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Newz Forum: BASKETBALL: Jordan says owning an NBA team a priority

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 02:52 PM
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- NBA great Michael Jordan is determined to buy his own NBA team in the not-too-distant future.

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Speaking in Taiwan on Saturday, the former Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards star told reporters at a news conference that owning a basketball team was his priority now, though he had to be patient.

"My mission is to own a team, and I will go through every length to try to obtain that goal, he said. "Until someone's ready to sell a team, I can't steal a team, I can't take a team, I have to be patient. Jordan was in the island's capital, Taipei, for the latest leg of an Asian tour to promote his sports apparel brand. The trip, which has taken him to Beijing and Hong Kong, will next stop at Tokyo.

Jordan didn't specifically name the teams he is interested in buying, but said most of those he was investigating were on the East Coast.

"Hopefully, in the near future, I can go out and fulfill that dream of owning a basketball team, and preferably I'd like to do it on the East Coast," Jordan said. "That's where I live, that's where I grew up.

He did not rule out buying a team from other areas.

"Obviously, if a good opportunity happens in the West, I'll have to evaluate it to see what place there is for Michael Jordan," he said.

Jordan, 41, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

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