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Newz Forum: HOCKEY: No NHL, no Olympics for pros

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posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 03:07 PM
The NHL labor agreement gets more and more interesting everyday. The current CBA ends in September this year. There is a large rift between the NHLPA and the owners. The players want more money, the owners want a salary cap, and there is a threat of a lockout if it is not solved. If there is a lockout or shortened season next year, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman would not want to take a break during the '05-'06 season for the players to play in the 2006 Winter Games.

Associated Press
PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) -- The 2006 Winter Olympics will be played without NHL players if the league is shut down by January because of a labor dispute.

International Ice Hockey Federation president Rene Fasel said Sunday that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has told his group that if the league is not playing then its players will not be at the Turin Games.

"It's important for our national federations to know whether they are playing or not, especially for the U.S. and Canada," Fasel said at a news conference.

The NHL's participation at the Olympics must be included in the next collective bargaining agreement. The deal expires Sept. 15.

Sigh, it just keeps getting worse. Although, participation in the Olympics will need to be added to the new CBA. Hopefully that is not an issue. I still prefer to see college players and non professional players from the US play. What about making a rule where you are only allowed to play in 1 Olympics? You are only allowed to play in the first Olympics that occurs once you join the NHL? Give the young guys a chance to shine on the world stage, and let the old guys rest.

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