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Deception Point

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posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 06:42 PM
I've just finished Angels & Demons the other day and am now on the hunt for my next read. I must say, A&D was much better than DaVinci and far exceeded my expectations. I believe DaVinci had a much quicker start and dug its claws in early, while A&D was a steady progress from start to finish. It took about 200 pages or so before I was enthralled into the book, but there was no stopping after that. I've been a huge fan of Dan Brown thus far, and I think I will turn to him for my next choice.

I'm not sure how much Digital Fortress appeases my needs right now, but I am intrigued by Deception Point. I think it was BH that had said a few months ago that she was reading it and found it tough in the beginning. Sometimes it can be frustrating when a book does not take a hold of us early, but we try to work through it.

So to get to the purpose of this thread, I am looking for some thoughts and opinions on Dan Brown's novel Deception Point.

Have any members read it? Recommend it?

If not DP, what would you recommend? I'm looking to stay along the same lines of DaVinci and A&D. I enjoy fiction that is based on fact.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 10:17 PM
I've read Deception Point. It's a decent book, I thought. You just have to ignore the fact that, despite the usual Dan Brown disclaimer at the front, no, all the technology in the book is NOT real :p If you can get past that (and I assume you will, if you like A&D and DVC despite some of the stuff like Langdon's fall that are totally unrealistic, but still cool) then it should be a good read.

I haven't read Digital Fortress, so I can't comment on it other than to say that based on the other 3 books of his I've read (I think he just has 4 as of now) that I would buy it.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 11:17 PM
I bought DP after reading Davinci Code and A&D and have to say I enjoyed it the most out of the 3.

All in all I wouldn't highly reccomend it or anything unless you are a fan of Brown's work but it is worth the read. Some points are unrealistic (delta team stalking a group of scientists), and some downright boring and played out (the male scholar and the beautiful woman teaming up), but it is definitely a page turner once you get into it.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 07:17 AM
I appreciate the input guys. That's all I was looking for, a little bit of reinforcement that the book is not a stinker. I'll be picking it up today.

I'd like to see another Langdon adventure at some point in the future.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 01:45 AM
Dan Brown is working on another Langdon book, I think it's due out in 2007 or 2008 or something. It's going to be called the Solomon Key and features Masons as a key part of the plot. That's about all I know.

posted on Mar, 11 2007 @ 04:43 PM
I've finally got around to reading Deception Point, and I have to say, I am overly impressed. In the last two days I have read over 400+ pages, and I expect to finish it this week. I am a huge fan of Brown's writing and the way he lays out the story. The way each chapter poses as a scene and furthers each character's story.

I think DaVinci was better, and I think A&D was much, much better. But Deception Point is very good thus far.

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 08:37 PM
I found DP to be the best of the three Langdons. Angels and Demons was my second favorite, finishing with DaVinci last. Certain books you can read over and over again, or at least I can. DP I read 3 times.

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 09:07 PM
DP was not a Langdon adventure though. Rachel Sexton was the main character in this Dan Brown novel. Langdon starred in A&D and DaVinci. I finished this book earlier in the week, took me about four days to read it, and I was overly impressed. Nothing as "earth shattering" in the plot as DaVinci or A&D, but it was still a great read.

posted on May, 6 2007 @ 02:26 AM
dude yeah!! i am currently reading deception point and i am really digging it so far!! the concept of what they found seems realistic!!!

posted on May, 6 2007 @ 06:52 AM
Yeah Deception Point was an excellent book. I'm just finishing up Digital Fortress at the moment, and I think this one is slightly "less impressive" than the other three. DaVinci and A&D were two of the better books that I've ever read. Absolutely amazing read. Deception Point was an excellent book, and I really enjoyed it. Digital Fortress is a "good" book.

But for me, a Dan Brown book that is just "good", that doesn't exactly cut it.

posted on May, 6 2007 @ 01:26 PM
yeah digital fortress was pretty cool but i had to read some pages over again the whole codes stuff confused me..DP is a little easier to take in.for me personally. butyeah dan brown is pretty dope!

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