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Something weird.Not necessarily paranormal,but definitly weird

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 03:21 PM
Hi people.

What i'm going to tell here isn't necessarily a paranormal event,but i thought i should expose my story to you to know different kind of views on this story.

I'm 17 years old,this happened a week ago,i'm kinda skeptical when it comes to ghosts and spirits,but i'm strangely atracted to them.I love those popular stories old people tell about ghosts and strange things.I just can't get enough of it.

This all started when me and my cousins,with ages ranging from 12 to 14, decided to go on a nightwalk. We were all talking about terror movies and spooky stories,and we just taught it would be cool to walk around,feeling the rush of the darkness.After a walk around the houses near the house where our parents were,we went to a street who leads to a small forest with a fence.We were all together in that street,and after walking by a factory (wich was open,but with no one in,it seemed),we followed the curve on the road,and went to the darkness,wich was more intense there(there was a street light start of that road).As we were walking,we heard some sort of cracking sound.Like a small tree stick being stepped on.We heard it,but didn't payed much attention to it,and so we carried on with our walk.When we reached the middle of the road,we heard this whristle.I remember it,short and low,but so clear.We stopped.We all started to stare at eachother waiting for someone to tell "prank!".They all looked the most to me,because before i played a whristle sound in my cellphone,but it wasn't me,i was holding two of my cousins on both sides.They realized it wasn't me,and we started to run away from there.On the way out,one of them,wich is 14, told us that she clearly saw a vult of what seemed to be a person standing there on the forest.We ran out of there and to a place next to the party house(where our parents were). We stood there for a while,arguing about what was that. We thought that there was someone there. Doing what we ddidn't knew,but certainly someone was there.We were kinda scared,but after a while,we decided we should get bak to the place to know what was going on there.And we went.

We decided not to go so far this time.we stood next to the factory(strangely no one heard us running,nor came out to see what was happening),looking at the forest.The whristle didn't came from the forest,it came from the end(i think),but we searched the forest for the vult.And then,the same cousin started to tell us that she was seeing someone on the trees.You know in those nights with moonlight you can see the light between the trees.She said that someone was walking from tree to tree and hiding.At first,i didn't saw anything.But then,i saw it.There was something between the trees,wich moved slowly,and it hid behind the trees and peeked out.I know it is a human vult,because i could see it's shoulder's line.It was doing strange things because we would crouch and get up,and walking from tree to tree,always slowly.It must have seen us,because we were under the light.After a while of watching it, i whristled to it.Someone in the dark whristled me back.Everyone agreed on that.Then we started to talk,and shout things.No one answered.We decided to get out of there again.As we were going,we heard this respiration sound.Like,someone breathing very fast with his mouth open.We all heard it.We stayed there for a while,and one my cousin shouted "There it is,it is running away from the woods!".She said that it ran away to the side of the end of the road(being the end of the road a orientation mark).We move out of there.

We went to inside a car.We talked again about what happened,and how we all heard and watched the same things.We thought that it must have been a person,maybe an old person on the wood,but then,why didn't he answer us back?Like,shouting us to get the hell out of there.And what was he doing in the trees?The thing walked around with no purpose,it seemed.

I will carry one in the next post.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 03:30 PM
After a big conversation about what we saw,one of my cousins remembered that his step father had a big flashlight in his car.We then decided to light the woods up(it was a very powerful light),and search for the guy,or whatever it was.We rushed to get it,and we went back to the place.Again next to the factory,we first searched for vults.None.We flashed and again nothing.We heard a bush cracking sound,but couldn't find anything.We decided to move off that place,now for good.

We got away from there,and no one had an idea of what was that.

We are pretty certain that we all heard the whristle,and the respiration,and 3 of us saw the vult(the other one couldn't stare at the trees because her eyes were playing tricks on her).

Maybe it was a person trying to get privacy in the woods?Maybe a drug dealer?A random person trying to scare us out?

I have to mention that near that place there's a house wich is believed to be haunted by a spirit.People say that a person from the village was slapped twice by someone,wich he couldn't see.Other people say that sometimes lights are turned on and then turned off.

Your thoughts on this?A bunch of kids wanting to believe in strange things or real strange things happening?

I don't think it is some kind of ghost,or creature.But surely it was one hell of an experience.

Tell me your stories,too.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 06:17 PM
There is crazies no matter where you go, like, it possibly could have been a mentally ill homeless person... or simply a kid playing games with you.

It, on the other hand, could have been something a lot more sinister, but i don't think we will never know one way or another.

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 06:31 PM
Yeah it could be.But it was 10-11PM,dark and cold as hell.And we were in a village,a small one,and the forest had a house nearby,but it had a fence all around it.And i think the forest had too.It had on the side of the road,that0s for sure.

But yeah,we will never know.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 08:29 PM
You know, this sounds alot like a Bigfoot sighting.

Which isn't nessisarily a bad thing, unless your faking it. I've ran into Bigfoot too, and it certainly wasn't a pleasant thing.

However, if that is what it was there was nothing Paranormal about it. It was simply a Bigfoot being a little curious, possibly mistaking you and your realatives with another group of Bigfoot, hence the whistle.

I suggest you keep watch out of odd things, maybe it decided to stick around for a while, though its highly unlikely.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 05:06 AM
Big foot in Portugal?

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