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The common & uncommon things

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 02:36 AM
manipulators-elites,disinfo guys,government agents,etc...

I was thinking,could some of the bad common things,like laziness,or addictiveness to the media be conspiracy related?I would say yes,since those things are easy to do,which could make the "manipulators"think that by exposing more of those,the masses would be easier to control.
Has anybody noticed that the uncommon things in life years ago might become common,whether good or bad?Some examples:people forgeting commen sense or taking it for granted,more people not becoming interested in exploring the meaning of life(in complex views)even though we live in the "Information Age".

Even though things are becoming more complex(like technology),the masses would focus on the easier things in life(I wonder if it was the other way around years ago).
Also people seem to be more independent(or at least want to be independent) than before.Could the "manipulators" be spreading some propaganda to divide the masses?
Porn(or anything sexually) seems to be getting more attention(it already got my attention
),could their exposure cause more moral conflicts in society?It looks like it's happening.
On ATS there is much attention on the "aliens & ufo" forum,is this really a distraction from more important things or do the aliens really need our attention?

So anyways,I was thinking if we can find out if any of these common or uncommon things in life are conspiracy related or are about to become conspiracy related(it could be just about any topics).
What else do you guys & gals notice that are common or uncommon,or are about to become common or uncommon?

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