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Newz Forum: BOXING: Emmanuel Stewart and W. Klitschko Comments on Probe

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posted on May, 6 2004 @ 08:40 AM
Comments from Manny Steward, Judd Burstein, and W. Klitschko on the federal probe into his loss against Lamon Brewster.

Emmanuel Stewart - Hal of Fame Boxing Trainer
"Wladimir was in perfect shape for the bout. In all of my years as a trainer, I have never seen anything like this. I know when a fighter is hurt from an opponent's punches. In this case, there was something else causing Wladimir's problems."

Judd Burstein - Attorney for Klitschko
"Everyone in the industry knows that there is an ongoing FBI investigation into fight fixing and fraudulent medical reports in Nevada. The strange events of April 10 give real cause for concern that Mr. Klitschko may have been the victim of the very type of activity that is being investigated by the federal government."

W. Klitschko
"I have thought long and hard about requesting an investigation because I am concerned that the public, and particularly my fans, will see me as making excuses instead of taking responsibility for a loss. That is not my intention. I simply want to know the truth, and I have not yet been given adequate answers to the many questions I rightfully have.

I understand that an investigation cannot change a loss into a win. I also understand that my path to redemption requires victories in the ring. So my call for an investigation should not be viewed as a strategy to change the past; it is to make the future better for the sport of boxing. One of these days, I will hopefully earn the chance to fight Lamon Brewster again, and the result of that meeting will offer a far better explanation of my loss than the result of any investigation."

Referee Robert Byrd
"I tried to get a response out of him but there was none. I've never stopped a fight like that."

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