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Newz Forum: PFL:BOXING: Ronald "Winky" Wright SportzNewz Boxing Profile

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posted on Mar, 13 2004 @ 09:03 AM

Ahead of tonight's Title Unification Bout with Shane Mosley SportzNewz Presents and in depth profile of IBF Super Welterweight Champion of the World Ronald "Winky" Wright!

Bio -
At the age of 31, Winky Wright is a 13-year pro. A two-time champion at 154 pounds, he held the WBO world title from may 1996 to August 1998. He won the IBF world title in October 2001 and has made four successful title defences.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., he moved with his family at the age of 16 to St. Petersburg, Florida. Not having much to do and always wanting to box, he went to the local boxing gym to stay busy. He said, "I used to love watching Pernell Whitaker and Sugar Ray Leonard. That's the style I loved. I wanted to be a real slick boxer with skills that can move around and stay in there and make you miss with great defence. I idolized that. That's why I worked on my defence so much."

Winky won the 1989 National PAL Championship, and the 1988 and 1989 Sunshine State Golden Gloves...he won five of the six international competitions in which he competed. He said "I was with Mosley and De La Hoya in the amateurs. They weren't all that back then, just Shane and Oscar, and I knew I was just as good as them. I knew I could make it as a pro fighter, because I was right with them and other guys who had been fighting since they were like, five, and I had only been boxing for a year and a half."

Winky has fought some of the best in the 154-pound division over the last nine years and scored several impressive wins.

"I'm the type of fighter that wans to fight for the people. I just want to fight, and when it's over, people will say that he fought and beat the best and should be considered one of the best," he said.

He was under contract to French promoters earlier in his career and twenty of his fights were overseas. He said, "The first obstacle for me was just getting out of Florida after I turned pro. Nobody knew me, and there was no money there. That's why my management took me over to Europe to fight, but then that became an obstacle in itself because it seemed like I was going to be stuck fighting there if I wanted to make any money. When I fought in Europe, I was always in the other guy's backyard. I had to win big or I wasn't going to win at all. It let me know that despite the crowd, despite where I am, man to man, I can beat anyone."

He has fought former world champions Bronco McKart three times, Keith Mullings, Fernando Vargas, Harry Simon and Julio Cesar Vasquez.
Sex: Male
Nationality: United States
Alias: Winky
License No.: FL029087
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Division: Light Middleweight
World Rank: 3
Date of Birth: 1971-11-26
Age: 32
Reach: 72”
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 5' 9½
Trainer: Dan Burmingham
Manager: James Prince / Arye Fain

Ronald "Winky" Wright Career Record
46 Wins, 3 Loss, 1 Draw, 25 Knockouts
10-16 -- Anthony Salerno, Tampa, FL, W 4
11-28 -- Christopher Conrad, Tampa, FL, W TKO 1
12-14 -- Tony Graham, Hollywood, FL, W TKO 2

01-25 -- Stedroy Bolus, Hollywood, FL, W TKO 3
03-29 -- Glenn Major, Tampa, FL, W TKO 4
07-26 -- Lorenzo Bouie, Tampa, FL, W 6
08-13 -- Rocky Fabrizio, Tampa, FL, W 6
08-30 -- Edison Martinez, Orlando, FL, W TKO 1
09-17 -- Jeff Johnson, Orlando, FL, W 6
10-18 -- Glenn Major, Tampa, FL, W TKO 2
11-15 -- Gary McCall, Tampa, FL, W TKO 1
12-13 -- Lennell Strohman, Tampa, FL, W 6

02-28 -- Persephone Van Reenen, Tampa, FL, W TKO 3
03-27 -- Mike Howard, Tampa, FL, W TKO 4
05-28 -- Delfino Marin, Tampa, FL, W TKO 1
07-30 -- Carlos Santana, Tampa, FL, W KO 2

01-02 -- Darryl Lattimore, Differdange, Luxembourg W KO 1
01-31 -- Roland Commings, Levallois, France W 8
03-20 -- Eric Holland, Dusseldorf, Germany W 8
05-28 -- James Stokes, Punta Gorda, FL, W KO 1
08-21 -- Leon Rouse, Monte Carlo, Monaco W KO 1
10-16 -- Gilberto Barreto, Levallois, France W KO 2
12-04 -- Tony McCrimmion, Levallois, France W TKO 5

03-19 -- Armando Herrera, Levallois, France W KO 1
06-04 -- Orlando Orozco, Levallois, France W KO 1
08-21 -- Julio Cesar Vasquez, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France L 12
(For WBA Light Middleweight Title)
11-11 -- Ernesto Rafael Sena, Tucuman, Argentina W TKO 3

02-04 -- Tony Marshall, Benziers, France W 12
04-01 -- Anthony Ivory, Levallois, France W 8
04-11 -- Leon Cessiron, Levallois, France W 10
07-25 -- Larry LaCoursiere, St. Jean de Luz, France W TKO 1
08-23 -- Anthony Ivory, Le Cannet, France W 12
10-23 -- Young Dick Tiger, Inglewood, CA, W TKO 9

01-06 -- Jean Paul D'Alessandro, Levallois, France W 8
03-05 -- Andrew Council, Norfolk, VA, W 12
05-17 -- Bronco McKart, Monroe, MI, W 12
(Won WBO Light Middleweight Title)
11-09 -- Ensley Bingham, Manchester, England W 12
(Retained WBO Light Middleweight Title)

05-03 -- Steve Foster, Manchester, England W TKO 6
(Retained WBO Light Middleweight Title)
12-19 -- Adrian Dodson, London, England W TKO 6
(Retained WBO Light Middleweight Title)

08-22 -- Harry Simon, Hammanskraal, GT, South Africa L 12
(Lost WBO Light Middleweight Title)

03-27 -- Derrick Graham, Miami, FL, W KO 3
12-04 -- Fernando Vargas, Lincoln City, OR, L 12
(For IBF Light Middleweight Title)

09-09 -- Bronco McKart, Chester, WV, W 12
12-16 -- Keith Mullings, Pittsburgh, PA, W 12

10-12 -- Robert Frazier, Indio, CA, W 12
(Won IBF Light Middleweight Title)

02-02 -- Jason Papillion, Miami, FL, W TKO 5
(Retained IBF Light Middleweight Title)
09-07 -- Bronco McKart, Portland, OR, W DQ 8
(Retained IBF Light Middleweight Title)

03-01 -- Juan Carlos Candelo, Las Vegas, NV, W 12
(Retained IBF Light Middleweight Title)
11-08 -- Angel Hernandez, Las Vegas, NV, W 12
(Retained IBF Light Middleweight Title)

Career Highlights:
Former 2-Time NABF Super Welterweight Champion
Former WBO Super Welterweight Champion
Former USBA Super Welterweight Champion
Current IBF World Super Welterweight Champion

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[Edited on 13-3-2004 by Ocelot]

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