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AboveTopSecret's Official 2007 Shock and Awe Research Project

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posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 08:32 PM
AboveTopSecret's Official Shock and Awe Research Project!

Doom! Gloom! That's all we ever talk about! But how long has it been since we really sat down and determined the what-if's from the what-ever's? Now, I know after spending a few years here at ATS, that this website consists of some really great minds. I also know several people I would venture to call Professionals in their specific research.

But when's the last time we all bunkered down and worked on something (maybe entertaining and thought provoking) together?

I'm calling for a Research Project of everything DOOM and GLOOM! I want to compile a list, complete with specific researched topics, of everything catastrophic that could possibly happen to us, as a global race. Sounds somewhat sadistic in nature; but the goal of the project is to list all plausible, confirmed, and potential threats backed up with firm evidence and research.

Now mind you, I said firm evidence; as in some kind of proof or highly educated opinion. (Flexible Terminology)

If you have research experience in any of the below categories (or any unlisted sub-categories), and would like devote some time and research, please send me a u2u and I'll setup a group chat meeting where we can better discuss devotion and direction... then I'll start from there..

As of now, the Direction of the Research Project is completelyOPEN

- No general thesis has been determined
- A small list of "potentials" are listed below to spark discussion and ideas of more "potentials"

Current Focus: Name some "Potentials"

- Potential Famine?
- Potential Disease/Virus?
- Potential American Civil War?
- Potential Middle Eastern Conflicts, World War 3?
- Potential Nuclear War?
- Potential (Global?) Economic Collapse?
- Potential Meteorites or Threatening Asteroids?
- Potential Global (Nature; Uncontrollable) Threats?

Got anymore? Post them!
Got any Feedback? Post it!
Interested? Tell us!

I'm hoping for a huge team on this.. so if we don't get enough support, this won't go anywhere!

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posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 02:07 AM
One of the greatest threats to both USA and Europe is a possible mass migration, caused by any of the allready mentioned disasters. For example one of the biggest concerns for me is that a pandemic hits Russia and Russians begin to move west for safety or treatement... same goes for Mexico to those living in the southern USA.

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