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Osama Bin Laden arrested by FBI in Brooklyn?

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 08:27 AM
Im trying to find the owner's of the so-called hide out house --and found some interesting facts-----Osama has ties to La Cosa Nostra in brighton beach.

There are the five reputed La Cosa Nostra families in New York, Russian criminal enterprises from Brighton Beach in the New York borough of Brooklyn to Moscow, and the emerging Asian crime syndicates that operate in many Islamic countries with al-Qaeda offshoots.

Further investigations were to reveal that the Brighton Beach boys did in fact constitute a criminal enterprise, and had corrupted the local cops who were on their payrolls so that were able to act freely and openly without threat of arrest. "Cops in cheap suits who looked like gangsters worked the door as bouncers and sat at the front tables in Russian mob joints.

still looking for the owners listing ,but no luck so far

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 02:50 PM

Al'Qaeda, the MOB(whether Russian, or Italian), the C.I.A, all have had connections and dealings with one another.

That is a well known in many circles. The Brighton Beach Boys is another known story

Right now the most scary entity of all of these is actually the Russian Mob, who are considered an extreme danger. Everyone is focusing in on other groups, but the Russian Mob is dangerous due to the fact they are so damn clever.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by timoothy
Im trying to find the owner's of the so-called hide out house --and found some interesting facts-----Osama has ties to La Cosa Nostra in brighton beach.

Wow, isn't that interesting. Do you have any kind of evidence you can post about his ties to the La Cosa Nostra?

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 03:41 PM

IF you contacted them previous, why the use of a 'generic' common number>?

Because it's the best, easiest way to reach the FBI. I don't have any other numbers

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 03:43 PM

Leslie has provided evidence of an Aug 12 fist contact and is trying to disprove her own claim.

I never claimed that Aug. 12 was my first contact. It was only my first call regarding Osama.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by kickoutthejams
Leslie, I think the testimony of the other FM whose cousin 'the general' called him to let him know Osama had been captured needs to be discounted.

That particular forum member is only 13 years old! And are we to believe a General with that kind of security clearance is going to call this news into his 13 year old cousin?

Maybe he felt safe telling a thirteen-year-old because he assumed no one would believe him

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 04:04 PM

It wasn't until after the Osama tip that they told me to start calling New York directly. At that point I was still calling in tips about other possible terrorists in New York. I called in a few more between the 12th and the 16th. I will have copies of the call logs to New York sometime within the next couple of weeks. I have ordered them from my cell phone company. As soon as I get them I will forward them to Akayreon. --Leslie

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:22 PM

Leslie, i have read this entire thread. my reasoning for saying you should write a 5-10 page report on this matter and include every little detail is because then you couldnt make up a story as people asked you questions. you would have to write the report and stick to it.

Okay, dear fellow ATSers, may I present you proof for that old legend that says that at the end of a rainbow, a cauldron full of gold coins awaits you. I know this should be in the Paranormal forum, but please, follow me.

I failed to mention it, but before I started hunting for terrorists I was spending a lot of time looking for missing persons. I focused a lot on cold cases and felt like I was having some degree of success. The problem was that I was spending so much time and energy on my new endeavor that I was becoming really tired. [...] It is really hard for me to give up on something once I put my mind to it, but I was so tired that I almost decided to give up on my new passion. Then I saw something in front of my house that I had never seen before. I saw a full rainbow.
Leslie's blog

As you read this, please meditate on Leslies rainbow. In a sense, we'll follow its circular shape now, chronologically.

As I promised, I tried to bring all things in order: her records, her mails, what she wrote in her blog and her comments in this thread. As NextLevel put it:

times, dates, phone #'s
I have NOT intentionally left out claims that don't fit, I just tried to stick to those quotes that gave clues about dates and times that are verifiable through the records and emails; content was secondary. But see for yourself. If you find anything missing, please feel free to contribute quotes I've missed. This is all about plot holes in Leslies fairy tale. Let's go.

I know all of this, because using a laptop and the power of the internet, I was able to figure out some of the Al Qaida member's aliases and locate their living quarters in Brooklyn, New York. I communicated this information with the FBI throughout the month of August. Perhaps not coincidentally, two days after I turned in my first tip, the British Airway attack plans were thwarted.
Leslie's blog

I do not have any recordings, although I guess I could try to find phone records that have the numbers I called listed. However, I was using a land line and don't know how to easily access such information.
Leslie, pg. 6 of this thread
(AKA'S SIDE NOTE: actually, the list for the land lines were easier to get than the cell phone records. Also, there are more calls listed on the cell phone log than on the land line log.)

I ordered a few phone records though so I'm hoping that will help.
Leslie in private MySpace message, Jan. 12

I got a phone record that shows I called the FBI the same day I sent the first email about Osama. I'm going to scan it and send it to you soon.
Leslie in private MySpace message, Jan. 20

Akareyon: I have another question. Most calls to Houston had a duration of only 1 or 2 minutes, some of them went in short intervals (like the morning of August 11th). What was that?

Leslie: Yes, I was asking for a particular agent. They would say she wasn't available and I could call back later. The othere calls were short because I told them I was sending an email with the pertinant information.
private messages via MySpace, Jan. 25


8/06, 04:06 AM: Houston FBI land line call, 18 min.

8/07, 05:44 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 11 min.
8/07, 06:11 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 2 min.
8/07, 06:21 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 3 min.

I wanted to share with you another aspect of my story that I only hinted at in my previous blogs,. I believe I may know the truth about how the British Airway attack plans were thwarted. Prior to turning in the alias and address of Osama to the FBI, I was already working with them to find other terrorists. I turned the first tip in on August 7, 2006 I'm not going to say who he was because he might not have been arrested yet, but I will say that he was a very well-know Al Qaida operative. I believe they took the information and listened in on him to gather intelligence.
Leslie's Blog

8/08, 11,48 PM: email to FBI in Houston

from that email:
>I am taking a break for a few days, so if you call, leave a message and
>someone will get back to you. You can also email. Also, I wanted to tell
>you that this guy fits right into my theory about the network. He fits the
>profile. I will describe it later after you check out my lead. If for
>some reason he is not the one I think he is, he is definately part of the
>network and should be questioned. I just think he is the one in particular
>because of the Alias he is using. --€€€€€€€€€€
>P.S. Keep me posted. Email is the best way to reach me right now.

8/10, 09:45 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.
8/10, 10:04 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.
8/10, 10:36 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.
8/10, 12:14 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 1 min.
8/10, 12:15 PM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.
8/10, 12:18 PM: Houston FBI cell call, 9 min.
8/10, 02:55 PM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.

AKA'S SIDE NOTE: on Thursday, August 10th, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that an underground British agent had infiltrated the group that plotted to blow up 10 jet flights from Britain to the U.S. (source) (also check out talisman's argument on pg. 15: "Regarding August 16th and after, sorry but in Toronto at around JUNE 2-3/2006 a fanatical Islamic bomb plot was thwarted, so it is happening before and after, there is no connection timewise." But then again: "I never said that I knew for sure on the British Airway plot or the Mydoom virus." - Leslie)

But on we go.

[edit on 28-1-2007 by Akareyon]

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:23 PM
8/11, 09:32 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.
8/11, 10:14 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.
8/11, 10:15 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.
8/11, 10:19 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.
8/11, 10:34 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.
8/11, 10:36 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 5 min.
8/11, 10:48 AM: Local FBI office cell call, 14 min.

8/12, 06:10 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 8 min.

The one about Osama was about 8 minutes.
Leslie in private MySpace message, Jan. 24

8/12, 06:28 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.
8/12, 06:28 AM: email to FBI in Houston

from that email:
>I believe this individual may be Osama Bin Laden. I am the same person
>that tipped off about the operative in brooklin. I beleive there are safe
>houses in Brooklin where they hang out before a plot emerges. I believe he
>likes to oversee the disaster personally. I have uncovered strong evidence
>that this is the name he is going by. Someone by that name came into
>brooklin a few months before 911 and a few months after 911. Please check
>this out quickly before he has time to leave the country, if in fact it is
>him. I assume he has probably shaved his beard in order to fit in. This
>person has been here since March.

Besides I made it clear to the FBI that they were guesses. I never told them I had hard-core evidence or knew the people personally.
Leslie, pg. 8 of this thread (AKA'S SIDE NOTE: actually, her emails begin with "I think" or "I believe")

8/12, 06:31 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.
8/12, 06:48 AM: email to FBI in Houston

from that email:
>This is the entire report. I think that if this is Osama Bin Laden's hang
>out anyone living here could be suspected of being a terrorist. Look
>carefully at the confirmed addresses. A lot of them are middle eastern.

8/12, 07:18 AM: email to FBI in Houston (not related to Osama)
8/12, 07:19 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.
8/12, 02:31 PM: email to FBI in Houston (not related to Osama)
8/12, 02:34 PM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.
8/12, 03:10 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 4 min.
8/12, 03:14 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 1 min.
8/12, 06:54 PM: email to FBI in Houston (not related to Osama)
8/12, 06:56 PM: Houston FBI cell call, 1 min.
8/12, 06:58 PM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.

8/13, 03:09 AM: email to FBI in Houston (not related to Osama)
8/13, 03:11 AM: Houston FBI cell call, 2 min.

There is another one the next day where I spoke to someone for 20 minutes about another lead. This may have been the lengthy conversation where I was called a "gifted researcher" and a "true patriot".
Leslie in same private MySpace message quoted above, Jan. 24

On another occasion I called the FBI late at night and spoke to an agent who was very curious about me. We spoke hypothetically about Osama being in Brooklyn. He asked me a lot of personal questions about myself. I think he wanted to know more about the person who found Osama Bin Laden. In the same conversation he called me a "gifted researcher" and a "true patriot". He was definitely not joking.
Leslies Blog

I also had an FBI agent on a different occasion ask me a lot about myself. He said, "So you think he (Osama) is in Brooklyn?" He was speaking hypothetically to me. We had a lengthy conversation. In the same conversation he said he thought I was a "gifted researcher" and a" true patriot". It was late and night and I think he wanted to know more about the person who found UBL.
Leslie, pg. 6 of this thread

8/14, 20:29: email to FBI New York

from that email:
>This is, I beleive Osam's profile on his main website. If you can get
>someone abroad to get an account or hack in somehow, you can access his
>posts. He goes by Hussain7 --€€€€€€€€€€€€€€
>Google search Hussain7, maybe you'll find more. Put your geeks after it!

Transferred to New York
Normal FBI protocal is for a person to call tips into the local office in their local area. For a while I did this. However, since my tips were so good and they were all reguarding terrorists in New York, I was eventually told to call the New York office directly and ask for the terrorist task force. The New York FBI was briefed and was expecting my calls. They gave me their email so that I could email the tips to them. Here is a screenshot of one of the emails.
>> screenshot e of said e-mail.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:24 PM

It is a fact that would be vehemently disputed by most members of the U.S. government, that Osama Bin Laden was arrested by the New York FBI on the morning of August 16th, 2006. I believe this was done in the early morning at his residence in Brooklyn, New York by the FBI's terrorist task force.
Leslie's blog

On the late morning of August 16th, 2006 I called the FBI in New York and asked to speak with the terrorist task force. They put me through. This was several days after I had given them the name and address of Osama. They were whooping and hollering and seemed to be celebrating something. I have never heard a group of FBI agents being so noisy and excited before. They are normally a very calm, quiet, professional group. Any of you who have ever dealt with the FBI before will know this to be true. I heard one of them holler from the background, "Is that the Green Lady?" The agent I was speaking to said, "Yeah." He then asked me if I had the lotto picks. It was obvious that they thought that I could walk on water or something. I thought, "They must have arrested Osama." This seemed like the only possible thing that could make them this excited. It was really cool listening to them celebrate, especially since the 911 attacks were in New York and these were New Yorkers who made the arrest. Every agent I spoke with that day and part of the next day was treating me like a hero. They kept thanking me profusely for my tips. Some of them sounded like they wanted to cry. Later that evening I called back and asked the agent on staff if I could be optimistic that there would be an announcement. He said, "Definitely." He also said that once their report was received by Washington, the announcement would be made that night or early the next morning. I bought champagne and chilled it. I stayed up all night watching CNN. The ice melted and the champagne became warm. The announcement never came.
Leslie's blog

They were celebrating something. I could tell. I have never heard them so happy. They were hooting and hollering and very noisy. That night I called back and asked if I could be "optimistic" that there would be an announcement. In all seriousness the agent said that there would be one as soon as a report was sent to Washington. He told me he believed the announcement would be made either that night or early the next morning. This is why I stayed up all night waiting for an announcement.
Leslie's blog

They were celebrating and happy. I could tell. Also, that same night, an agent very seriously told me that there was going to be annoucement as soon as the report was sent to Washington. He did not say what the announcement would be, but why would he tell me there was going to be an announcement?
Leslie, pg. 6 of this thread

Then sometime during the next day or so, something disturbing happened. After a brief time of being treated like a hero and being called a gifted researcher and being thanked repeatedly for my tips, the plug was pulled. When I had been calling in the tips before, I would announce that I was the one calling in the Brooklyn tips and they would always put me straight through to whoever was in charge.
Leslie's blog

8/17, 12:24 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 2 min.
8/17, 12:26 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 1 min.
8/17, 12:27 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 1 min.
8/17, 12:29 PM: New York FBI land line call, 3 min.
8/17, 12:36 PM: Houston FBI land line call, 1 min.

As you can see there is one call that I made from my land line to New York the day after Osama's capture. There were also multiple calls to Houston right after his capture. I couldn't get hardly any infmation out of New York as to why there was no announcement, so I started calling Houston. When we get the cell phone records you will see that there were, in fact, many more calls to New York.
(email to me)

Two days after Osama's arrest, I called and mentioned Brooklyn and they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. I called several different offices and got the same response. I can only conclude that they were given a direct order to deny all knowledge of the Brooklyn operation. However, I did get one agent to talk to me a little bit. I told this New York agent after he started to give me the cold shoulder, "Come on, you know you guys arrested Osama." He said, "Prove it." I mentioned about the celebration the other day when I called and you know what he did? He admitted that they caught him and he suggested that I turn him in, that it would make me feel better. I, of course, did not turn him in. I was just happy that someone had finally admitted what I already knew to be true, that Osama Bin Laden had been arrested two days earlier. I could tell from his tone that he was angry that they weren't going to get any of the credit.
Leslie's blog

This was an unbusy office in a small town near me. There were only like 3 or people in the office to begin with. I kept calling because they were blowing me off. I needed to know whether or not I was going to sign a non-disclosure statement in exchange for the money. If I was going to sign a non-disclosure statement I was planning on going public with what I knew. I needed an anwer so I could move on. He told me it would take a day or so and he would get back to me. Days later he still hadn't gotten back to me. I had to try to get them to give me an answer so I could move on. [...] The office that wanted me to stop calling was from a larger, busier city office. I didn't harrass this office at all. I called twice trying to set up an appointment to collect the money. I think they were given an order not to talk to me or something. Before UBL was captured they always welcomed my calls and thanked me for my tips. I gave up on the big city office and called a smaller office in a smaller city near me. That is where I went to try to collect the money.
Leslie, pg. 11 of this thread

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:25 PM

so why haven't you contacted the major news networks?
I did contact them back in August. Noone would touch the story. I wish I had recorded my conversations with the FBI then I would have the hardcofre evidence I really need to get the truth out. Most of what I have now is cimcumstantial and eyewitness testimony.
Leslie, Page 3 of this thread

So, we have only a few small holes to fill in: the records for her cell phone from August 14th on. I bet we'll get them soon, because Leslie is not your average internet prankster, but a very real person indeed. How can I be so sure about that?

Hm. Because I've learned a thing or two on ATS, one of which is: image analysis and cross-referencing ;-) So I looked up her location on and compared it to the rainbow her partner allegedly photographed in front of her house on July 25th. What bugged me most was that the time stamp was missing on the bottom left photo, although it should be there - in the bottom right corner. The right edge was missing! It has been cut away! Why? Has Leslie forged evidence for her heavenly mission? Has there never been a full rainbow in the first place? Isn't THAT suspicious?

Of course it isn't: one of those poles was in the way, and they really do look ugly, don't they? I'd have it edited away as well. I could have deduced that earlier from the bezier spline of the cable, though. Do you wonder how I recognized a power line pole on a satellite image? Most of them seem to have been taken in winter, the sun is low and the shadows tell a tale. That was easy. The position of the poles, the fence you see on the right... even the tree line in the background fit 100%. And I bet that white building you see behind the three poles on the right is a rather new one, too (or the satellite images are very old). Leslie, can you confirm that?

Well, in any case: the rainbow of colorful thoughts and quotes and evidences is leaving the heavens again and is bending its perfect shape back to earth. I can only reiterate what I said earlier: I'm sure Leslie is a very real person, not just an internet nickname that has been invented to stir a movement or something like that. I'm sure she hasn't faked the logs or emails. I'm sure she's been talking to the FBI about terrorists and Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden and his fellow djihadists.

Everything else is pure speculation. Believe or believe not. I choose to believe her, altough that opens a whole can of questions. Did they get really get OBL, or did they accidentally arrest some innocent jewish Rabbi because he had a long beard and funny clothes? If they got the terror prince, what happened to him? What went wrong? Why the veil of silence instead of some coverup (for example, make it look somewhat like the Saddam capture)?

I think rainbows are for everyone to enjoy.
Leslie on pg. 16 of this thread

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 06:46 PM

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:07 PM

The point is this. If your calling in had any merit, the FBI would have patched you to a 'special' call number or 'agent', especially after they found your tips helpful.

If your first call to the FBI NEW YORK regarding Bin Laden is the 14th of August, then your timeline doens't work.

Say, for example the FBI gets a call in on the 14th of August regarding Bin Laden, how exactly are they going to go about arresting him in secret?

With a Police Station near-by, what kind of stake-out do they plan? There just isn't enough days to plan this at all.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:09 PM
Nice research, timoothy. I may quote from a message I sent to Leslie 2 weeks ago:

Please let me try to put together my part of the puzzle. Your story is true, some assumptions are wrong. Remember my "Lord Of War" picture?

I have a vivid fantasy. The bin Ladens (600 member family) and the Bushes were close friends. Many secrets shared. Much money involved. Osama: family member. Let's assume he was sent [dispatched] by neocon forces in the White House to join Sawahiri and his "Muslim Brotherhood" in their battle for a muslim or pan-arabic nation, give them money and weapons, to fight the Soviet Union. Cold War ends: mudjahiddeen think they won the Afghan war. GWB is president of the USA, neocons rule. Some of them, like Condi, Rummy and Dick, are members of the PNAC. Their aim: a heavily militarized country, proxy wars, world domination. "Mein Kampf" rhetorics laid down in a small book titled "Rebuilding Americas Defenses", 2000. - the infamous "New Pearl Harbor" line.

Sawahiri and bin Laden in interview around 98/99: attack american soil from now on. 9/11/2001 exactly that happened. While almost all passenger flights around the globe were cancelled, Air Force One flew all bin Laden family members out of the country.

Osama has been on the run for quite some time. He is said to be disowned by his family and expelled by the saudi government. Even prior to 9/11, most countries that granted him asylum, wanted him out - Sudan, for example. The USA refused. German and French secret services [alledgedly] offered the CIA intelligence on al Qaeda plans to attack WTC - the USA refused. It's funny that many sightings of OBL have been reported in various countries around the globe. It's even funnier that, in July 2005, CIA director Porter Goss said: "I have an excellent idea of where he is. What's the next question?" (can you contact him?) - and ain't it really funny that a french report claims that Osama stayed in a Dubai Hospital in July 2001, where he was allegedly met by a CIA agent? CIA denies that, of course.

After bombing Tora Bora and combing the whole area between afghanistan and pakuistan, the CIA or at least Mossad should have a vague idea which tribe chief had given him asylum - yet they have none?

So either, the Osama conspiracy is really from high up and it will remain one of the many unsolved cases like JFK, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and Area 51, or you compile everything you have. Your evidence must be waterproof. The faxes you sent. Documents. E-Mails. The whole chronology. The list of
calls you've made, phone numbers, e-mail adresses, names. Written testimony from your partner. Everything. Keep any assumptions out. Facts only.

I especially like your first link that says that OBL hasn't really been expelled from his family at all, altough I'd like to have that mossad source...

[edit on 28-1-2007 by Akareyon]

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:10 PM

Although there are ties between the Mob and Al'Qaeda, the Mob and even the Gov, I wouldn't put too much stock on this, I mean the CIA was saying their were ties between Sadam and Al'Qaeda, we all saw where that went.

All of this, is supposed to scare people, to control them.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:23 PM

You said your sure she hasn't faked her logs or emails.

Who is your source for the call listings and cell-phone calls to the FBI? Is Leslie the sole source of information?

I would invite you to go over your list again, carefully this time

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 08:02 PM
Please check out the third link timoothy provided:

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, bin Laden’s mentor, makes repeated trips to the US and other countries, building up his organization, Makhtab al-Khidimat (MAK), also known as the Services Office. Azzam founded the MAK in 1984 (see 1984). Branches of the MAK open in over 30 US cities, as Muslim-Americans donate millions of dollars to support the Afghan war against the Soviet Union. Azzam is assassinated in a car bomb attack in late 1989. Some US intelligence officials believe bin Laden ordered the killing. Bin Laden soon takes over the MAK, which morphs into al-Qaeda. His followers take over MAK’s offices in the US, and they become financial conduits for al-Qaeda operations. [Lance, 2003, pp. 40-41]
Remember Leslie's link to the document about the Al Kifah Refugee Center in NY? I also believe I've read somewhere that Azzam crossed the borders despite being on the watch list. If he could do that, why not Osama?

Another thing to note on the Cooperative Research Site: although German Bundesverfassungsschutz had been investigating Marienstrasse 54 in Hamburg (where one of the 9/11 AQ terror cells including Mohamed Atta was located) since March 1997, was aware of Atta's connection to bin Laden and informed CIA (that had a bin Laden unit who perceived them as a serious threat by that time), Atta managed to travel around the globe freely and eventually moved to Brooklyn in Spring 2000. So please ask me again if it were possible for OBL to cross the American border. Yes, he could, and of course he'd find shelter with those documented AQ safehouses in Brooklyn and elsewhere in the U.S. since the mid-90's.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 09:36 PM

Is Leslie your source of Info concerning the calls and emails to the FBI?

I am talking about, Land Line Call's, Cell and emails. Have you verified this with any third party?

[edit on 28-1-2007 by talisman]

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by talisman

You said your sure she hasn't faked her logs or emails.

Who is your source for the call listings and cell-phone calls to the FBI? Is Leslie the sole source of information?

I would invite you to go over your list again, carefully this time
[sarcasm]Aha! Ein Rückzugsgefecht![/sarcasm]

Okay, I'll be honest and fair on this. Yes, Leslie is the sole source. The land line calls could easily be faked, she got them in HTML format from her provider.

The cell call log though came to me as a Word Document.(.doc), in which (probably b/w) scans of the original records on paper were embedded as ca. 2550 x 3300 px grayscale images (probably jpg compression). Those had full-width horizontal (and a few vertical) lines over and over to seperate each log entry. That process leaves a distortion pattern in which each line, number and letter becomes "unique" (especially the lines) because there is always a slight shift of the angle when you put the paper sheet on your scanner. So even if Leslie had taken a real phone record (with dues and charges listed) and tampered with it (enormous c&p efforts!), I'm sure I would have noticed unless she had done so in a professional way and put a few week's effort and pixel work in it. I tried to identify the font used; it's similar to Arial but not quite it, which indicates it's one of those professional sans-serif fonts you pay a lot of money for because you are the world-renowned phone company that has its logo and adress on the first page of Leslie's scans.

The emails: the emails I got from Leslie in early January (also quoted above) obviously contain the same set of letters that can be seen on the screenshots in her MySpace blog from late December and which she copied into this thread, so I guess she didn't tweak her evidence in the meantime to satisfy ATS needs ;-)

I hope that helped :-)

Oh, BTW: I don't mind this topic being in Skunk Works for "image" reasons or so, there are many wonderful and inspiring threads in this forum. But I guess, after all, Leslie's claims aren't as unsubstantial as they seemed to be when it was moved here... don't get me wrong, I'm surely not the type of guy who'd call the MOD's authorities openly to reconsider their decisions... but I feel this topic is too important to be dismissed and ignored by the expert members of ATS who might want to contribute to this, but don't have the time to read 20+ pages of arguments that have been settled already.

So I wonder if the subject is going to be worth a new thread in the conspiracy forums... when Leslie got the rest of the logs maybe? Thanks :-)

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 10:02 PM

So utlimately there is NO 3rd party agreement on any of this? It is still Leslie supplying the only info?

I am curious as to why she is hiding her *REAL* name? She says she approached the news but they didn't bother with this, if that is the case why is she hiding her *REAL* name?
If this was me, and I was trying to gain some legitmacy to my story, I would contact the news, then I would contact alternative sources of news.

I would use my real name.

If she is telling the truth, the FBI would already know who she is, so why is her real name not out there?

I still maintain the the biggest hole in her story is the timeline and the things she is saying.

She tells the FBI that she isn't sure, but that they should rush on her info before he can leave the country?

Things like that, most people just use common sense to know that this is totally ludicrous.

Firstly, the FBI can't react on a tip, where some-one says they aren't sure.

Second, what did the FBI do? Pay the entire Police Station off? You can do a sudden raid, but the Police have to be notified, the area has to be sealed. If they came in secret and left in secret, that takes a bit of planning.

IF they were going to do this in secret, they would stake the place, bug it, bug the phones, watch the movements, they would try and find out how armed the people are inside.

Remember Waco? Do you honestly think, Al'Qaeda would go down without a fight?

Can anyone here give me examples of armed Al'Qaeda going down without a fight, especially if they are protecting Osama?

So you would assume the FBI would think this as well.

Also the FBI might suspect he may have some weapon of mass destruction, so acting in such short time like she says they did is an obvious lie. That is just common sense.

The time frame is too short.

I don't like the way we are getting info as well. As I recall she was to give an exact address, was asked for an exact address, when air complained he couldn't investigate it without one, she later gave some address in Brooklyn.

So originally it was an area, then after an address. That is suspect.

It all boils down to why she was calling the FBI in Houston, the main reception area, if she had made all these real contacts, and if she did and later tell them about Osama, how in the heck would they have had the time, if anything planning would have been paramount, in case he had a weapon of mass destruction.

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