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Newz Forum: BASKETBALL: Anthony believes no room left for him on Olympic team

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 09:48 PM
DENVER -- Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony is pretty sure he will be watching the U.S. Olympic team on television this August.

Anthony said Wednesday he believes the USA Basketball selection committee has moved on without him.

"They've got their mind set on what they want," Anthony told the Rocky Mountain News. "Don't nothing include Carmelo. Nothing in the NBA includes me. You realize that?"

Anthony led all rookies in scoring this past season but finished second to Cleveland Cavaliers guard LeBron James in rookie of the year voting.

James will play for Team USA in the Aug. 13-29 Athens Games. Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, another rookie, also is expected to make the team. The roster already includes two small forwards, Shawn Marion and Richard Jefferson.

"I could wait four years for the next one," Anthony said of the Olympics. "Hopefully, I'll be globally known in four years."


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You'd think that Larry could find a place for him on the team, that's a lot of talant to be ignoring. Or does he have a problem with 'Melo, after all, he did avoid picking him in the draft.

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