about all of the miracles of the eucharist where the eucarist actually changed from bread and wine to body
and blood, literal flesh.

how about all those who suffered the stigmata.

how about a priest who has the ability to cure that my aunts friend knows, infact
he has cured my aunt because he has this ability from god.

how about all of the tiny miracles the world sees everyday.

how about a saint called saint vincent who had the ability to cure the sick, infact during his life he cured thousands.

how about the miracle of juan diego.

how about the miracles ive personally witnessed of christ.

james don't say we cannot prove it when we ourselves witness this stuff.

You do not have to believe but don't say that we are wrong and believein nothing, when i "know"
where these miracles come from.

if living you will be given a sign, this will be everybodies last chance to believe.

Please don't cut into a thread saying science has all the answers when science cannot explain what ive just listed. proof is given to those with faith. those without faith, "no" proof is "possible".


posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 06:21 PM
"When we have gone through this stuff"

Truth, so you think miracles are stuff?

Anyways, you are the blind deaf mute leading no one for at least one person has eyes, one has ears, and one has a voice. A voice to voice their opinion.

As long as people are individuals, not the sheep Christianity wants you to be, we will be free!

Remember people, god wrote the ten comandments, not the books that modern religons use to make sheep of people. FOLLOW GOD, NOT RELIGON!

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 07:58 PM

Want me to believe , then prove these few thing's outside the scriptures tha science readily acknowledges as true...

The exodus
Adam and Eve
A worldwide flood
Holy grail
Noah's ark
Ark of the covenant(SP?)

non-religous links.
non-religous sources.

Some of these things, if not all, are very important to your religion. If proven true, then maybe it has some truth to it...till then..not even you or your puny little book knows ANYTHING.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by JamesG
Hey...Show me evidence of jesus OUTSIDE your scriptures. Where's his tomb. Where's his remain's. Where's the cross he died on? Where's the spear that killed him? Shall I go on?
His tomb would be empty of his remains anyway, since he resurrected & was taken by God to live in Heaven. Some archeologists have claimed to have found pieces of the Cross that Jesus was nailed to, but the full evidence to support it hasn't been completed...I've forgotten where I got the reference & it'll take time to find it again. That Spear would be known more commonly as the Spear of Longinius (If memory serves correctly) & Hitler saw it an a museum while still a child...There've been some indications in Mein Kampf that this is what inspired Hitler to become "great in his own time"; Keep in mind that this particular legend attached to the Spear doesn't specify "great" for the Good or "great" for the bad. During WWII, Hitler tried to capture the city that held the Spear but it was hidden away before he conquered the city (I've forgotten which city it was, but that's something I can look up again). Since then, people seem to have lost track of it.

Shall I go on?...

Originally posted by JamesG
Nope...You guy's decide to worship something you have NO PROOF of. Us uneducated non-religous type's who follow the way's of satan however...have much to offer you, much to teach you, and lot's to show you.

If you worship Satan, then you *do* believe in the existance of God...If only by default. This is because Satan wouldn't exist either if it weren't for God *creating him in the first place*.

Does the phrase, "Hoist on your own petard" mean anything to you?

[Edited on 19-11-2002 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 09:56 PM
MD, I'm not sure that they can come up with any genuine "wood from the Cross"/spear, etc. By the time that people started making pilgrimages to the area, the poorest of the inhabitants realized they could make a living selling souveniers.

Groves of trees were chopped down to make spears and "pieces of the true Cross." Holy relics were popular in Europe. One saint (James?) has three shrines in very different locations and all claim that they have his "genuine skull."

Such things weren't treasured at the time of Jesus' death. The cross was an insturment of execution... and doubtless others died on that very cross after Jesus did (there's no mention that anyone did anything with it. Romans liked to reuse these things.)

posted on Nov, 19 2002 @ 04:53 AM

Originally posted by JamesG
So you think it's perfectly normal for god to say, kill your loved one to show your faith in me or goto hell for not heeding my godly all powerful words?

"You have to consider a posibility that god does not like you and whats more he probably hates you"

These suffering people expirience is the thing "god" feeds on, he doesnt care about your loyalty of fathulness, death pleases him.

posted on Nov, 19 2002 @ 05:48 AM

Yes, please go one. So far you've only SAID things. You haven't SHOWN anything.

And I never said I believed in satan. I was using his name figurativley(SP?). Only because some religouse type's would have it be that I do worship satan, only if I don't worship god. Thankfully..I believe in niether.

posted on Nov, 23 2002 @ 12:32 AM
Read my post again...I said *IF* you really worshipped Satan, etc...I already read your own posts about your lack of belief in either. I know you were speaking figuratively & so was I.

As for references, the reasons that I was going on memory is because I got those histories from the library; I don't *have* those books on-hand. It's a pretty neat place that you should look into...You see, they store things there called "books" & it might be a whole new experience for you.

Seriously speaking though, I've already done my own research in that area & I'm not inclined to go back & research it all again for someone else's sake. Look in the History section.

[Edited on 23-11-2002 by MidnightDStroyer]

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