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Deny Ignorance Right HERE! ATS Call to Action!

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posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 01:25 PM
We've spent years trying to Deny Ignorance! We at ATS research comspiracies from Big Foot to ESP, and from The Bermuda Triangle to Area 51. As one of the biggest online Gathering place for Conpiracy Therorist, UFO Researcher, Black Project Researchers and seekers of Real Truth and Enlightenment, we bring to gether people from all walks of life. We work to Deny Ignorance and share Truth!

Talking is easy. Now, I am calling Upon this great body of Truth Seekers to ACT!

Let us unite to go the next step!

Ignorance has NO place here! It has no Friend at ATS!

Today, as we stand on the threshold of 2007, Let us agree to cast OUT the sneeky bits of Ignorance that try to Hide here.

- Say No More to Cross-Cultural jokes!: We all have heard them and laughed at things like Blond Jokes, Arab Jokes, Pollock Jokes, ect. Yes they seem funny, but we promote ignorance when we laugh at other people's ways of living!

- Say NO More to turnig away those who Are Different: It's easy to avoid or turn away those who are different. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, some of us have disabilities or other challenges in life. Let us all be a little less Judgemental of others and more open to learn.

- Say No More to Indifference: If you see ignorance , don't Ignore it! Summon the courage to do something about it. Let others know that it's Not acceptable!

- Say NO More to Personal Attacks: Resist the temptations to take honest diffrences of oppinion to a Personal Level! Argue facts with facts, not snide comments like "that was stupid" or "You don't know anything". Istead try: Did you ever hear about this? or I can't Agree with you, because. . .

It's a small list, but asks for some Big steps from all of us.

I'm calling on ATS to step up to a new level and move forwards as a community. Let us carry the torch of enlightenment for others to follow! Here is the Place to start and Now is the Time! I'M READY, Who will Join me?

It's a big calling, for an important job! IS ATS READY TO ANSWER THAT CALLING?


[edit on 30-12-2006 by Ghost01]

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