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Newz Forum: HOCKEY: Bertuzzi's season over for hit on Moore

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posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 07:11 PM
Todd Bertuzzi's season is over, suspended Thursday by an NHL intent on sending the message that it won't tolerate premeditated attacks on the ice. The Vancouver Canucks' All-Star forward will lose at least $500,000 in salary and could miss more time next season for the vicious punch that sent Colorado's Steve Moore to the hospital with a broken neck, concussion and other injuries.

The Canucks were fined $250,000 for the attack, which is being investigated by police.

"This is not a part of our game, it has no place in our game, and it will not be tolerated in our game," NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said.

Bertuzzi's punch was replayed on TV stations across the U.S. and Canada, and he and the league were condemned in newspapers in both countries, including a headline in The Toronto Star on Thursday that read: "Does someone have to die?"

He called the punishment "stern, harsh and quick." And he hopes the severity will stem the criticism leveled at the league since Bertuzzi slugged and jumped Moore from behind, driving him headfirst into the ice late in a 9-2 loss to Colorado on Monday.

The attack appeared to be payback for Moore's Feb. 16 hit on Canucks captain Markus Naslund, who got a concussion and missed three games. Both teams were warned by the league not to retaliate.

"I'm convinced the league was careful to take into account all the elements and acted with a clear sense of what was fair for all parties involved," Avalanche general manager Pierre Lacroix said. "Steve Moore's complete recovery continues to be our main concern."

The line got crossed here," Burke said, referring to Bertuzzi's attack. "We're not condoning what Todd did. We're not expecting to walk out of here without a penalty. We understand this incident is not part of the game, and Todd understands that."

The suspension could end up being one of the harshest in NHL history, depending on how deep the Canucks go in the playoffs and whether Bettman determines to extend it next season.

Bertuzzi, who sat out Vancouver's 1-1 tie against Minnesota on Wednesday, would miss a minimum 17 games this year if the Canucks -- currently fourth in the Western Conference -- make the playoffs and are swept in a four-game first-round series.

"It's severe," NHL vice president Colin Campbell said in issuing his ruling. "We dealt with Todd Bertuzzi like we would any other player in this situation. Because Todd Bertuzzi is the impact player he is, the ramifications and severity of this will definitely affect and hurt the Vancouver Canucks' chances of being successful in the playoffs."

posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 08:10 PM
let's hope that all sports learn the lesson here, the losers here are, first of all steve moore, the canucks and all of the fans who support them, but the biggest loser of all may be the sport of hockey....there are no winners...


posted on Mar, 12 2004 @ 08:11 AM
true tj, how long will bertuzzi be out, you think?

posted on Mar, 12 2004 @ 08:42 AM
He has to apply for reinstatement at the beginning of training camp for the 2004-5 season.

The refs need to clamp down on the rules and start calling more penalities for the minor things like, holding, slashing, hooking, etc. These things don't get called all the time. So things escalate. And you get slashes and spears with intent to injure.


posted on Mar, 21 2004 @ 12:10 PM
any info on whats going on

posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 05:38 PM
It is a shame this had to happen. I know Bertuzzi did not mean to break Moores neck. Just wanted to get back for Moore giving Naslund a concussion a few games before this happened.
I think that this got more bad publicity because hockey is such a violent sport to begin with. All sports have a payback system.
In NASCAR they can knock another driver into wall at a 150mph.

In baseball they headhunt.

In football if someone gets out of line,they take his knee out.

Point is,is stuff like this happens in every sport.
I also do not like the police being involved. It is a sporting incident,let the sport,in this case hockey,police themselves. Once a game(any sport) starts,they really are no longer part of society. They are in a mostly controlled, private event. I did not like it when the police were involved with Marty Mcsorely(sp), and I don't like it know. And if they are going to ivolved with hockey,then they need to be involved with every sport.
Everytime a batter takes one on the noggin,when a driver puts another driver in the wall....etc. I think it is just a bad idea.


posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 05:04 PM
Moore leaves hospital under own power

Colorado forward Steve Moore walked out of Rose Medical Center under his own power Tuesday, just two weeks after his neck was broken by Vancouver's Todd Bertuzzi.

Moore will rehabilitate in Denver for the near future. He had been at Rose Medical Center since March 13, five days after the Canucks' Bertuzzi hit him from behind during a game in Vancouver.

Bertuzzi's attack on Moore remains under investigation by Vancouver, British Columbia, police. Because of that, the NHL is discouraging the principal parties from saying much publicly, Moore's agent said during the weekend. Kelly said Moore was eager to address the public as soon as possible.

When -- or whether -- he will return to the ice is still unknown.

"That's got to be a tough situation," Avalanche center Peter Forsberg said. "He has to do what he has to do and he might be out for a while. I don't know how long he is going to be out for. Hopefully, he's going to recover and be 100 percent and get back playing."

Team doctor Andrew Parker said Moore broke two vertebrae and the nerves in his neck were stretched, but there was no paralysis or evidence of spinal cord trauma. He also sustained a concussion and deep lacerations when Bertuzzi hit him from behind and drove him to the ice during March 8 in Vancouver.

Moore is expected to wear a neck brace for six to 12 weeks, and his physical therapy will begin after he recovers from the concussion and neck injury. Parker was not sure how long that might take.

"His overall recovery and progress is uncertain, including his ability to return to professional hockey," Parker said in a statement Monday. "While Steve is making progress, his recovery time frame remains indefinite."He can walk without assistance, but will need to continue wearing a cervical collar."

Bertuzzi was suspended for the rest of the season and playoffs, and will have to apply for reinstatement before next season. The hit was widely believed to be retribution for a check by Moore in February that forced Vancouver star Markus Naslund to miss three games.

The Avalanche were glad Monday to hear their teammate was finally going home.

"You don't want to see one of your friends or teammates just in the hospital all the time," Avalanche forward Peter Worrell said. "It is a good feeling for him. Just for his spirits, it's got to be good not to eat the hospital food every day and get more than the basic cable to watch."

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