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Where could it be??

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posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 10:22 PM
I have decided after seeing the fountain that i would investigate more deeply the story of the fountain of youth. I am hoping that along with the small amount of information i was able to compile, that other members will help in getting more exact knowledge and try to nail down where the fountain of youth, the tree of life, or the garden of eden exist if even at all.

The fountain of youth is a topic that has been widely debated mainly in lore and myth, and has never been looked into as a real site by accredited scientists. The most recorded information about a acctual search or a myth of that time was recorded in "Fontaneda memoirs", a story of a boy who had shipwrecked of the coast of florida, and had spent 17 years in captivity by the indian natives called the, caciques. His storys detail the searches of Ponce de León and his search for the fountain which was something the natives talked about. The natives described it as a place where old men would go and then they would become young again and have all the qualitys of a young person.

In modern day events david copperfield the famous magician bought islands in Exuma chain of the Bahamas, and claimed that on one of them was the fountain of youth, dead leaves if touched with the water would come back to life and the same with animals. Copperfield is supposedly sending in scientists to investigate the fountain.

People in St. Augustine, Florida, the site where the fountain of youth is believed to exist, have a secret society of the protectors of the fountain of youth, the claim that John Gomez was a member and that the fountain has given them increased life spans.

If you have anything to contribute, please add facts here or there that can help out if there is really any truth to this mystery. (srry for the grammer)

**If this is in the wrong section please move, i didnt know what would be appropiate for this topic**

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 10:24 PM
I thought that the "fountain of youth" was just an observation that ponce de leone made when he came to america because when he saw the native people here they were mostly youthfull. He theorized that there must be some fountain of youth cause there wern't any old people.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 07:36 AM

Originally posted by Eat A Peach231

getting more exact knowledge and try to nail down where the fountain of youth, the tree of life, or the garden of eden exist if even at all.

the native peoples fed Juan Ponce de Leon the line of a Fountain-of-youth
to basically get him outta their back yard...
Binimmi (a favorite focal point of Edgar Cayce) also identified as a so called remnant of the fabled "Atlantis", was where explorer De Leon started his futile quest for the miracle water fountain.

as for the modern Copperfield, i can forsee a multi million dollar 'SPA'
of healing/youthful waters for the mega-rich, being developed there in the Exuma chain
(incidently, there's super exclusive mansion living developments which is attracting medical doctors, at several million a clip, to establish residences in & among these Exuma Islands...)

as far as the Tree-of-Life/Garden of Eden,
they're both inaccessable to mankind, some have ventured to say the Garden's location is either at the bottom of the Mediterranian Sea or further west at the bottom of the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea.

unless, these "3" exist only in man's imagination, a product of our cerebral musings, wishes, desires, hopes for a sanctuary from the stresses & mortality that nature confronts us with.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 03:25 PM

try to nail down where the fountain of youth, the tree of life, or the garden of eden exist

the fountain of youth was a diversion
the tree of life is a symbol
and the garden of eden is a mythological construct

good luck on your search
you're certainly going to need it

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