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Random Unprovable Conclusions

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 11:21 AM
As there seems to be a free for all lately on what you can claim as truth, here's my current "theorybite" on what's going on.

How far off the mark is ANY theory? What if any theory you choose to come up with is true simply because of the true nature of reality?

Evolution exists but only environmental evolution, I don't believe things evolved from slime, maybe somewhere that's happened but on Earth, Homo Sapiens are biological soul training machines.

Our species purpose is to learn and experience. The beasts we call aliens and all the furore that surrounds it is a simple mixture of "spiritual" beings from other densities and dimensions and real physical, three dimensional beings from other planets. There is a lot of confusion in this area regarding the seperation of energy beings and physical beings with advanced technology.

People think of the universe still in three dimensions with aliens being physical creatures, and this is true, but it is also true that there are beings and intelligences, even communities that have no physical form and can travel inter dimensionally, distance just doesn't come into the equation. I also think that distance is no trouble whatsoever for those aliens that operate on the same physical plane as we do. The ordinary human does not seem to have any grasp of the importance of this seperation. Some do but they are a minority, the rest flail about behind them asking for a photo.

It is those with physical bodies and physical craft that are the UFO's that we report and photograph and their technology and ability to move physical objects inter dimensionally allows them to do and appear whatever way they want to such limited creatures as humans. Three dimensional linear distance is not even childs play to intelligences and technologies that have had more than our paltry, laughable few thousand years to develop.

Most of the conspiracies on this board have truth, all these subjects are inter-connected, most are misunderstood or too far outside an individuals belief system and their own mental safety parameters or educational or logical understanding.

Full disclosure means that the purpose of our planet and species would be rendered null and void as the secrets that give us our education would be out in the open. Those that didn't commit suicide or otherwise self destruct at the truth would learn to understand more about reality and that is what nullifies our learn hard lessons.

Many say they are ready for disclosure but they will find it difficult to grasp what that actually means. Imagine realising you are immortal and indestructable, let alone the insignificance in reality of the things you worry about, care about or desire. What about the realisation that everything you ever thought you knew was wrong or different. Imagine trying to come to grasp with several thousand revelationary things like this in a very short period of time.

If you can imagine, you understand no disclosure. If you can't, then you will continue to ask for proof, continue to be frustrated and continue to yearn for that smoking gun that eludes you unrealising that it is yourself that clouds the path to the very answers you seek and so it is unleashed onto the (un)lucky few who are comfortable with their knowledge and choose to share.

Our Human, Earth existence is merely a side step of reality, a detour. It is one lesson of many but we all think this conciousness detour in our souls existence IS reality. Some even believe we die and that's it, nothing. pffft. We experience many lives, what if a human "soul" doesn't always occupy a human body? I believe the facts to be that anything and everything is indeed possible. Everything does exist at the same time.

This is why time travel is real and also why there are no paradoxes. Our three dimensional reality is a bubble shielded from the real reality, 3d existences are "classrooms". The classroom is where evil happens (as humans would say) but evil always takes place in controlled realities. It is also the role of the 3 Dimensional entity (human in our case) to create reality as part of the universal conciousness. There are infinite universal consciousnesses.

Free will is real and the reason some humans can climb out of their box and the same reason we are in a box. Concious choices create concious realities. Reality is in our subconcious, you have to go in to get out.

Should you believe me? Of course not, these are a snippet from my personal collection of Random Unprovable Conclusions. Anyone else wanna go?

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 12:08 PM

You have voted Prote for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have used all of your votes for this month.

Finally - a post that makes perfect sense to me!

Well done!

What I'd like to expand on a bit is the idea of "negative polarity" or as some have called it "evil".

There are indeed entities and beings who have chosen to pursue the negative path based on a service to self foundation. These entities can influence our thoughts and therefore our choices, in this illusion. Thus, we must be very clear about our own path and purpose.

I hope that made sense. I always find putting these kind of thoughts into words that are not charged with societal meanings difficult.

I would like to hear your thoughts, Prote, about this.


posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 04:35 PM
Hi Shawnna and thank you for your vote.

Originally posted by Shawnna
What I'd like to expand on a bit is the idea of "negative polarity" or as some have called it "evil".

Given everything we know as a species and each of our likely individual beliefs, evil is likely to be accepted in some form or other by pretty much everybody. This is part of the design, evil, just happens to be one of the words we use to describe it.

My opinion is that it doesn't really exist but that statement would not fit into the frame of reference for most readers of this so it is finding a suitable way of explaining it.

Most evil is perception only or imagination. To understand why we are really here is to know that the horrors that happen around us happen for a reason, however atrocious we think they are. It is no secret that life is a challenge, a struggle, a constant battle of will. This is no accident either.

We make constant choices and in the path of our lives, we select timeline branches by our choices and actions and they can be anything you want but the more service to others, the more choices you have when your time here is done. The fact that the world is in a terrible state simply creates the stage for the education to take place. It is our intent and how we conduct ourselves in the face of all that we think of as evil. Evil, in a weird way, is a big part of the big picture. It is needed, but only for the lesson.

Evil is used as a weapon against humans by anyone and anything that chooses to use fear in order to manipulate another individual or group. That includes other humans but evil is anything that can produce a reaction of fear. It is down to the individual to then percieve evil or not but if we truly understood reality, we wouldn't fear anything. If we didn't fear anything, changes everything.

So, if we didn't have this evil we all think exists, then we would all be climbing out of our boxes, the world would be nothing like it is now but that isn't the way I understand it to work so basically evil is necessary to make the education an education.

There are indeed entities and beings who have chosen to pursue the negative path based on a service to self foundation. These entities can influence our thoughts and therefore our choices, in this illusion. Thus, we must be very clear about our own path and purpose.

There is a saying that most of us have heard before..."Be true to yourself". This is what it refers to, it is not that evil (perceived evil) exists, it is that we can maintain our service to others path despite all the horrors that exist.

Our realities intertwine with the realities of others making many of the choices extremely dynamic. Some of these entities control and manipulate because that is what they are supposed to do. I have no knowledge of reptilians as I haven't sought much out but they do fit in with my understanding, I haven't sought out much information because if they do exist in the way some reports have mentioned, then they are not evil either but most would have you think they are.

In summary....evil exists if you think it does.

I would like to hear your thoughts, Prote, about this.

I am happy to talk about these things but I often intertwine thought processes or just ramble or repeat and it's easy to get into preach mode when you don't mean to.

I think these things are difficult to explain because most often, we try to project a summary of a complex image that often has a reference point to something else that may need explaining. How far down that chain do you go before it makes sense to the casual observer.

[edit on 29/12/06 by Prote]

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 09:22 AM
A good example of how difficult this subject is and why there is so many on different sides of the fence is this Random Unprovable Conclusion....

There is talk on the board of a rapture of sorts, perhaps some sort of dimensional shift, the whole 2012 debacle. Whatever your belief, somewhere you will see evil. Either it is the perceived coming messiah, humanity being saved, monsters and death and suffering...whatever side of the fence you sit, evil is in there somewhere.

Those that think nothing will happen will most likely be right, many will hardly notice, many more will suffer horribly. What if the world just carries on the way it is? No population reduction, continued pollution and global warming, continued restriction of liberties, continued wars and efforts of control.

The video in the OP in this thread is critical viewing IMO.

If you have seen this, now ask yourself what is evil? Wouldn't the rapture that is spoken of be the only thing capable of breaking the control cycle our world finds itself in on this concious timeline?

Is all of it simply part of the plan, the plan that has been operating from the very beginning of our history? Has operated many time before on this planet and many times more?

Could this be a similar plan, played out in billions of three dimensional human worlds all over the physical universe?

Are humans, as humans would recognise other humans, a biological type of machine that exists in complete abundance throughout our universe? The Human Biological Machine is designed to limit the viewers perceptions and memories using the subconcious as a partitioned hard drive seperating it from the concious. These machines provide the soul a suitable container to house it and operate it for the duration of the "lesson".

Will humans ever travel to other solar systems? or is it not the purpose of a human machine to undertake such a mission? This type of biological machine is a training tool, other species or other biological machines have other purposes.

Anyone familiar with Civilization Types? Type 0, I, II, III etc. Civilizations are measured on things like their power output or the amount of energy they consume or are able to harness. Humans are a Type 0 civilization in the throes of transitioning to Type I with things like global communications, venturing into space etc. The Federation in star trek would be Type II, the Borg would be Type III and able to manipulate galaxy sized objects or energies and operate with a collective conciousness.

All of these descriptions are of physical, biological make up and operate within our physical dimension. Type III civilizations will use similar or different biological machines for their purpose but will also have underlying energies, souls, collective conciousnesses.

But what if no Civilization in the viewable physical universe ever was allowed to advance to this point? No civilization would ever be allowed to advance to the point that they could go and be a universal illuminati and enslave the universe. Or does anyone think that's happened?

Rapture type events happen on every 3rd dimensional planet of Earth status, happened to the mayans and our own previous civilizations, it's a never ending soul training cycle, but all of these planets are where the evil exists and at the point of Civilization advancement to type I or II, the cycle is cleaned, the planet refreshes and renews itself, balance is restored and the cycle starts over. What happens to us? It depends on our karmic status as to our options or "jobs" when we get back to reality i.e. Our energy state.

Would this be evil?

No, of course not, even we humans understand the life cycle, we just don't know what else there is. It's all good. Hence no evil. We allow evil to exist because of what we fear, and we are told what to fear and why and that's the point. It's not that we as individuals are in any way brainwashed, it's done on a major scale and always has been.

Just another 2 cents.

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 01:35 PM
Am I the only one that thinks disclosure will NEVER happen?

I know, another disclosure post! Yawn. I am writing another one because most theories do seem a little full of fantasies and fiction with a sprinkle of paranoia and a touch of fear.

Firstly, disclosure means different things to different people. Wait, what's that? You mean there is yet another subjective element to the UFO and Alien fiasco. Well, it's all subjective, that's why those who believe, believe, and those who don't believe, most likely, never will.

I think this is the current, most plausible theory from a human perspective...

The governments of the world are aware of the existence and visits of ET. As we all know, most of this stuff is subjective, not easy to measure, not easy to believe, not easy to understand, not easy to keep your cool. The Governments are up to other secret stuff as we all know all in the name of protection.

Because of the traditional human way and also the constant threat that humans are to each other, the governments were skeptical of the visitors intentions and for our genuine protection, humanity and the planet, they have had to prepare for the worst. Whether that's by design (for power etc) or not, is a sub-conspiracy for the NWO forums.

As the powers kept the secret, they learned, whilst carrying out their earthly plans as usual. The more they learned, the more they realised there were connotations to life, the universe and everything. The discovery implicates our very foundations and origins and rips apart the very fabric of all that we know and believe.

So they got scared knowing this and knowing how inferior we really are. Their own lies an initial reason for what has become a mess probably more out of control than they ever anticipated and it's meaning far greater than they anticipated. This means it's not good news for them regardless of the visitors intentions so their hand is forced to attempt to sway the global conciousness to one of fear of the visitors as and when it can no longer be denied. Hence, the truth will come out at some point but it will be spun.

How do you tell a planet and keep their trust and keep things going.....

How do you explain that our origins are not as we thought?

How do you explain that our religions are lies?

How do you explain that it impacts everything we ALL ever knew and ever will know from that point forth?

How do you explain that the very nature of all that we see, do and understand is built on a false reality?

How do you explain that life, the universe and everything's true nature is nothing like we ever imagined?

How do you explain that you cannot protect the population?

How do you explain details of concepts like this involving technology like magic, physics we have no explanation for and dimensional travel and beings with NO bodies?

How do you explain what you do not understand when the very nature of it exposes everything, including our species essence and purpose?

How do you explain when to do so is to tell the extent of their manipulation and the extent of ET manipulation?

How do you explain this to a species who commit harm on their own kind on such a regular and wanton basis it defies belief?

As far as I can see, there is NO reason to disclose anything from either side of the fence, ET or Earth powers. It's our own choice to accept and explore the subjective or reject it and be angry and frustrated instead.

No Disclosure! Then What?

So it is down to the people, individually or collectively to accept that something is going on, to accept that we do not understand it and to attempt to investigate it without clouding the issues with proof squabbles.

If we can agree that proof is subjective, then I propose moving past the squabbles about proving some lame event or photo and accept that proof doesn't actually exist because that's subjective too.

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