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Funny UFO incident

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 01:32 AM
Well I was stitting at my computer playin in a poker tourny when I get a phone call from a friend who tells me" Hey a few of us have seen these strange disk shaped craft flying around with bright lights!" and he goes on to explain how he and a few others are basicly watching UFO's hover around their house. Well I just said no "no # eh!" and went to look out my window didnt see nothing and he told me to watch the news and keep lookin outside but I was doin good inthis tourney so I was really focused on that.

Well about 15 minutes go by and I hear this loud buzzing sound coming from outside and its pretty dark out. Then I hear it get louder and closer and it was a weird sound so I go to look out my window and what do I see?
No word of a lie 3 feet from my window is a small circular craft hovering and glowing! I FREAKED stood up went to look at it right up close and it looked like an alien craft from the movie Bateries not included. My first thought was to go out and try to catch it so I opened the door and watched it for a second then it went sideways smacked my metal railing and fell then 3 of my friends come from out of my parking lot laughing their asses off because they just planned the whole thing using a remote control UFO looking toy that flys lol.

For a second I thought the intergalactic beef was on! My friends all knew I was into UFO's n stuff do I guess thats why they did it but man I was freaked lol.

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