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the red hanger steganology for the queen

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posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 03:18 PM
didnt know this year was to be the coat hanger on the bridge shown here on the bridge and the theme was i found this ironic when i saw it thought this reminded me of good old saddam who was hagging away as of 24 hours prior so i went i got back at 5am from the city i thought id try and write a report of my many steganology watermarks that fill my brain and spit it out before any else gets to it mixed with a grogy feeling of recreation enhancers i concuct the mayor resposible for the pirotechnics mayor of syd is Clover Moore she is a Independent who has never belonged to a political party so shes got no one to rub backs with and can be used like voodoo this is her report for the first major city to the world to celibrate NYE sorry N.Z it states to keep in mind the people of less fourtune in hospital and war zones heres were it gets good quote from the syd gov website This New Year’s Eve promises A Diamond Night in Emerald City, a dual celebration marking the start of 2007 and the Diamond Jubilee of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, opened 75 years ago not knowing what a jubille is
i went and wikkapedia searched it to my suprise it was pritty #ing awesome what it said about the britts fancy parties beig a country that holds a union jack i got mme thing but not about my grammer here it is

emphazies on this by the Queen's request, all special public celebrations of the event were delayed until 1897, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The Colonial Secretary, Joseph Chamberlain, proposed that the Diamond Jubilee be made a festival of the British Empire. Thus, the Textministers prime ministers of all the self-governing colonies were invited along with their families. The procession in which the Queen participated included troops from each British colony and dependency, together with soldiers
wow so what does that say about are mayor's own dimond jubile in sydney.. wikapedia also goes on to say quote The Diamond Jubilee celebration was an occasion marked by great outpourings of affection for the septuagenarian Queen, who was by then confined to a wheelchair. The celebrations also coincided with heightened security prompted by the assassination plot on her life by Irish nationalists on her Golden Jubilee 10 years earlier. well the irish are sort of neutral but what want to say is
abot ten years ago sydney was celibrating a jubile and the war on terror and the west gwbs embarkments was about ten years distance to i will do further study into the jubile celibration maybe it still is going on and has for a long time maybe it was held in sydney witch was meant to be safe this yeah but what news says 1 million people packed into sydey and only 1500 police spec marine there to protect doesnt sound to safe
75 years since the bridge opened 75 years ago ill find over events around that time

there is a bit more ive done on this i might post it up i dont know know if people will get this takes a person with good literacy to read a person bad but im tired
i did this since my last post i reckon its good conspircy of steganology and its one of the betr one's in australia


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