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Newz Forum: OTHER: Millennium Wrestling Federation Results 1/24/04

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posted on Jan, 26 2004 @ 05:25 AM
Lincolnton, NC - 1/24/04
The Millennium Wrestling Federation continues the road to Brawl Games 2004 on Feb 7th in Gastonia, NC. A new match was signed for the big show tonight, and a new force banded together to battle Styles' Stable.

The show opened with Commissioner Cassandra running down the matches for tonight. She announced the main event of "The Adonis" Mike Angel defending the MWF Hevyweight Title against Scott St. James.
Chris Williams then came to the ring and asked for the microphone. He talked about Styles' Stable turning on him, and how he wants to get some payback for it. He then asks the Commissioner for a shot at the Heavyweight Title on January 31st, regardless of who wins in the main event tonight. Cassandra didn't back down from the big man, and countered that he'd never given her any reason to do him any favors. This prompted a surprisingly sincere apology from Williams, and after a moment of consideration, Cassandra granted his request.

Alexander the Great beat The Suicide Kid. Alexander had the upper hand throughout the match, finishing the Kid in only a few minues.
After the three-count, Alexander continued to beat the Kid down. He was interrupted by Scott St. James, who chased Alexander out of the ring and called for the mic. Scott challenged Alexander to a match at Brawl Games, which was accepted.

Styles' Stable - JD Styles, "The Adonis" Mike Angel, Justin Sayne, and the newest member "The Bounty Hunter" David Hayes - made their way to the ring. They gloated about Hayes' surprise alliance with the MWF's most hated group and their humiliation of Chris Williams. "The Outlaw" Keith Matthews came out and tried to talk some sense into Hayes. The two are old friends, and Matthews can't understand why someone he thought to be almost a brother would turn on him. His words fall on deaf ears, and Matthews falls to the fists and boots of Styles' Stable.
Matthews' tag partner Hojo Devlin runs to Outlaw's aid, but is quickly outnumbered. Suddnely, Chris Williams is there, chair in hand, and clears the ring of Styles' Stable.

Jacobe Stone & William Driver beat fan favorites Echelon & BoDean Sawyer in tag-team action. After a back & forth battle, things quickly degenerated. All four fought in the ring, and then Driver threw Echelon to the outside and then hurled her into the ring steps. Echelon responded by grabbing a steel chair from under a fan and going after Driver. While the ref's attention was on the two outside, Jacobe Stone grabbed the bell hammer and beat Sawyer over the head with it. Knocked out and bleeding, Sawyer was covered for the pin.
While Sawyer lay bleeding in the ring, Stone demanded a First Blood match for Brawl Games.

Justin Sayne pinned Hojo Devlin with a foot on the ropes. This was an even matchup between the two, but Hojo fell to the disadvantage because of Sayne's cheating.

David Hayes vs. Keith Matthews went to a no-contest. The match never really got started, as the two just beat the hell out of each other. Half the locker room cleared to try and calm Matthews, then the other half cleared to try and beat down Matthews & his friends.
In the end, both men had to be dragged to the back, and the ref was forced to call the no contest.

Tha Sycho Supastar lost, but retained the North American Title against Brandon Powers via countout. Powers displayed his usual acrobatic offense, and Sycho displayed his usual insanity. When Powers began to get the upper hand, Sycho retreated to the locker room and was subsequently counted out.

Mike Angel won over Scott St. James in a match for the Heavyweight Title. These two high-flying experts fought in the ring and in the air, and Scott looked to have a good chance of walking out the new champ. As Scott set up for a move off the top rope, Alexander the Great ran out and grabbed his foot, causing St. James to get crotched. Angel took advantage quickly, hitting the Fall From Grace and getting the one-two-three.
Not wanting to wait for Brawl Games, Alex drags Scott from the ring, and the two fight back to the locker room. Angel and JD Styles stay in the ring, posing and gloating over the win. Chris Williams runs out and levels Angel, which brings out Justin Sayne & David Hayes. Keith Matthews & Hojo Devlin rush to even the odds, and the three send Styles' Stable limping to the back.
The show closed with Williams, Matthews & Devlin shaking hands in the ring.

For more information on the MWF, including wrestler profiles and a schedule of upcoming shows, please visit

[Edited on 1/26/2004 by Ben]


posted on Jan, 26 2004 @ 12:33 PM
Sounds like there is some big rivarly going on there with this style's stable mob..

You get beat Echelon?


posted on Jan, 26 2004 @ 08:15 PM
good work positng the article up!!!!

Sounds like you had a great match E. i would have liked to seen it. Do the crowds get into the match a lot? How many people are usualyl there?

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