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The Copper Ghost

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 07:33 PM
I keep having a dream... about something called "The Copper Ghost" I'm to the point where I dont care if it sounds crazy I just wanna know if anyone has ever heard that name before or had a dream where your being 'hunted' by it

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 05:19 AM
the copper is the conscience ghost. Copper means a policeman. It's symbolic language. The conscience ghost is what drives people crazy whenever they do something wrong. It teaches a person to live right by making them feel real bad when they do something wrong.

Obviously it is trying to let you know you are not alone. It's one of the earth guards souls get when they enter the earth realm.

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 03:15 PM
Ok that makes sense but one thing i didn't mention: in my dream the copper ghost was some kind of demonic bounty hunter... and it was hunting me. I had that dream exactly the same three times in one night, and im really paranoid now. a couple days before the dream i prayed for a sign that i was taking the right path (some people think im wasting my time with stuff that doesn't even exist) then i got these strange preminitions. Nearly ever night i would have a dream that would usually come true the next day. Like i had a couple dreams that were just a normal day, but then when i woke up every little detail from the dream came true. I thought i was blessed. But then i had these dream were this demon (the copper ghost) was coming for me and i thought it was going to come true. I'm still having variations of the dream every night! Is that normal??

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 07:05 PM
I have never had a dream like that before but close to it, in this dream of yours can you make your own decisions, like control your own movement and do what you want to do or is is that you just watch it go like a movie?

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 07:15 PM
I just watch. Its like watching my death over and over again!
Wut was your dream like?

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 08:00 PM
Well in my dream I was being chases by a Death or better known as The Grim Reaper. I was in the woods running but I had control over my body. I had this dream repeatedly for the past week and finally I got tired of it. The dream itself was the most vivid thing I've ever seen, like real life. But after the week of having it I got tired of it and just stoped running and faced Death. I stood up to him and told him to go away its my life and you don't control me. So he left and I woke up at 3 am. Well that day I went into the woods and walked around. I accidentally sliped and slid down a small yet steep hill and hit the rock below it. I was so lucky because litterally an inch away was this sharp stick that was sticking out and if I hit it I would of died.

If you can try to take control of your dream. Don't let your dreams control your life. Sure your dreams may tell you what will happen but don't forget you can still change what happens. The tiniest thing can save or kill you. So again try to take control of your dream and stand up to this spirit. Try to make him go away.

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 01:35 PM
I took your advice. When it was coming towards me, instead of watching myself run, I tried to move my arms and it worked. It stopped about 5 feet away from me and pulled out something that looked like a hand-held scythe. I stood still and said, "Get the Hell away from me." "I am Hell." It said. Then it ran up to me and grabbed me by the shirt. It tried to slice me with the scythe and I ducked and managed to wiggle free. Befrore it could get a hold of me I tried to punch it but my hand shot threw it like mist! It grabbed me and threw me into a wall. My eyes started to bleed and I felt a strange pressure on my chest, like it was going to explode! My business parter, Mike, who has been in most of the dreams, came up behind it and tried to hit it with a baseball bat. Taken by suprise, it forgot about me and I fell to the ground. Both of us beat it down while it was still solid. Everything faded black, then the black faded to white. In real life I had fallen asleep in front of the TV in my family room, and I was tossing and turning throughout the entire dream. I had banged into the couch and knocked a couple stuff of the computer desk. As soon as everything was white I woke up and stopped myself in midturn. I realized that I was literally a couple centimeters from the jagged brick edge of my fireplace. Just a couple more seconds of dreaming and my eye would been ripped out and I would of bled fto death.

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 02:38 PM
Wow well good thing that your friend Mike came to help you or the dream might of ended alot later.

Well I hope that your dream stops and remember don't always follor your dreams, make your own decisions.

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 11:01 PM
that's interesting Shadoxalex. You were being warned about death in the forest and it really came to you. So the dream was a good thing and a warning and not actually a demon or anything.

Death chased you over and over and it was probably all created by one of your guardians to tell you that death awaits you in the forest. You thought the entity in the dream was a bad entity that you could rise up and face etc, but then you went to the forest anyway and almost lost your life. So it was not something you had to learn to face and overcome, it was an angel seeking to warn you in a symbolic way.

parapsyk676 has a similar angel trying to tell him/her about something important in his/her life. The trick is figuring out what message it is trying to get across.

Anyone can pray to their own angel at bedtime and ask various questions, and their angel will give them a dream to tell them the answer. It's just a matter of learning how angels speak in abstract symbolic language.

parapsyk676 is being told there is a police type guardian with him/her watching his/her activities. It's basically an earth guard which people get at birth and it watches one's earth life closely. It'll act like a devil to keep you on the straight and narrow, but it's only doing it to help you. The secret is to love all supernatural beings unconditionally, because they are all doing God's works in various capacities.

Often I will be communicating with a higher angel and she or he will warn me that a police type angel is close by and watching everything we say. The police type ones keep the higher ones at a distance most of the time and usually only let them approach during times of crisis.

I just read parapsyk676's new post and the angel appeared as death to warn of danger, and sure enough there was very real deadly danger there. But in both cases you both fought the angels instead of learning from them.

It showed you how it was not a solid being and could toss you around while you could not harm it. Eventually it let you beat it up but as a result you almost died and it only let you awaken in time to save yourself.

I met a woman who fought her angels every time they tried to teach her something. She would get totally involved in the astral experiences they created to teach her with and they scolded her, telling her they were not real and only lessons for her. But she went almost insane with stress thinking the experiences were real. She had been a gifted university student but became a basket case from thinking her own angels were her enemies.

So in both of your cases your guardian angels appeared as scary creatures to warn you of something and in both cases they were right.

A bad creature would just let you die or harm yourself. Only a creature devoted to your well being would trouble itself with trying to warn you.

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 12:02 AM
No it wasn't a guardian in any way. I know when I'm being warned and I yes I did manage to figure this dream out. I wasn't being warned that I would die in the forest, I was being warned that I would die and the forest would of been the one to save me for you see death was in the forest and I thought him and won.

The day I decided to go for a walk in the woods was when my cousin was over and asked if she wanted to go see a movie. I declined and she went by herself. Later I found out that she was involved in a car crash and the passanger side of the car was completely destroyed. If I went with her I would of died.

You truly have to be careful with these kinds of dreams. Sometimes yes they may be warning you about one thing but at the same time you truly have to go in deeper then it trully appears to be.

Also one way I know it wasn't my guardian was because I no longer have one. To be it feels like I have no guardians and that God has completely abandoned me. I do pray every night, recently stoped since it does no good, but in anycase I highly doubt it would be an angel in any form or shape trying to warn me. This time I truly think Death warned me himself.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 11:13 AM
I have had numerous dreams with Gold colored items in did you know it was copper?

Feb or March 2005

I saw a golden mask. In it was the face of Christ. He spoke to me in a Loud Voice…
“You were (are ) already Dead “ and I awoke. (n) It could have been you are already dead.
The eyes of Christ I thought looked as though they were closed. Possibly sewn shut.
The mask was a large rectangle. Maybe the size of a twin bed. It was over me, maybe 8 feet. The dream was startling.

Thurs Dec 21st...Gold Images..

I had just Gotten a Job at an Auto Dealership. There was a good possible dozen or so salesman out in the garage. This was a dealership for new cars, yet I recall seeing an old green car with scratches on the left rear fender. Like someone had not been careful and they had just been made. The car was maybe in the 1950s. I also saw a newer car backing down the ramp. It was luxury car. Black with a light tan interior. On the south wall of the garage were pictures of employees. They were on a shelf or mantle.All of the images were in Gold. The photos were newer, but had a process done to them in which they came out looking like they were antiqued in Gold. There were images of people doing things other then cars along with regular studio shots.
I recalled thinking that with my haircut, that I would fit right into the antique look

There is something about Gold in my dreams..and this one I posted was a wall of images all in gold. Not a single one in color.

I have no idea what is means..


posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 05:45 PM
Thats pretty wierd I don't no what gold means in a dream though. In my dream 'the Copper Ghost' didn't resemble copper. I just remember that in the original dream. I found this strange woman (about 50 years old) in my house and she told me that there was a demon called 'The Copper Ghost' coming to kill me. I asked "What should I do?" She said "You'll die." (In the dream) I left the room to get my 'business' partner, Mike, to tell that we better try to arm ourselves. When it came it had a long, brown, hooded cloak and it had some kind of knife that looked like a hand-held scythe. I couldn't see the face because the inside of the hood was too dark. Thats all I remember.

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