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posted on Apr, 16 2004 @ 05:32 PM
Hulk Hogan may possibly be known as the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Hulkamania started when Hulk Hogan played the part of Thunder Lips in Rocky III. After playing that part, Hulk Hogan's popularity began to grow. World Wrestling Federation owner Vince McMahon saw this and made the former heel a face.Sportznewz takes a look at Hogan and some of his achievments as one of Wrestling's great's.

His name is Terry Bollea, but the world knows him as "Hulk Hogan" perhaps the biggest wrestler on the planet today and forever! No one, with the possible exception of Frank Gotch in the 1920's, has exerted a more profound influence on the history of Professional Wrestling than Hulk Hogan. Wrestling has been around for many years, but it wasn't until the emergence of a wrestler named Hulk Hogan that the sport's popularity exceeded all previous standards. Hogan flexes more than his 24-inch biceps, when he encourages his "little Hulksters" to "Train say your prayers, take vitamins and believe in yourself". Terry Bollea is the youngest son of the late Pete Bollea, a construction foreman and Ruth Bollea, a homemaker and dance instructor. One of the greatest, most popular, most hated and charismatic wrestler of all time, Hulk Hogan is one of the few men who helped create the circus-like world of professional wrestling from cult following into the forefront of American entertainment.

His success story began in 1967 in a Tampa, Florida gym when he started bodybuilding. After studying business administration and music at the University of South Florida, Bollea began training as a wrestler in 1973. In the late 1970's, he would start his wrestling career. Hogan has always had an extremely busy schedule, he has always devoted special time to visiting ailing children throughout the world. His mother ruth was a dance teacher." I guess Terry gets loads of showmanship from me" she told people's magazine in 1991. A charity that is very near and dear to his heart is the Make-A-Wish Foundation of which Hogan is the number one requested celebrity of these wish children. Other organizations that Hogan is involved with include Pediatric AIDS Center, Special Olympics and the Starlight Foundation. Hogan's larger than life physique and persona have led him beyond the forum of wrestling and into personal appearances, endorsements, charitable activities and also television and movies. Hogan is arguably one of the most widely known figures in the world. "Hulkamania" hysteria has led to a television cartoon series as well as poster, t-shirts and a countless number of other merchandise. A comparison of wrestling prior to his arival on the national scene and what it became after his ascention to superstardom reveals an upsurge in popularity. In the late 1970's, Terry Bollea was playing smoky, low-key bars as part of a rock band called RUKUS. Who would have predicted that twenty years later he would have become possibly the most successful wrestler of all time? Even if he isn't, the man who became known as Hulk Hogan was instrumental in permanently changing the sports image. Hulk's inpact on Wrestling most resembles Michael Jordan's impact on basketball; but while Jordan revoltionized his game through sheer talent, Hogan's influence on wrestling as stemmed almost entirely through his personallity and his abillity to fire up a crowd. He is an Imposing figure in the ring at 6ft7' 275 pounds and the 24 inch biceps he brags about are there more than just for show.

In 1979, Bollea's talent caught the attention of Vincent McMahon Sr., the legendary promoter/owner of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the most prominent wrestling league in the Northeast. McMahon gave Bollea an opportunity to join the WWF - along with a new identity. Because of his massive physique (he stood 6'7' and weighed 303 pounds) and resemblance to the comic book hero the Incredible Hulk, McMahon suggested that Terry assume the name Hulk Hogan. Hulk Would have good faces like Rocky Johnson, Tito Santana, Bob Backlund, then WWE champ look small. Actor Sylvester Stallone was so impressed by Hogan's performance from Wrestling matches, that he cast him as Thunderlips the Ultimate Male in his 1982 movie Rocky III. While still under contract to the WWF, Terry got a note from Sylvester Stallone, It asked him to star in RockyIII. Then after his tour in japan, he was called by Stallone himself and asked to fly to Los Angeles for the movie right away, the problem was that McMahon had booked Terry for that day for Charlotte, N.C. McMahon said he'd fire Terry if he wouldn't show up, Terry didn't show up and the next thing you know, Hulk would be starring in Rocky 3.

Hulk Hogan's first title reign finally ended when he was beaten by Andre the Giant. Andre tried to sell the belt to The Million Dollar Man but the WWF did not allow this and held the belt up in a tournament at Wrestle Mania IV. Hulk Hogan faced Andre the Giant in the tournament but they were both disqulified due to unsportsman like conduct.The Macho Man went on to win the belt and became a tag team partner with Hulk Hogan. Their team was called the Mega Powers. The Mega Powers started off good but began to dispute over Miss Elizabeth and went on to face each other at Wrestle Mania V. Hulk Hogan defeated the Macho Man and started his second title reign. The Hulkster's second title regin ended a year later at Wrestle Mania VI when he lost to the Ultimate Warrior. The Warrior then lost the belt to Sargeant Slaughter and this started a feud between the Hulkster and Slaughter. Slaughter ruled with an iron fist and was supposed to be a traitor to the country. (this was happening durring desert storm) Hulk Hogan has always had the image as an American superhero so these two were bound to colide and did at Wrestle Mania VII. Hogan defeated Sargeant Slaughter at Wrestle Mania VII and started his third title regin. Hogan's third title regin ended when he lost to the Undertaker at Survivor Series but Hogan won the belt back a few days later to start his fourth title regin. Hogan never lost the belt to end his fourth title regin. He left to make a movie so the WWF held the belt up at Royal Rumble 1992. Ric Flair won the Royal Rumble and became the new champion. Hogan won the title for the fifth and last time at Wrestle Mania IX. He beat Yokozuna in 9 seconds to win it. His fifth title reign ended in 1993 when he lost to Yokozuna a few weeks later. Hogan was then fired by Vince McMahon and was ready to retire. Luckily, Ted Turner hired Hulk Hogan. This would help not only Hogan, but the whole WCW. He won his first match in WCW defeating Ric Flair and winning the World Title. Hogan was basically always the champion in WCW but the fans weren't responding to his character anymore. He would come out and actually recieve boos. At the 1996 Bash at the Beach, Hogan leg dropped the Macho Man and teamed up with the Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Hulkamania died and the fans booed Hogan for turning his back on them. The harsh truth is, Hogan did not turn his back on the fans, the fans turned their backs on Hulk Hogan. If they continued to respond to his character as they always did, he would still be good today.

Anyone who knows wrestling would argue that Hogan and the mat skills and technique practically are nonexistent. It doesn't matter though Wrestling did not make Hulk Hogan it was the other way round Hulk Hogan made wrestling what it is today. Vince Mc Mahon may of taken his federation national, but his bid for global domination would not have succeeded if without a star who could sell tickets, headline pay-per-views, and bring a sport still percieved as corrupt and seedy into the mainstream. Had there never been a Hulk Hogan, there is a very real question as to whether Wrestling would have achieved to the heights of popularity it enjoy's today! When ever Hulk Hogan is a good guy he is the biggest good guy in the sport not even the rock can touch this man! When he shocked the wrestling world in 1996 at bash at the beach in datona by turning heel, he instantly became the biggest wrestling heel ever and was to sure boost wcw ratings.


BORN.. August 11th, 1953 in AUGUSTA, GEORGIA


HEIGHT.. 6'8"

WEIGHT.. (1997-99): 275 LBS
WEIGHT.. (1980'S-MID 90's): 303 LBS






THIGHS..30 and a 1/2"


HANDS..13 and a 1/2"


5 Time WWF Heavyweight Champion
3 Time WCW Havyweight Champion








[Edited on 5/8/04 by TRD]

posted on Apr, 16 2004 @ 06:01 PM
great profile as always, wasn't it wrestle mania II where hulk body slammed andre?

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