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Two Bird Flu Deaths in Egypt, Both Women

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posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 07:24 AM

No names or villages given. Also, bf confirmed in poultry ["birds", ducks and chickens] in a household in Marhoum, Al Gharbiyah -- 11 individuals in house examined, appear ok, and have been "put under observation" for 10 days....

Machine-translated from Arabic:

The suspicion of the injury of 6 cases by the western [Al Gharbiyah] is by the bird flu disease
Jan 1, 2007

Tanta - Atef Deibis: The Veterinary Medicine Department revealed the western [Al Gharbiyah] about a new focus to the bird flu in one of citizens house in district village Marhoum is belonging to Tanta center .. He realized the death of 38 birds from it 20 ducks and 15 chicken and immediately the dealing with the dead birds took place according to the health stipulations and its burial in the health cemetery prepared for this purpose and the execution of medical examination on the house people and their number 11 individuals all with good health and have been put under observation for 10 days. Also the detention of 6 new cases took place to citizens in Tanta and the district in the hospital of Tanta fevers under the suspicion of their injury by the bird flu and taking samples from them and have been sent of the Ministry of Health laboratories for their examination and their treatment by the drug of "Al Tamflou" as a precaution.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 05:47 PM


The 3 confirmed, deceased 'Farid' family members were from Kafr Hanut

Tanta Fevers Hospital:
(1) Nura Saleh Abdul Moneim (25F) - NEG - housewife from Sbtas village in Tanta district
(2) Moselhi Ismail's hopes (28F) - NEG - homemaker (Shubra Waqqas, Al-Santa)

(3) Hanem Ahmed Fattouh the sponsor (51F) - - homemaker from Shubra Waqqas, in Al-Santa district
Didn't find 'Shubra Waqqas' but marked Al-Santa/As-Santah on the map (12) Ehab Abdul Samie - 35 years -
(13) Enas Anwar - 33 years -
(14) Mohamed Ehab Abdul Samie - 11 years -
(15) Abdul Samie Ehab - 16 years from Santa City -
(16) Ahmed Al Feqi - 51 years mother is house lord [housewife] -
(12-16) are all from the same family and at least some of them are "resident in Kafr Al-Sheikh village Salim belonging to Tanta center".

(17) Nahed Al Amrousi - 35 years is house lord [housewife] "from a village by us Abu Seer belonging to the district center"
Abu Sir Bana? (same as cases 10 & 11?)

(19-24) 6 unnamed cases (no villages/towns/cities given) reported Jan 1, 2007.

(25) Ismail "61 years" -

(26) Reham Abdullah "26 years" -

*Note that because there are 6 unnamed cases on the list, the number count might not be (is probably not!) accurate .

Al Mahallah Fevers Hospital:
(4) Souna Mohamed Al Nagar [Suna Mohammad Najjar] (55?) - from village "Saft the dust" ("Soft soil")
Saft Turab?

(5) the release of Mr. Mohamed (52?) - - from a village a span Babylon (Shubra Babylon)
Shubra Babil? (10) Sabah Ibrahim Al Fakharani from a village by us Abu Seer belonging to Samanoud center

(11) child Mohamed Farahat the head from the same village
Abu Sir Bana?

Zagazig Fevers Hospital:
in the eastern [Ash Sharqiyah governorate] about
(6) Amal Hassan Fawzi's transfer from the region of "the triumphant station" [Mansoura She] in Zagazig

(7) its daughter "Fathiya Said" to the hospital of Zagazig fevers.
Not sure where "Mansoura She" is, but indicated Zagazig on the map.

Bani Suwayf governorate:
(8) Maarouf Abdul Hamid's guidance from Blfia village

(9) Amaal Omar Mohamed from the village of pasha kindergartens

Al Qalyubia governorate:

Banha Fevers Hospital:
(18) Heba Essam Al Sayed 15 years - NEG - from Ikiar village Degoy [Akyar Djoi village] in Banha


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