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Newz Forum: OTHER: Millennium Wrestling Federation Results - 1/31/04

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posted on Feb, 4 2004 @ 04:37 AM
The road to Brawl Games 2004 met some bumps Saturday night, but the MWF is rocketing along full-speed ahead. Just one week away from the biggest show of 2004, we're one man short and one second away from doing some serious damage.

The show started off with Commissioner Cassandra coming to the ring. She formally announced the change of venue for Brawl Games, and ran down the card for the night, and announced that every title in the MWF would be on the line. She also announced a one night rule, that if a wrestler gets counted out, they would lose their title. She referenced the fact that Tha Sycho Supastar purposely got himself counted out to save his title verses Brandon Powers.

Alexander the Great over BoDean Sawyer. The finish of this match saw Alexander distract the ref, while Jacobe Stone came in and hit the Stone Slam on Bo Dean. Alexander then covered him for the pin.

William Driver beat Echelon. Driver got the win on Echelon by hitting her over the head with a chair while the ref was knocked out. After the match, Commissioner Cassandra came out, and booked the two in a Street Fight at Brawl Games.

Scott St. James over Jacobe Stone. During the match, Alexander the Great came out and distracted Scott. When Scott went out after him, and the referee was paying attention to those two fighting, Bo Dean Sawyer came out and hit the Slop Drop on Stone. After getting the upper hand on Alex, Scott got in the ring and covered Stone for the win.

North American Title Match
Brandon Powers beat Tha Sycho Supastar via disqualification. After a back and forth match, Sycho intentionally got himself DQ'd, thus giving the win to Brandon Powers. Commissioner Cassandra came out at the end of the match and said she was going to book the one match that will keep Sycho in the ring for Brawl Games, a Lumberjack Match for the North American Title!

Tag Team Title Match
Justin Sayne & David Hayes over "The Outlaw" Keith Matthews & Hojo Devlin. The finish of this match saw Outlaw go outside to fight with Justin. While he was fighting with Justin, and with JD holding his leg and not letting him make it back in the ring, the ref counted him out; because of the one night rule, the ref awarded the MWF Tag Team Belts to Justin Sayne and David Hayes.
Note: During this match, Hojo Devlin suffered a severely dislocated shoulder, and will be out of action for six weeks.

MWF Heavyweight Title Match
"The Adonis" Mike Angel vs Chris Williams ended in a no contest. The ending saw Williams hit the Bubba Slam on Angel, but before the ref could count the pinfall, JD Styles pulled him out of the ring. While JD argued with the ref, David Hayes and Justin Sayne came out to attack Williams. This lead to Keith Matthews and Scott St. James coming out to help Williams. All 6 fought in the ring until Commissioner Cassandra came out and took the microphone. She announced that since all 6 of them like to fight each other so much, they are now booked in a "six man, winner take all" Cage Match next week at Brawl Games. This means that the MWF Heavyweight Title & The MWF Tag Team Titles will be on the line. When the crowd in unison chanted without JD, Commissioner Cassandra made the stipulation that JD Styles will not be allowed at ringside.

The official lineup for Brawl Games 2004 is:
Scott St. James vs. Alexander the Great
North American Title - Lumberjack Match
Tha Sycho Supastar defends against Brandon Powers
First Blood Match
Jacobe Stone against BoDean Sawyer
Street Fight
William Driver takes on Echelon
Winner Takes All Cage Match
Mike Angel, Justin Sayne & David Hayes battle Chris Williams, Keith Matthews & Scott St. James

For more information on the MWF, including wrestler profiles and a schedule of upcoming shows, please visit

[Edited on 2/4/2004 by Ben]


posted on Feb, 4 2004 @ 05:24 PM
Did Driver get confidence by beating you last night? How you bad are you going to beat him?


posted on Feb, 4 2004 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by Ben
Did Driver get confidence by beating you last night? How you bad are you going to beat him?

Driver's got an ego problem, so self-proclaimed confidence is never an issue with him.
I'm surprised you didn't ask me about confidence. I'm awfully confident right now, considering I stood up after this:
Picture Link
How bad am I going to beat him?
Let's just say I've been practicing in the batting cages in preparation for Brawl Games.



posted on Feb, 4 2004 @ 09:43 PM
nice, i hope you beat him nicely. HHEHE

That chair picture should be your new avatar.

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