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Mankinds ultimate goal

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posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 12:53 AM
OK... let's say NASA has confirmed that a true doomsday asteroid (say 300 miles across) is en route and is 100% sure of a direct impact. We have 15 yrs. Nothing will survive, period. What should we strive to accomplish as a species?

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 09:54 PM
Well, I would hope that with 15 years notice we could work to deflect it somehow. If not I think the world would be in chaos if the news was public. Then maybe wars and fighting for the deep caves in Peru and in a few other places around the globe. Many of the tunnels have been blocked by the government but some believe they run through the andes. Only hope of survival would be underground, just try not to drown when sea level goes up!

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 10:03 PM
As a just in case scenario I think we should get a little seed stock into space. A major expansion of the space station to hold atleast 100 of our best and brightest with a ratio of 10 women for every man. All young, fertile and ready to repopulate whatever is left of the planet.

While that is being done the rest of us could brainstorm on how to hack our way into a DUMB (deep underground military base) facility.

With a 15 year warning we could get allot done towards preparation.

Yes, billions would die, but I think we'd have the ability to keep the species going.

Just my thoughts,

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 09:17 AM

Nothing will survive, period.

So your saying... we are all doomed... what would/should we do with the time left?

Well... Pray! Thats what i would do.

Although im sure you would get mass panic... i think there would be such mass confusion and fear that the human race would just go nuts. You would have different groups of people doing different things... some would wanna have one big party, some would wanna comit crimes etc...

I dont think you could unit the human race and achieve any one goal.

My personal goal would be to find any peace and exceptance... cheesy i know
but i wouldnt wanna take my chances with the big boss

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 09:35 AM
Well, I'd go ahead and max out all the credit cards I could get my hands on . . . Hmmmm. cash out my pension, as well.

The financial chaos would destroy us. People investing in tomorrow is what keeps people buying bonds, which controls the interest rate today, and sets the value of fiat currencies world-wide.

Whether you agree with that analysis or not, basically, everything will have no value as we approach X-day.

Lets' see, what else . . ..

-we'll probably need a separate forum for it on ATS

-Achmedinajad will hold a global conference in Iran for "meteor deniers"

-I'll get rich selling T-shirts: "the meteor's coming, and my only prep is this lousy T-shirt!"

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 10:04 AM
Well --------- what *IS* mankinds ultimate goal ?

Seems to be 'relief '. Relief from poverty and want. Relief from stress and worry. Relief from domination and control. Relief from guilt. Relief from pain. Etc.

Personally, I very much doubt a warning would be issued by the powers that be for the very reasons detailed in above posts: people would behave erratically, would commit crimes, would max out their credit, etc. So it's unlikely we'd receive any warning at all. In fact, based on all the rumours/posts about deep underground bases etc. it's not beyond the realms of possibility that a doomsday scenario is on the cards for the majority of us anyway, with the elite taking up residency in their secret bases for the duration.

But, for the purpose of the exercise provided by the OP, people right now are continually engaged in attempting to provide themselves relief from the stress of being human.

Basically, people seem to want to escape most of all from themselves.

That's the allure of religion; it promises a means whereby people can dump it all and rise to a state of peace and acceptance.

We get so caught up in surviving, that we tend to forget why we're so desperate *TO* survive. It's as if we forget that we're all going to die anyway.

So, if we were delivered an ultimatum such as total destruction within a given time, it would take the pressure off, for many.

They might actually be relieved to hear that the responsibility to survive, to achieve, to continue ----- had been lifted from them.

Years ago, Neville Shute wrote a book entitled 'On the Beach'. In it, people were confronted by almost certain death. The time frame was shorter than the OP's 15 or 25 years, but some strove desperately to survive against all odds, whilst others found they overcame this panic reaction and instead went with, instead of against the tide and settled into a peaceful, accepting frame of mind.

I suspect that within the OP's scenario, many would do likewise, rather than live through hell only to be felled by death anyway.

When it's all summed up, what's so great about life? What is there within it that would make anyone want to cling to it regardless of the pain of the struggle and the (in any case) foregone conclusion?

Death is unavoidable. So all the struggle achieves is to prolong the pain.

Who would want to survive, knowing they may inadvertently produce children they would not, in all probability, be able to protect?

Why is human life worth sustaining?

We're pretty horrible.

Life isn't that great.

The odds are stacked against us.

Something/someone else is pulling the strings anyway.

We don't start with a blank-slate/level playing field. We're victims of our genetic inheritance.

We didn't write the script. We didn't design the set.

We aren't provided time enough to do more than scratch the surface and then we're dead, even without a worldwide catastrophe.

I'd like to think that if the world's population WAS provided 15 or 25 years warning of total doom for mankind, that everyone would sit back and say: " Bring it ON ! Sure, we're all going to die. So what. We were going to die anyway. So now it's YOUR problem, not ours. Just make sure you enlarge the terminals leading to Heaven and Hell before Doomsday and make sure you have enough staff on hand to deal with 6 billion in one hit ! Ok Whoever you are --------- see you in 15 ! " LOL.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 03:03 AM
excellent post, dock6.... very thought provoking although I think it sounds a bit too bleak

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 08:23 AM

Originally posted by Dock6

Why is human life worth sustaining?

We're pretty horrible.

Life isn't that great.

The odds are stacked against us.

Something/someone else is pulling the strings anyway.

Not to turn this into a philosophical debate, but I couldn't disagree with you more. If your life isn't that great, then I pity you. You sound like a lonely, depressed person. Seriously. I don't mean that in a judgin way; it's just that the phrases you use make it sound that way. "Something else is pulling the strings" sounds like you don't feel much of anything at all.

Life is what you make it. Yes, I'm going to die. I cannot alter that fact. But I can affect it. I can influence the circumstances of the moment when I go down into the cold, hard clay.

I love my wife and kids. I honestly enjoy every day with them. I was just thinking that if I had to give up all my material wealth to keep loving them, I wold in a heartbeat. My kids may grow up to have rotten lives--that will be their choice, not mine. But in the meantime, our life together is like a fine wine that mellows and sweetens with age. My wife is my best friend, and last night we just watched some TV and sat by the fire, talking and laughing before going to bed. We turned down an outing with friends, to be alone together, and I was glad we did.

Personally, I'm a religious person; I find meaning beyond my own individual life---I'm not just living for myself. But you don't have to agree with me to find meaning in life. When I was an atheist, I really enjoyed the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. I'd recomment "Man and Superman" to you. Nietzsche wrote a lot about the ultimate reasons for living. He was a humanist; but he is another person who believed that it is your personal responsibility to choose what kind of life you have, to become more than you already are. In his words, "a super man."

If I die today, it will only be with regret that life didn't last longer. I wont flail around and make other people miserable; I may try to help the people around me to live after I'm gone, as sort of a parting gift to them. But I will savor life while it lasts, as a thing to be cherished. It's not permanent, and so you try to make the best of it.

As my good friend Andy Dufresne once said,

"you either get busy living, or get busy dyin' . . ."



posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 12:27 AM

-I'll get rich selling T-shirts: "the meteor's coming, and my only prep is this lousy T-shirt"

lol..... or we could form up in a huge target 6 billion people holding hands in ultimate defiance

Well, I would hope that with 15 years notice we could work to deflect it somehow

Could we even budge something that massive (300 miles wide) with every nuke on the planet?

As a just in case scenario I think we should get a little seed stock into space

Bingo! I'm with you on this one. Yes this should definitely be a top priority. I believe Mr Wupy's ratio of men to women might be a bit slanted in favor of personal fantasy, or is there a scientific basis there?

Seriously though, it looks as if we are not being responsible as a species now that we are aware of the possibilities of our potential demise, at least not very high on the priority list considering all that we have ever accomplished and experienced could be lost...forever. Winked out...every endevour great and small. If we let this happen, perhaps we deserve it.

posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 01:13 AM
Personally, I'm a little surprised by the number of posters who believe that we humans might "deserve" to be extinctified.

I wonder why that is. I mean seriously. Do you really feel that worthless? And if so, why not change at least your own personal life around, till it becomes something worth living for?

When I felt that way (humans as worthless), I was a young person who couldn't find a job, had no girlfriend or car, and I was doing a lot of drugs. I think it was a sort of depressing phase in my life, due to the fact that I had not really accomplished anything, and was living off of my parents (and later, student loans).

I wonder, whether many of you who seem so depressed about your membership in the human race are at a similar point in your personal lives? I mean, the people I talk to in real life (including the homeless at a street shelter where I volunteer), don't really talk about how we deserve to be wiped out.

I'm just curios for your opinions.



posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 01:22 AM
Found this" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">

It doesn't look good

I'll post my findings.


posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 11:15 PM
OK , I dropped it right smack in the middle of USA,
heres the result on either coast.....

Impact Effects
Robert Marcus, H. Jay Melosh, and Gareth Collins
Your Inputs:
Distance from Impact: 2093.00 km = 1299.75 miles
Projectile Diameter: 482802.00 m = 1583590.56 ft = 299.82 miles
Projectile Density: 3000 kg/m3
Impact Velocity: 20.00 km/s = 12.42 miles/s
Impact Angle: 45 degrees
Target Density: 2500 kg/m3
Target Type: Sedimentary Rock
Energy before atmospheric entry: 3.54 x 1028 Joules = 8.45 x 1012 MegaTons TNT
The average interval between impacts of this size is longer than the Earth's age.
Such impacts could only occur during the accumulation of the Earth, between 4.5 and 4 billion years ago.
Major Global Changes:
The Earth is not strongly disturbed by the impact and loses negligible mass.
The impact does not make a noticeable change in the Earth's rotation period or the tilt of its axis.
The impact does not shift the Earth's orbit noticeably.
Crater Dimensions:
Transient Crater Diameter: 1410 km = 875 miles
Transient Crater Depth: 498 km = 309 miles
Final Crater Diameter: 3640 km = 2260 miles
Final Crater Depth: 3.49 km = 2.17 miles
The crater formed is a complex crater.
The volume of the target melted or vaporized is 2.22e+08 km3 = 5.34e+07 miles3
Roughly half the melt remains in the crater , where its average thickness is 143 km = 88.6 miles
Thermal Radiation:
Time for maximum radiation: 328 seconds after impact
Your position is inside the fireball.
The fireball appears 676 times larger than the sun
Thermal Exposure: 3.60 x 1012 Joules/m2
Duration of Irradiation: 85300 seconds
Radiant flux (relative to the sun): 42200
Effects of Thermal Radiation:

Clothing ignites

Much of the body suffers third degree burns

Newspaper ignites

Plywood flames

Deciduous trees ignite

Grass ignites
Seismic Effects

The major seismic shaking will arrive at approximately 419 seconds.
Richter Scale Magnitude: 13.3 (This is greater than any earthquake in recorded history)
Mercalli Scale Intensity at a distance of 2093 km:

IX. General panic. Damage considerable in specially designed structures; well-designed frame structures thrown out of plumb. Damage great in substantial buildings, with partial collapse. Buildings shifted off foundations. Serious damage to reservoirs. Underground pipes broken. Conspicuous cracks in ground. In alluviated areas sand and mud ejected, earthquake fountains, sand craters.

X. Most masonry and frame structures destroyed with their foundations. Some well-built wooden structures and bridges destroyed. Serious damage to dams, dikes, embankments. Large landslides. Water thrown on banks of canals, rivers, lakes, etc. Sand and mud shifted horizontally on beaches and flat land. Rails bent slightly.

The ejecta will arrive approximately 788 seconds after the impact.
Your position is in the region which collapses into the final crater.
Your position is beneath the continuous ejecta deposit.
Average Ejecta Thickness: 3840 m = 12600 ft
Air Blast:
Peak Overpressure: 1.23e+08 Pa = 1230 bars = 17400 psi
Max wind velocity: 8910 m/s = 19900 mph
Sound Intensity: 162 dB (Dangerously Loud)
Damage Description:
Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.

Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.

Multistory steel-framed office-type buildings will suffer extreme frame distortion, incipient collapse.

Highway truss bridges will collapse.

Highway girder bridges will collapse.

Glass windows will shatter.

Cars and trucks will be largely displaced and grossly distorted and will require rebuilding before use.

Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.


posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:18 PM
The thing about this is that if given 15 years Humans WILL find a way to survive...sure not ALL of us but as long as Humanity survives then we have doen what we exist for. Deep caves, Space stations, Hell! Even abandoning Earth are all posibilities.
Humans will survive....simple as that.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:38 PM
For all you stargate fans on ATs, most would probably try to ascend by X - day.

I personally beleive that humans ultimate goal is to do with the chaos theory and the evolution of the universe. I am still working on this theory and will make my own thread on it sometime in the distant future. ultimatly, in 15 years we should try to save as much people as possible and at least create a seed of some form to repopulate the earth after X - day.

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