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Religion in a New Era

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posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 03:50 PM
What if Sidartha Guatama (Buddha) would have grown up with email?

What if Mary and Joseph had been traveling by commercial jet instead of by donkey?

What if Ganesha and Kartikay had competed in a X-Box tournament instead of competing in a foot race?

Many people tend to believe that the older a religion is, the more valid it is. However, we are constantly faced with having to adapt yesterday’s religious ideas to the present. For those of us who have embraced some ancient aspect of spirituality, life in an industrialized nation can present challenges.

I would like to discuss these challenges. For example, a friend of mine recently said, “I think Jesus would have dropped everything to go anywhere help anyone who needed him. Then again, Jesus didn’t have email, CNN, XM satellite radio, or news from around the globe dropped on his door step every morning. How can I follow Jesus’ example when I know about too many disasters?”

So, citizens of ATS, let’s discuss how modern technology affects our spiritual beliefs, how we adapt, or how the ancient deities might make use of our progress and technology.


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