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Psychotronic Victims

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posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 03:19 PM
Psychotronic Victims (Voices, Electric Shocks, Unnatural Physiological Rewiring, Maiming, Torture & Sexual Abuse)


I have just two important questions for victims of pyschotronics.

First: How did it eventually stop? (Who, What, Where, Why, When)

Second: I heard moving to another country stops psychotronic perpetrators. (Either becuase you are out of range or otherwise?) What country or part of the world can you travel too where it will stop?

Aaron Joseph Matthews
Innocent Victim & Tragic Anti-Hero

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posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 07:32 PM
I do not know if such a place exisits. Being a daily victim myself, I do not know who to trust or where it will come from. I do not know if it is part of the NWO or the old world fighting. I do not know what I know, but, evidently they must think I know something or a truth they do not want told. At first, I thought it was gangs, but, it is larger than that. I fight the good fight of faith everyday and by the grace of God I am still alive, however scarred. I have moved to another state and it continues. I have rejected the mark of the beast.

The following website may speak to some of your issues.

MONKEYS OF EDEN - the telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth

by Andrew Hennessey

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 07:47 PM
I'm sorry to hear of your misfortunes - I wish I could help more than just say I've been there, and I know what you mean.

The only thing I've found is that the ordeal I went through has made me stronger - focusing too much time and energy on your assailants is what they want, it drags you deeper into their world of abuse and ridicule.

I'd advise to focus on your strengths, and work towards focusing your energies elsewhere - they'll eventually lose interest in you. It took several years for them to remit on their harassment of my person and get on to their next victim, but I'm happier, stronger and a proud survivor because of it.

Let them have their games, just refuse to play along. They'll be in search of mew playthings soon enough...

Here if you need me. Feel free to U2U anytime.

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