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Newz Forum: OTHER: Kim Collins admits drugs cover up

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posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 06:32 AM
World sprint champion Kim Collins has accused the USA of covering up positive drug tests in their athletics team.Collins, the 100metres world champion and favourite for Olympic Games gold in Athens, claims Americans caught flaunting the drugs rules are "simply told not to do it again".

The favourite for Olympic gold in Athens also said he felt Britain's Dwain Chambers, banned following a positive test, has been unfairly treated "maybe because he is not American". What has happened to Dwain is unfair there is clearly prejudice towards him Collins said: "I don't know how it has been allowed to happen. The Americans have been involved in a lot of cover-ups.He told the Mail Newspaper on Sunday."A lot of them have been caught but simply told not to do it again. Some of this comes out into the open and some of it does not.

"What has happened to Dwain is unfair. There is clearly prejudice towards him, maybe because he is not American. If there are rules, they must be applied to everyone. As they are not, then Dwain should still be allowed to run."

Collins has advised fellow athletes to try to improve their technique rather than turn to drugs, but admitted: "I can't say for sure that I wouldn't take drugs if I was losing. It's a possibility.


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