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posted on Apr, 9 2004 @ 11:51 AM
February 08 2000 produced a memorable taping of Sunday Night Heat on the USA Network. Here is where Sportznewz will start to take a look at wrestling Hottie Lita.

On that night Duane Gillberg Gill, the Light Heavyweight Champion for some fifteen months finally came out of the closet and promised to defend his gold. Up stepped a newcomer, well actually a reincarnation, known as Essa Rios, who duly dispatched of his opponent with scintillating high-flying manoeuvres. However his flame-haired valet, who followed Essa's victory by climbing to the top rope and executing a picture perfect moonsault, stole the show. Soon after we learned her name, was Lita.Of course the redhead goddess with the intoxicating shoulder tattoo was a familiar face to many wrestling fans. She had made her mark in Extreme Championship Wrestling as Angelica, Miss Congeniality. There her high-flying offence had impressed all an arsenal previously unseen in the women's division. It was clear that this much styled diva was headed for the big time in the WWF.

Real Name: Amy Christine Dumas
B-Day:April 14, 1975
Born At: Fort Laudefrdale,Flordia
Residence: Sanford,NC
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 135
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Dirty Blond Nature Color Hair
Music: Rock
Wear: Thongs

Lita began her career in wrestling a long time ago when she went to Mexico for 6 months to train to be a wrestler, she would later get a call from ECW and before you knew it she was in ECW but just as a Valet.She was given the name Angelica, also known as Miss Congeniality, and she was the valet for Danny Doring. In July 1999 she appeared on her first PPV being ECW Heatwave and after that she saw some small wrestling action in the ring before going back into training.She left ECW at the end of 1999 and was signed up by the WWF and was then sent to do some training before her eventual debut. She debuted in February 2000 alongside Essa Rios, who won the Light Heavyweight Title on his first appearance.She would then stay with him for a few months before being attacked by him and saved by the Hardyz, she would then join the Hardyz and form Team Xtreme which would be a powerful force until this very day.She would then get good TV time and challenge Stephanie for the Womens' Title but she lost on the first attempt but won the title on a second attempt, in-fact she defeated Stephanie in the main event of a Raw is War which was historic as it was the first time a Women's Match had headlined a RAW.Lita would then go on to feud with Trish Stratus and this had many good wrestling and gimmick matches including a hot Bra and Panties Match in September 2000.She would then go on to feud with Jackie and encounter some horrible hardcore matches before losing her title to Ivory.

In 2001 she would continue a feud with Dean Malenko which saw her defeat him and start her first TV romance with none other than Matt Hardy. Lita would then wrestle the odd match before getting into a tag team feud with Stacy and Torrie in the summer as part of the WCW Invasion, her partner was none of than Trish. The pair defeated Torrie and Stacy at the Invasion PPV.She would also become the cover girl for the Divas 2001 Magazine in April and would also get her own Home Video/DVD in the Summer titled "It Just Feels Right".Going into 2002 she wasn't on TV much due to being taken out of action by the Undertaker previously, also her relationship with Matt was in tatters after a series of bust-ups. All of that changed at the Royal Rumble when the trio returned and re-united to help Maven defeat the Undertaker. They would then leave TV but return full time at No Way Out. Following No Way Out Lita would begin a short fued with Trish and Jazz which resulted in a match at WrestleMania. Jazz won the match but Lita bounced back on the following night's RAW when she defeated Trish. Ivory and Jazz then came out and attacked the pair but Trish and Lita came out on top on the following SmackDown and defeated them.The big draft was soon to follow and Lita was actually one of the 10 picked on RAW, she will now be apart of the RAW roster.

Lita is also featured in Divas 2002 and Divas Tropical Pleasure which are all released in April. Also in April 2002 she got to film some scenes for the season finale of Dark Angel but something bad happened, whilst performing a stunt she was dropped on her head and this would lead her to be out of action for the most of 2002.On the July 1 she made an appearance on RAW and wished Jeff Hardy goodluck for his upcoming WWE Undisputed Title Match against the Undertaker. She would later become an announcer on WWE HeAT and would remain in that position whilst she healed her injured neck. In the spring of 2003 she was ready to begin training and had to end her time on WWE HeAT and the WWE did this by having Eric Bischoff fire her on an episode of RAW, she is now down in OVW, training and preparing for her August return to the ring. She also has an autobiography due out in September.From high-flying Mexican to the cover of Divas magazine! Lita's WWF career has already spanned the heights, and with her aerial artistry and widespread appeal, her popularity is set to rise and rise.

Federations worked for:

WWF (Currently), ECW (1999), MCS, EMLL, NWA (North Carolina, where she met Matt and Jeff Hardy), The Omega (Hardy Boyz old Indy Fed) & other indies.

Trained by:

Essa Rios, Matt & Jeff Hardy (She met them in NC, and trained with them), Kevin Quinn, Miguel Perez, Ricky Santana in Mexico, Shannon Moore (from 3 Count in WCW), Joey Abs, Dory Funk Jr. & Lelani Kai (Former WWF Women's Champion).

Also wrestled as:

Angelica (Indies and ECW), Miss Congeniality (ECW), Lita (WWF). She also played one of the Godfathers hos on two different occasions.

Trademark moves:

Moonsault from the top rope, HurricanLita, Swinging DDT's, Twist of Fate,


WWF Divas


[Edited on 18/7/04 by TRD]


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