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How do we get passed an eternal war on terror?

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 12:35 AM
We forget. That is what makes humans good and it is what makes us bad. We are able to move on with or without discernement. We are resilliant in that respect. We want to keep moving on, beyond any trajedy that we may be faced with. Whether it be Hurricane, Tsunami, Earthquake, Genocide (in most cases), war, terrorism, we eventually move on and forget.

This got me scratching the old head. First WTC bombing it was all over the news and we talked about it (in areas other than NYC) for a couple days and were passed it, back to our cyclical realities. Kennedy killed, we got passed it and lived to love another president. Cuban missile crisis, the certain end of the world, we got passed it to fear another bomb. The countless wars, the corruption, the oil profits, OJ Simpson, Slavery, we made it through all of them.

We will always move on and rise above until now.

The powers that be have created a "threat" that is evident everyday in the media and so forth. Terror levels raise anxiety. Falso media terror reports, etc. We aren't being given the chance to get passed it. What is built into our very DNA is being tampered with. And just like a man that goes weeks without sleep, he becomes different. We are becoming different and it is evident every day I leave my house, everyday I'm on the web.

They obviously don't want us getting over it for obvious reasons. I mean even if we did have a terror attack once a year (which Israeli or palestinians would love to have) we would find a way to get passed each one of them.

We are what we think. And they created what they lied about. Life is funny if you think that kind of stuff is funny.

I say we forget terror and leave people alone. If you believe they wnt to kill us all you're crazy. I'll gladly offer up Bush & Company to get my country back.


posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 12:42 AM
There are only 3 ways I see out this question...
1. An eternal war on terror
2. Genocide

3. Back dictators-governments who support western values. This is what we used to do in the 50's and (overall) it worked very well.
Ideologically it suits me because it involves spreading the culture of the West (which tends to hate religious authoritarianism which I also loathe).
After all the people of whete terrorists come from often want to impose their culture on us; therefore its only logical we should want to do it to them. And let's see which culture wins?
Ultimately we have the industry and we have the wealth because of the culture we have.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 12:43 AM
You want to forget terror and leave people alone, the problem is that they will not leave us alone.

Certain - hardline factions of Islam view us, The U.S.A. as evil and wish to see us destroyed. They feel that it is their duty.

Read up on Nimrod and the Tower of Bable. Was the most advanced place on the planet for its time - Islam saw to it's destruction.

We can't defeat and idea - we can only defend ourselves against it.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by crisko
You want to forget terror and leave people alone, the problem is that they will not leave us alone.

Certain - hardline factions of Islam view us, The U.S.A. as evil and wish to see us destroyed. They feel that it is their duty.

Read up on Nimrod and the Tower of Bable. Was the most advanced place on the planet for its time - Islam saw to it's destruction.

We can't defeat and idea - we can only defend ourselves against it.

If you serious believe that rhetoric.

Dude we went into their land FIRST and started killing. We had 10,000 troops in Saudi Arabia for 10 years. That is where Ben Ladden got his grudge with Saudi and US (other than supporting Israel). We gave Arabs sworn enemies (israel) land and stuffed them right in between all the chaos and then funded them full of weapons and support turning them into the arrogant bullies with US support, they have images of dead children next to US missile shells stuck in their head. And I repeat, we went there first and started screwing things up.

How would you feel if you were in their shoes? So, you really think they just want to kill everybody that is free? Or could it be that US pished them to the point of calling for a holy war against us that has no limitations? It is cause & effect. You can't react to the effect without studying the cause first. That is what the Bush Admin is known for. Hence Colber reporting: "Bush thinks the same on Wednesday as he does monday, no matter what happens on tuesday."


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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 01:05 AM
We had our troops there for 10 years protecting Suadi Arabia and Kuwait. Lets no forget that these are just two nations amoung many who asked us to help in the region.

Terrorism and the targeting of Amercians existed before the 90's. The British are responsible for what is now Israel.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 02:09 AM

The British are responsible for what is now Israel.

Yes but so too is Americas billion dollar military aid

See Also How Israel Need Only Ask for Lebanon War Funding...

Frankly if it wasn’t for America's arms sales and financial military aid Israel probably wouldn't exist. However it does; and many people are mad at us for it.

Sometimes I wonder if Israel is worth the cost; and I think it would be if only we just stayed out of certain issues. After all it’s not like they don't have the nuclear bomb; therefore they can more or less fend for themselves.

Of course they might need help every now and again; but we certainly did not help Israel by helping it in its war on Lebanon as this was counter productive; and in my opinion always little more than a bad attempt to improve the Olmart's popularity (as well as to conduct an experiment about what a war would be like with Iran). (Not that the U.S really needs one, now it's got "The Iraq Experience").

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 04:16 AM
By Doctrine - the United States cannot site idley by and let a Democracy fail.

And that is what Israel is.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 07:38 AM
The OP asks, understandably:


First, we have to want to. And that's a big one.

We also have to actually put a bit of thought, as individuals and communities and nations, into who we want to represent us.

Then, when we discover our politicians and leaders aren't acting in our best interests and aren't behaving ethically ----- we need to boot them out. OUT ! At the action end of a gun if they won't take the hint.

THEN we have to give MORE thought into who we want to represent us.

And if THEY don't behave ethically and in our best interests, then we have to boot THEM out.

And we have to keep doing this until those whom we nominate to represent us GET IT THROUGH THEIR SKULLS that THEY work for US !

We keep booting them out and putting them in chain gangs in a hot quarry UNTIL politicians LEARN that THEY WORK FOR US !

Because we've been lazy. Very lazy. Very complacent. Too preoccupied with material goods and fast foods and cell phone messages and flash cars and living on credit etc.

We DESERVE what's happened to us.

We LET it happen.

WE TOOK OUR EYE OFF THE BALL. We got soft. We couldn't be bothered.

And look where it put us. WE work for the politicians now.

We're scared witless of them.

We're scared to stand out. We're scared to speak out. We're scared of the present and even more scared of the future.


We sat in front of the idiot-box and we swallowed all the garbage the goons shovelled our way. We did it for years. We bought it when they said a lone gunman killed Kennedy. We bought it when they told us the Japanese hit Pearl Harbour for no reason at all. We bought the bull about Saddam murdering babies. We bought the lies about 'terrorists' toppling the towers on 9-11. We bought the lies about Saddam's alleged WMD.

We surrendered our birthright and that of our children.

We handed the reins to the villains. And they despise us for it.

They have no respect for us or our health or our children's future or the future of the planet.

We allowed idiots to run the show, while we concerned ourselves with Britney Spears abs and re-runs of the Simpsons.

We CAN get past this phoney, orchestrated 'War on Terra' if we WANT to badly enough.

'United we stand, divided we fall' is as true now as it ever was.

As is 'Divide and conquer'.

The idiots at the helm have spent quite a bit of time (while we were loafing) in generating Division and Hatred (religious and other) and Greed and Fear.

They're playing us for fools.

Their methods are the opposite of subtle.

WE hold the power.

THEY KNOW THAT. But WE have forgotten it.

Get over the fear and hatred that THEY have seeded in you. Don't pass it on to your children because if you do, THEY will have to live with orchestrated Wars on Terra too.

Teach your kids respect and teach them to DEMAND it from their SERVANTS.


WHY have we let them steal control over OUR lives ?

Our grandparents must be weeping at our weakness and stupidity.

So again, we get past the wars and terror WHEN WE DECIDE TO. It's that simple. Kick the unworthy politicians out and KEEP kicking them out until they learn to meet OUR criteria, or else.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 09:52 AM
To a large degree, I agree with Dock6. It does appear that most people are more worried about superficial things and this "War on Terror" is really just an afterthought. We have given our government way too much room and we basically let them get away with anything.

I am sure that this has been said before, but think about it:

"War" on "Terror."

It's not "War against Terrorism." It's labeled a "War" on "Terror." I don't know about you, but I see war as rather frightening. How can war promote anything other than fear and terror?

Like the old saying goes:
Fighting a war to promote peace is like having sex to promote virginity.

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