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Dealing with Human waste .

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posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 06:53 AM

Originally posted by whatukno
I would just start filling up the car of someone I didnt like with it.

man I am getting more evil as time goes on.

LOL, I had actually thought about going over to a neigbor's place in the dead of night and leaving a calling card.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 01:28 AM
-Due to the grease in omnivore spoor, human manure attracts vermin, perticularly rats and the proverbial _____ house mouse.

-We evolved to live in small bands, and move on to a new location every week or so. The further you get from that lifestyle, your going to need fancier and fancier engineering. A trench latrine works for campers. Leave the TP roll on the shovel handle, and throw some dirt in the trench to cover your deposit, thanks.

-Sharing a toilet seat means you get as sick as the sickest person that uses the same throne. It's literally like dropping trou and bumping butts with everyone else in your group, several times a day. Lysol is a must.

-If you are in a suburb or city, first use the toilets you already have. You can take the lid off the water closet and add more by hand. Use any water, like after a rain, or dishwater, whatever. Toilets don't need electricity to flush, just water in the tank. The sewers will work for maybe a week or two before they stop up. Use the time well!

After that, or where you don't have the spare water, line a bucket with a heavy trash bag, and take the seat off of a toilet, and use that. Throw the full bag in a city trash can or dumpster. It will help with the smell, and if authority comes to clean up, that is where they will empty first. You can burn the dumpster or can if you get desperate.

-If you compost with animal or human excrement, watch out for hookworm and ringworm, which can migrate and infect plants like tomato and corn via compost. This is also especially true of dysentery, the leading cause of death in Latin America. In Africa, blood flukes are a major health hazard from this, and from people working in irrigation ditches that are waste deep, then flowing onto fields.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 05:57 AM
These guys: in addition to designing houses built from old car tires, have designs for some pretty effective sewage systems including a solar composting toilet that just bakes the waste using the power of the sun.

These folks have been developing sustainable living concepts for over 20 years and have some great ideas. Worth a look.

Not even taking a survival situation into account, the way our society deals with human waste is scary and extremely wasteful of "clean" water. If you mix 1 gallon of waste with 9 gallons of clean water, you end up with 10 gallons of waste.

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