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posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 01:51 PM
i only saying this because in genesis when the bible talks about abraham and his son isaac borned of sarah. GOD told abraham that he must take isaac to moriah and there he shall offer him up as a holacaust. why does GOD test his most loyal disciples even if they suffer for it?

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 01:56 PM
The Lord does test us. He tests us in every day life. From the day we are born, and untill we die we are being tested.

That is how you will be judged by Jesus.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 02:03 PM
if GOD loves then his only test for us is that we be faithful to him and that his laws do not defined us a humans but as servants to him.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 02:31 PM
These tests also cause us to grow. It's kind of like weight lifting. Muscles don't grow unless you work them.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 03:03 PM
So you think it's perfectly normal for god to say, kill your loved one to show your faith in me or goto hell for not heeding my godly all powerful words? Yeah...can you say psychopath!

Crappers...I better kill my wife and kids and offer there blood up for sacrifice to cleanse my sins... Crap...Thou shalt not kill...Damnit, soooo if Abraham listened to god and kiled his son, he also broke a comandment and commited a sin. What if he didn't repent for it? Does he go to hell for it even though god told him to do it?

Wow...One of the many biblical flaws... I called it first! NANANANA

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by JamesG

Thou shalt not kill...Damnit, soooo if Abraham listened to god and kiled his son, he also broke a comandment and commited a sin. What if he didn't repent for it? Does he go to hell for it even though god told him to do it?

If u knew the Bible u would know that he did not kill his son! He never killed his son.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 04:35 PM
Your flaw, James, is being stupid in a no-stupid zone, and you should be ticketed for that.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 06:31 PM

You reminded us of one of the ten commandments, "thou shall not kill".

This is good and right. But what I can see that you dont know is while god told us all not to kill, God at the same time invented capital punishment.

God is the author of the law. As he is God, dont you think that he is also above his own law.

Gods purpose for all mankind is for our character to be transformed into the likeness of Christs character. This takes time, and God uses tests and also trials to mould our character. Remember that We are the clay and God is the potter.

Through tests and trials our faith is becoming more closer to perfection, which should be our aim.

Some people may not like the fact that God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son. But God never intended for Issac to die anyway. After Abrahams test of faith ask yourselves what he got out of it. Look at all the blessings Abraham recieved throughout his life The israelites today are recieving blessings from God because of what Abraham done, and did it cost abraham anything?. No

James G
. I am not going to try to tell you how to respond on ATS. But I would like you to know that if you knew the love that God has for you you would shudder at saying such things. Swallow your pride and open up your heart to christ today and you will have all the understanding you want about Gods ways. It happened for me that same way.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by Jedi Master
Originally posted by JamesG

Thou shalt not kill...Damnit, soooo if Abraham listened to god and kiled his son, he also broke a comandment and commited a sin. What if he didn't repent for it? Does he go to hell for it even though god told him to do it?


If u knew the Bible u would know that he did not kill his son! He never killed his son.

Jedi Master I think what JamesG was saying is IF he listend to god and did it, not that he did.

It's a hypothetical question, and the way I view it is that God would have expected him to follow the Ten Commandments, and it was a test to see if he would...but the ten commandments weren't around in Abraham's days were they?

So maybe it was god experimenting with man to see what they percieved as right and wrong, and built the commandments out of that.

Abraham not killing his son, gave birth to "Thou shalt not kill"

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posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 07:48 PM
well James god does say love me more than anyone else
so you should love god more than
your wife, husband and or son

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 08:56 PM
To tell you the truth..Never read the bible. Tried once. Almost puked my brains out. That, and all the quote's I've read here and elswhere, along with all the explanatios from both sides...sicken's me.

From what I gathered in this thread, I thought he did kill his son. Now I know I figured wrong. Yet even if he did, to me, as a human being, I find such an act of killing a relative wrong and disgusting. That is your flesh and blood damnit.

Think of it this way. If god has all the power to create an entire universe, then he also has the power to mold us into EXACTLEY the mindless drones he wants us to be. Yet, knowing he wouldn't put up with all this crap we're doing now, why wouldn't he just have stopped making us the way we are now and just impart the knowledge right from the get go?

Creationism in itslef is a much more flawed theory than anyother existing theory. It's biggest flaw is not having anything to actually experiment or verify upon. It can only produce unprovable theory upon unprovable theory without verification of any theory it produces. Why? In order to prove creationism, you have to prove god which is only possible, as an actual tangible proof until AFTER you die. Now this posses a big problem for the rest of us alive.

Evolution/big bang, they both have verifiable evidence of a NATURAL occurance. Both can be experimented upon and as such, both have gained more credibility that creationism lacks.


Could you honestly say, you would kill a close reletive of yours just to please a god you hardly even know from a book without even so much as wonder why he wants you to do this? I couldn't. If I did, I would kill myself right away out of anger, hatred, fear, sadness, and many other emotions that a 'loving' god should not put his creation through. These emotions are unhealthy for human's, and god know's this since he supposedly created us.

The whole god religion, or any religion for that matter, is wholly unverifiable, and none add up to the facts that science has proven. You, I, or anyone here, given the right equipment, rescources, and money, could check all of sciences claims and proofs. Even the most simplest things can be verified by us with very little.

It's called common sense and logical thinking. Two qualities that religous people greatly lack. They have there 'faith' and this blinds them. If science verifies another theory that points to a natural creation without the aid of a creator, religion brushes such things aside as false. There god did everything and no matter what science discovers that may say otherwise, they are always right because of thier blind faith.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 09:24 PM
god test us everyday of our lives to challenge our faith
to make us srtonger believers
he wants to see if we really do believe in his word and if we put him first than anything

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 09:31 PM

There is no god to test us. So how can he test us if he doesn't exist? You can't prove god exist's for sure until after you die. Now, I'm not one willing enough to go around killing my loved one's or myself just to see if god is for real. There's no logic to it at all. Not to mention it's a pointless endeavor, considering all the facts about ourselves and the surrounding universe that point to a non-created universe. It's pretty hard to argue with facts even with the 'good ol book' in front of you.

We're talking about a book a couple thousand years old that was written by people who CLAIM god told them to write those words. Since we don't have time travel, we can't prove that god really did tell these people to write down those words. Now we've ended up with people believing in a primitive religion in modern times.

Look at war of the world's. Many people really believed we were being attacked by aliens that day. That is how much power simplw words can have.

Moral of this story, don't believe everything you hear, or read. Most of it is just bull crap anyways.

posted on Nov, 15 2002 @ 10:50 PM
IS god a mathematical one?

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 09:48 AM
James G sinece you say there is no God, then why the hell did you try to read the Bible?!

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 10:45 AM
Bluegrl: LIFE tests us. Whether we pray about it (inaction by "letting a higher power take action") or take action about the situation is up to us and sends us along different paths.

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 10:51 AM
JamesG, you mean to tell me you try and argue over a point you are totally ignorant of?
You know no more about the exiastence of God than the next person, yet when someone asks a question that is in relation to a particular religion, your basic response is "There is no God!!"

Grow up and try and keep answers in context with the questions. And if you don't know the first thing about the topic posed, keep quiet and let someone answer that is familiar.

Pardon me if I sound a little ill, but can you imagine, someone trying to discuss a topic and then admits he hasn't even read the book of topic?

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 11:38 AM
james never did i say that I would acutally do sacrifice other's for god
i really don't know what i would do
i just said what the bible says not exctaly what i said
there's a lot of things that i don't agree with the bible
also i can't proove that God exist but u can't either
faith is when you believe something with all your might with out seeing it. not all people have this
now it's kind of like the wind
you can't see it but you know it's there
i suggest that u try reading the bible before you make up your decision about what you think is right
and just because i quoted something from the bible doesn't mean that all catholics do exactly just that
the bilbe says not to lie
but every one on the face of the earth has lied once in their life
and like i mentioned earlier i can't prove to you that god exist that's just some thng one belives
but you can't prove to me that god DOESN'T exist.
byrd: every one has a different opinion wether is god who tests us every day or whether is just luck out of nowhere like you say life it depends on your religious grounds

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 01:12 PM
Atleast I admit that I know only what I've read. Why would I try to read the bible? Because I can, and was faintly interested in seeing what it was that has people set back 2000 years mentally.

Why do I think there is no god? You can't prove, nor disprove that there is a god. Many things considered miracles of god have been shown to have natural causes behind them. Many idea's, like the world being round, not being the center of the universe, or circling the sun etc... have all hit roadblocks due to religion in one form or another. This hinder's religion's credibility for me.

Many things in the bible, the very word of god, which in fact was written a long time ago by men who SAID god told them to write those thing's. So we are suposed to believe a book that was written by men who CLAIM god spoke to them? The things written don't even add up to historical or archeological fact, like the exodus... The bible says it happened, yet no where in history do the egyptians speak of it.

There are many reason's why the bible is nothing more than a primitive teaching from our past. It's time this species grows up as a whole so we can learn more without trying to not hurt religion...

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 01:16 PM
And last time I checked, everyone was entitled to free will and the ability to voice thier opinion. Wheather you like it or not is your decision... But I still retain that right. I know it was a biblical answer, but that does not mean it requires ONLY a biblical answer. Opinions show other views, and even in a religous post, they still have just as much merit as a religious answer.

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