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Newz Forum: BOXING: Arturo Gatti Sportznewz Boxing Profile

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posted on Mar, 13 2004 @ 04:09 PM
His three epic bouts against Micky Ward are recognized as one of the greatest trilogies in boxing history.Although his nickname is Thunder, Arturo Gatti has risen from the ashes on so many occasions that it would be more appropriate to designate him The Phoenix.

Birthdate: April 15,1972
Height: 5'8
Reach: 68''
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Division: Junior Lighweight, Welterweight
Titles: Former IBF Junior Lightweight
Manager: Pat Lynch
Current Record: 37 Wins, 3 Losses,
28 Wins by KO

Gatti was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, but has lived in Jersey City, NJ since 1991. He speaks four languages-English, French, Spanish and Italian-and began boxing at the age of eight.He turned pro on June 10, 1991, scoring a third-round TKO over Jose Gonzalez. He then went on to win his next five straight--four inside the distance. After suffering a minor setback to King Solomon in November 1992 (L 6), Gatti won his next 23 bouts--19 by KO--with 10 of those coming in the first-round and just six extending past the third-round.

When most people think of Arturo Gatti they think of a tough, gritty slugger who never gives up and always fights to the bitter end. People also probably think of Gatti's brutal fights against Micky Ward, the first one being 2002 fight of the year. People probably also think of his three other fights of the year in 1996, 1997 and 1998. After viewing many of Gatti's first fights, experts were all in agreement that Arturo Gatti would have a short and bloody carrer. Arturo Gatti defied the experts though, and fought his way to two world titles in different weightclasses. The first title he won from and overmatched Tracy Patterson in 1995, Gatti went on to defend it for two years until being beaten by Angel Manfreddy. The second title he of course won a few days ago, and Gatti looks sure to defend it.Gatti maybe the most exciting active fighter there is, and now he has another world title to back up it all up. Although his most recent victory over Branco wasn't another Gatti fight of the year (to be honest it wasnt even all that too exciting), Gatti won this fight by a unanimous decision. Not even the Italian judge could give Branco the decision in this fight, and that says alot considering Gatti fought most of the fight with one hand.Now that Arturo Gatti is approaching what looks like the end of his carrer, it is time to not only consider him a great and exciting fighter, but perhaps an all-time great and exciting fighter. The time has come for the International Boxing Hall of Fame to give some serious consideration towards making Arturo Gatti an inshrinee. It is my opinion that Arturo Gatti belongs next to names like Willie Pep and even Muhammad Ali.

Much has been said about Arturo Gatti, that for all of his accomplishments, excitement, blood and drama that he may have given boxing fans too much of himself. And to ask for another pound of flesh would be not only selfish, but inconceivable.Gatti has swapped identities from boxer to puncher in a career that's littered with many peaks and valleys.Gatti's new style of power boxing has led to the rebirth of his career and possibly physical longevity in this sport we call the sweet science. But most fans tune in to see if he will be drawn into another rugged, gladiator style war. Will it happen? I doubt it, but he will mix it up a little bit. The one-thing fans can count on is excitement. No matter what style he fights, the fans will always be on the edge of their seats waiting to see a war break out in the ring.

[Edited on 19/4/04 by TRD]


posted on Mar, 13 2004 @ 04:14 PM
Arturo Gatti Career Record

37 Wins, 6 Losses, 28 Knockouts
June 10 -- Jose Gonzales, Secaucus, New Jersey, TKO 3
July 7 -- Luis Melendez, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, KO 1
Aug. 2 -- Richard De Jesus, Newark, New Jersey, KO 1
Oct. 22 -- Francisco Aguiano, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, TKO 1

Apr. 22 -- Antonio Gonzalez, East Rutherford, New Jersey, KO 1
May 15 -- Joe Lafontant, Atlantic City, New Jersey, W 6
Nov. 17 -- King Solomon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, L 6

Mar. 23 -- Plawen Goutchev, Rotterdam, Netherlands, TKO 1
Apr. 7 -- Curtis Mathis, Newark, New Jersey, TKO 3
May 15 -- Cliff Hicks, Brick, New Jersey, TKO 3
June 20 -- Cristino Suero, Atlantic City, New Jersey, KO 3
July 30 -- Robert Scott, New York City, New York, TKO 1
Aug. 24 -- Luis Guzman, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO 1
Oct. 23 -- Derek Francis, Atlantic City, New Jersey, KO 1
Nov. 11 -- Glenn Irizarry, Melville, New York, KO 1

Jan. 8 -- Leon Bostic, Catskill, New York, W 8
May 6 -- Darrell Singleton, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO 1
June 28 -- Pete Taliaferro, Secaucus, New Jersey, TKO 1
Aug. 16 -- Richard Salazar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, TKO 10
Nov. 22 -- Jose Sanabria, Secaucus, New Jersey, W 12

Mar. 9 -- Roman Smolenkov, Groningen, Netherlands, KO 1
Apr. 22 -- Tialano Tovar, Atlantic City, New Jersey, KO 1
July 13 -- Barrington Francis, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO 6
Oct. 7 -- Carlos Vergara, Atlantic City, New Jersey, KO 1
Dec. 15 -- Tracy Patterson, New York City, New York, W 12
(Captured IBF junior lightweight title)

Mar. 23 -- Wilson Rodriguez, New York City, New York, KO 6
(Retained IBF junior lightweight title)
July 11 -- Feliciano Correa, New York, New York, KO 3

Feb. 22 -- Tracy Patterson, Atlantic City, New Jersey, W 12
(Retained IBF junior lightweight Title)
May 4 -- Calvin Grove, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO 7
Oct. 4 -- Gabriel Ruelas, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO 5
(Retained IBF junior lightweight Title)

Jan. 17 -- Angel Manfredy, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO by 8
Aug. 23 -- Ivan Robinson, Atlantic City, New Jersey, L 10
Dec. 12 -- Ivan Robinson, Atlantic City, New Jersey, L 10

Aug. 14 -- Reyes Munoz, Ledyard, Connecticut, KO 1

Feb. 26 -- Joey Gamache, New York, New York, KO 2
Apr. 29 -- Eric Jakubowski, New York, New York, KO 2
Sept. 8 -- Joe Hutchinson, Montreal, Canada, W 10

Mar. 24 -- Oscar De La Hoya, Las Vegas, Nevada, TKO by 5

Jan. 26 -- Terronn Millett, New York, New York, TKO 4
May 18 -- Micky Ward, Uncasville, Connecticut, L 10
Nov. 23 -- Micky Ward, Atlantic City, New Jersey, W 10

June 7 -- Micky Ward, Atlantic City, New Jersey, W 10

Jan. 24 -- Gianluca Branco, Atlantic City, New Jersey, W 12
(Captured WBC junior welterweight title)


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