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Newz Forum: Submission Guidelines

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posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 07:14 PM
link is ready for action!

As everyone can see by now, we have a new forum at the top of the home page... which is the forum dedicated to our new community-driven news portal. As far as I can tell, we are possible the first news site of this kind, dedicated to sports-only stories. The concept is to allow all members to submit news, and encourage other members to comment. This creates a very rich and unique outlook on news, that no other website can match... the opinions of's members!

The folder-like tabs at the top of finally work, and allow you to easily move back and forth between and

As an example of how well this works, the ATS news portal (using the same code and process) has already changed the outlook of the conspiracy community. This story on ATSNN, and the resulting "debunking" of a breaking conspiracy theory has sent shock-waves through the conspiracy community:

Anyone can post a story to this new news forum. When a regular member posts a story, the subject line is prepended with "(submission)" to alert the staff. If your story meats our submission guidelines, it will be altered for publication on Valid stories have these topics as the first word in the subject line:

FOOTBALL: (all NFL and NCAA stories)
BASEBALL: (all MLB, college, and minor league)
BASKETBALL: (all NBA and NCAA stories)
HOCKEY: (all NHL, college, and minor league stories)
SOCCER: (all mens and womens stories)
GOLF: (all mens and womens stories)
AUTO: (all NASCAR, CART, Indy, and Formula 1 stories)
BOXING: (all pro and amateur stories)
OLYMPICS: (all games-related stories)
OTHER: (anything that doesn't fit in the above)

SUBMISSION FORMAT FOR YOUR STORIES should feature your spin and thoughts on breaking news stories. Please submit new stories in this format:

Story Intro

posted on Jan, 18 2004 @ 11:51 AM
This is very important!

Images in your submissions that appear before the
tag should not be larger than this sample image:

The code that runs is automatic, and pulls the posts from this forum. Images that exceed the above reference may cause significant layout problems for people using some browsers when they visit SportzNewz. Please make sure your images are the appropriate size.

It's okay to use larger images after your
but not before.

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