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pendulum and talking to ghosts

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posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 01:41 PM
Well i just finished watching this haunting on the discovery channel. Maybe you have seen it, it was on about 1 today, it was about this evil spirit that haunted a very large house. A man that studied spirits moved in and found out that the reason that the hauntings were so powerful was because a 19 year old girls spirit was never put to rest and the man that killed her was also a ghost there.

They found out about the girl using a pendulum, her name was angeli i think and she died in the 1940s. She was barried in the house and crushed my heavy stones from a fire place that were thrown on her. THe man found all this out using the pendulum and when they got permision to dig up the the floor of the house they reached the rocks that were thrown onto the body. Unfortunetly they decided that they worked alot that day and said they would finished the next day. So when they came back to finish diggin the owner of the house called a couple people to come and re-fernish the floor and place new concret and wooden flooring.

But anyway they still all found this out using the pendulum. There was a part were they asked where she was baried. THe pendulum then defied the laws of physics and stood pointed streight to the floor were she died.

So anyway does anyone now how to make a pendulum board, does it work?

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 02:59 PM
I use a pendulum myself, however, the pendulum is just a tool. In my opinion, no tool is "magic" and no tool works unless you know how to use it.

In order to be successful with a pendulum, it is you that needs to work, not the pendulum, not a board. In other words, you will have to develop your own abilities before any pendulum will do what you need it to do.

I began when I was about 14 or 16 years old, using a necklace that was of special significance to me. I have used crystals with a high degree of success. Recently I have gone back to using significant jewelry. I suppose that if I had a yo-yo or a fishing weight that was special to me I could get the same results.

Perhaps one day I will be good enough at it that it simply will not matter what object I use.

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 12:05 PM
Hi ATSguy. As 'wellwhatnow' has advised, the pendulum is simply a tool and has no inherent powers of its own. It's simply a weight (of whatever nature) suspended from a thread or string (or whatever you choose).

There are numerous, excellent dowsing forums and articles online, where you can learn virtually every aspect of dowsing, whether it be via pendulum or other methods.

Dowsing is an extremely old skill and it's claimed there's reference to it in the Bible. Certainly it's taken almost for granted within some cultures, who mainly apply it practically, as when wishing to ascertain if food is fresh or suited to the person concerned. Some use it to determine the sex of young chickens whilst others employ dowsing when seeking water, lost objects, archaelogical remains, etc.

For an interesting read about esoteric dowsing, why not see if you can obtain some of T.C.Lethbridge's books? Lethbridge is often referred to as an academic maverick; he reputedly discovered controversial archaeological remains via the simple pendulum and he claimed to be able to discover (via pendulum) if an ordinary rock had ever been used as a weapon and if so, if thrown by a male or female. Lethbridge also claimed to have discovered a 'rate' for basically everything and every emotion, etc. on this planet, using a pendulum, and claimed he had discovered numerous other dimensions beyond this one, in which each rate was repeated; endlessly. Lethbridge's books are not particularly lengthy; always fascinating and will certainly be well worth your time, imo.

When (if) you refer to the numerous dowsing forums and websites, you'll be provided not only practical dowsing advice but also preparation and methods via which you will be able to learn to protect yourself spiritually.

I can understand that you're curious and excited about dowsing, after watching the programme you mentioned in your post. What you may not know though, is that dowsing has many applications and does hold potential dangers for the inexperienced and unwary. It can open you to the spirit world, for example, and this can occur very swiftly and without warning.

Whilst this may not seem daunting, it's worth considering that in reality, it's similar to getting on a bus in the dark, surrounded by passengers you cannot see and about whom you know nothing. Not everyone or everything has your best interests at heart; not everyone or everything can be trusted; some things and some people (dead or alive) might want to harm you, or frighten you. After all, spirits are invisible to most. They may claim to be your friend, but how can you tell? If they mislead you, how will you know? And if you put yourself in such a helpless position, wouldn't you be basically inviting trouble?

They say forwarned is forearmed, so conscience compells me to warn you to first acquaint yourself with the many aspects of dowsing via the numerous, reputable and helpful dowsing sites and forums before jumping in the deep end.

Then, when you know how to protect yourself and -- just as importantly -- know WHY you wish to embark on dowsing, you'll enjoy your experience in safety :-)

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 05:23 PM
thanks that information is really helpful. Just one thing how dangerous can it be, i mean its not like i am making a mockery of the spirit i am contacting. Why do people have so many bad experinces.

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 10:24 PM
Dock6 is right on with the "Dowsing" I witnessed my late grandfather doing this with tree branches or wooden stick shaped a certain way, finding water on many different property locations.He was absolutely amazing ,he never failed at finding water at the exact spot where he told the owners to dig on that spot ,they would find lots of water,they always did!
He even did this on a small mountain community where he built a cottage.Nobody that had a cottage could find any source of underground water until my grandfather did his Dowsing thing and hit the mother load.The entire community was so grateful that to this day,My brothers who still own grand pa's cottage,do not have to pay a water bill.The water company took over the great water hole and charge everyone else a water bill.a true story

posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 05:17 AM
I saw a "Ghost" or a spectral thought form last night at a local wood's I was camping at, there were coloured orb's that were white as well. It actually freaked me out, and then I witnessed other delight's visually.

It was either the drink (oo er missus) or lack of it, a case of the Large White Rabbit (Cary Grant), Ah Pook Is Here - or a psy attack or just a few other's Astrally Projecting, or more, ahem possibly trying to Meme-Share Cyber Information.

Ghost's are said to be renowned to exist at places of unique electromagnetic power, as in ley-line's or the Old Dragon Track's or where there is said to be unique water table properties.

There are also said to exist as Holographic Templates or Recording's of Event's Gone Past.

I once got a lift with a stranger once when I was hitch-hiking upto Scotland who practised Dowsing and I presume was involved in Fortean Activities.

posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 05:29 AM
I am proficeint at using my pendulum. I get very accurate answers with them. I have never used any thing other than a quartz crystal. When it is charged I can feel some of the heat it radiates.

I use mine mostly to find lost objects around the flat, or just to get information that I might need for the future. Basically, it gives me direction in a small way in how to deal with certain problems. I don't use it all the time, as I live more by faith.

I have never seen a crystal chain defy the laws of gravity, although my pendulum has swung quite violently on one, or two occassions in locating a lost object.

posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 06:47 AM
ATSGuy, re: your question: 'how dangerous ?'.

There are practical applications for dowsing/divining, such as finding water, lost items, lost people, buried archaeology, etc. etc. and I imagine these would pose no danger at all.

Dowsing can also be used in much the same manner as a ouija board too, and this area is one in which you'd be wise to seek protection before venturing on, imo. Many dowsing sites advise on simple protective rituals. Or the ritual can be more elaborate if you choose.

I took to dowsing like a duck to water and was in over my head before I knew what was happening. It might have been because I'm a bit psychically inclined (and most of us are).

I was enchanted with dowsing; like a kid with a new toy. In no time at all, I'd veered off on a tangent and left my initial line of questioning behind.

The 'yes', 'no', 'maybe' type responses didn't satisfy my curiosity. I wanted more detail. As if I'd done it a hundred times before, I quickly drew up diagrams containing the alphabet, countries, dates, etc. It was all very fast and the pendulum seemed alive and responsive. I was talking to someone mentally, and the pendulum was that 'something's' voice. At the time, I believed I was in contact with my own subconscious. I knew nothing at all of the dangers and hadn't bothered seeking advice or instruction.

For a while, it was one stunning revelation after another. I was writing with my left hand in order to keep my right free for the pendulum. I covered page after page with information.

Then, after a while, I suddenly felt something change. It was almost tangible. I felt an alien presence and it didn't feel good. It seemed to be mocking me, telling me nonsense. The initial feeling of warmth and trust I'd felt were gone. I realised things had gone wrong for some reason.

Things grew cold and everything seemed to get darker. The back of my neck felt exposed and vulnerable. I lowered the pendulum to the table and closed my notebook -- left the room. I wanted no part of whatever it was that had hijacked the session.

The information gained via pendulum before the above interruption was amongst the more interesting experiences I've had. I was told details of a previous life. At the time I was sceptical of past life theories. But I contacted overseas organisations. They eventually confirmed the accuracy of the past life information.

I hadn't mentioned why I was seeking the information. For all they knew I could have been a kid seeking the information for a school assignment or someone hoping to fill gaps in their family history.

The information I sought concerned two poor rural workers from a real backwater. In life, these people would probably have known no more than a dozen or two people and wouldn't have travelled more than a few miles from their place of birth. They were nobodies who did it hard, then died. Nothing notable about them. So it wasn't as if I'd read or heard about them and later attributed it to dowsing.

There existed a record of the people named during the dowsing experiments and copies of those records were sent to me.

It was only later that I learned pendulums can be used in much the same way as ouija boards and like ouija boards can put you in contact with discarnates or who-knows-what. I hadn't known and hadn't sought protection. It resulted in something else pushing its way in. It was the second entity that scared me. It had been ok until then. The only indication there'd been a switch or hijack was a 'feeling' or intuition. The temptation to ignore it and continue dowsing was there. I can understand how some might ignore the warning signals.

Some can play with ouija boards repeatedly and suffer no ill effects and it's likely the same with esoteric dowsing. But there are warnings galore about meddling with ouija boards and lots of dowsing sites recommend seeking protection. As with anything else, if something feels wrong or bad or you have doubts about proceding further -- then it makes sense to listen to your instincts.

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