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Alien Moral Code. Does it exist ?

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posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 12:07 PM

It is at best, a 'wild-assed guess' to attribute any human characteristics to an alien race. Including the question of a 'moral code' for aliens

Quite true...but since we have no other basis for comparison, in order to have ANY discussion about POSSIBLE morality of an alien being, we must use basic human morality as a benchmark for comparison.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 12:56 PM
well our scriptures don't say that God is a being of love and light that gives away presents all day. No. God is depicted as a terrifying force that clones humans and orders them to stay away from his stuff. He creates light. He creates heavens. But he is not a being of light from a heaven. God doesn't come from his creation, creation comes from God.

So we like to imagine God is a bit of light from a heaven, but God existed before light and before heavens.

People were taught in the old days to fear God. They were taught they would die if they saw God's face. But now we don't believe all that stuff and we're pretty sure God is a fluffy angelic being of light who only does nice things etc.

But God and his angels (aliens) are still the stern beings they were in the beginning.

When I met them I was shocked at how stern some of them were. It's painful to be around them. I know they are unpleasant beings mostly. I'm not trying to cover the facts about them, I'm simply trying to show a different side of them that most people don't hear about.

So the things they do, like cloning, keeping knowledge from us etc, may seem evil, but God did those things from the beginning. We may say devils do them too. We may try to say God is a demon. We can say anything we like, But there is a reference to God himself doing those things and I have learned that we truly are dealing with God when we deal with the aliens. That's why I highlight the spiritual/astral aspects of this phenomenon.

The aliens don't fit our new age religions of love and light, but they sure fit the old religion with its stern God and fearsome angels. And they sure exhibit the same morals. Even after thousands of years of having those scriptures translated and altered/edited in various ways

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posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 02:12 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok
we must use basic human morality as a benchmark for comparison.

Agreed, as long as you keep the distinction that it is only for comparison. When it becomes a means to attempt to predict or judge actions, your viewpoint is instantly biased towards your own values and world view.

Viewing the actions of any culture or being, whether alien or earthly, through the lens of your own cultural or personal notions, can filter out what is potentially the one tiny little observance that suddenly makes things clear.

For all we know, sticking a probe up some farmer's rectum may be high concept performance art on Zeta Reticuli.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:46 PM
Basically all the things the aliens do we do also to different species that we consider inferior to us. So if the aliens are superior then they are just obeying the natural tendency we all have to exploit those of an inferior species. It's not evil it is just the way things are. At least they don't have us locked up in cages where we are bred for their fast food industries. They certainly could do such a thing if they desired I believe.

The news media doesn't get ratings from reporting on grandma's roses. They don't get ratings from reporting on little Jenny's new tooth. But they do get ratings from reporting on all the bad things in the world.

With the alien phenomenon we tend to mainly hear about the bad things, and anyone reporting good things is told they are mistaken. The bad things are all people want to hear about and all they talk about. So in the end the aliens are made out to be terrible evil beings when that is just not so. If they were we would all be dead by now.

You can bet your best mug that if humans found a planet filled with lower species they would eat them or find a way to exploit them all. They wouldn't show them full respect like we are demanding from the aliens.

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posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 05:39 PM
Simply because aliens may not consider abusing others to be evil does not mean that they have evolved so high that they are beyond the concept of good and evil. After all, there are even some human beings who have no sense of right and wrong and can commit horrific crimes without an ounce of remorse. But these people are not evolved beyond good and evil, they are rather to low and morally defective to consider whether the things they do hurt others or not. They could care less. This also applies to aliens.

The aliens do evil things without any regard for whether it is right or wrong to force others to comply with their wishes. They use people in any way that satisfies their (the aliens) wishes, without regard for the wishes of the abductees. This is sort of behaviour is considered psychopathic among humans. It also exhibits an animal-like nature because like animals they are unconcerned with any hurtful effects that they have on another. This is the dark, selfish condition of the aliens. Unlike animals though, the aliens know they are causing harm to their kidnapped victims, but don't care. This makes the aliens even lower than animals because animals harm and kill without any awareness of the harm they are causing to their prey.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 07:43 PM
Until I actually meet an alien, have a conversation with one, I'm on the fence.

Those that say they are in constant contact with "said aliens", I have a problem.
If they are so secretive, why allow the seemingly "elite, special" people to talk for them ? Why not have recognized UFOlogists contacted for release ?
Why not come out, personally ?
Who are these "special" people ?
Why them ? Why not you, or I ?
I asked in another thread, for contact. I've recieved none.

Let the "you've been contacted, but can't remember." War begin.

They show no proof, other than words.
I ask for more.
Am I, and thousands like me to be denied ?


posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 12:23 AM

The aliens don't fit our new age religions of love and light, but they sure fit the old religion with its stern God and fearsome angels. And they sure exhibit the same morals.

Gods of the Old Testament at least cared significantly about the moral development of human society and did express some beneficial aspects regarding that.

In what ways have ETs done anything similar?

Suppose they have the stern, arrogant, jerk part down, but then they're going about their business for their entirely selfish reasons?

Let's come to the bottom line:

What have they ever done FOR us that we really ought to appreciate?

So far from what you're describing about 90% of our own neighbors would be a heckuva lot nicer and more friendly than ET.

That really bites.

Of course we haven't done anything for them either, except one critically important thing: leave them alone.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 12:38 AM

You can bet your best mug that if humans found a planet filled with lower species they would eat them or find a way to exploit them all. They wouldn't show them full respect like we are demanding from the aliens.

You're wrong. We would be nicer. Not perfect, but we would make an attempt to be nice. Especially if they had nuclear weapons.

When we send probes to Mars we are very sure to sterilize them thoroughly to ensure that no Earth microbes accidentally contaminate the Martian environment.

For instance, why do we have environmental protection laws for endangered species? Why did we stop whaling? Why do we have wildlife preserves? We can't even really talk to whales, but we assume that based on their apparent large brains and complex social behaviors that they could experience unpleasant emotions and harm from bad interactions with us. If we could talk with whales we would certainly try to explain ourselves and communicate with some decency, openness and kindness.

Apparently ETs have genetic control, massively advanced computation/technology as well as deep telepathic capability. They have little excuse. But they just don't seem to give a crap. ET coverup is their fault, not ours. Nice ETs with deep experience and benevolence could have found many possible avenues to ensure that contact was mutually beneficial, gentle, trusting and authentic---even to some creatures much less evolved than them. For example, they could start landing at universities and begin a scholarly scientific and cultural exchange. They didn't. ETs seem uninterested in any human cultural artifact---we, by contrast, would be fascinated to learn about some alien culture or art if we could fly to their planet.

So far, we've got nada but some kidnapping and mind#s.

If we could fly to Alpha Centauri and talk with a planet and people like ours, we would put our best foot forward as ambassadors. We would try to be pretty nice to others and honest about our own problems at home. Don't put us down to their level.

Now it's quite possible there are plenty of nice ETs out there. But maybe they sit at home trying to stay safe, while the expansionist jerks build massive empires on the servitude or exploitation of inferior worlds they conquered. Nice guys finish last in the galaxy.

Maybe the nice ones can transmit messages but are not powerful enough to get through the mean ones empire or blockade and actually interact with us in person. So we're like the poor sods in the Warsaw Pact who can get hopeful radio from outside but in real life it's just communist dictatorship.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 10:05 AM
Take Enoch for instance. He was abducted by two beings and taken to various different planes of existence where he had the order of the universe explained to him in a symbolic way. And in this modern age we are seeing that the aliens are abducting people and showing them many different things. Normally, from my experience, anyone who speaks on the web about their wonderful experiences with aliens is silenced quickly by hate filled minds. And in society it is very difficult to speak out about strange experiences. So the masses of people who have been shown wonders by the aliens are generally kept silent. But nevertheless there are countless people living with deep insight into life's mysteries simply because of the aliens.

Now the aliens actions are not logical to us. We wonder why they don't do things our way. But they are aliens with totally different realities than ours. We treat animals a certain way, which obviously would not be understood by the animals either.

Basically humans were put in their place from the beginning. They were told they couldn't have the knowledge that would make them like gods and that they had to suffer earth life instead. Every now and then humans would be visited by beings from out of this world and gain new concepts and new belief in things higher.

We still have to exist and struggle on the earth but we are made aware of the gods every now and then.

In this technological age when the old religions have lost their edge the gods are appearing as aliens to once again remind people that we are not alone in the universe. But they do it in such a way that we're not quite certain if we are alone or not. It's like they are creating a reality where we can choose to believe or not to believe.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 02:38 PM
I am new here, perhaps you could answer a question. This Enoch you speak of, he's not Enoch of the old Testament? If so where did you get your info about his "abduction"?

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 05:02 PM
yes I was referring to the Enoch of ancient times. His case is identical to many modern day abductions although each person is shown different things during their abductions. I just searched google and instantly found a reference to the similarity between Enoch's abduction and alien abductions.

Fowler himself analysed the Book of Enoch and came upon an intriguing reference on the general UFO abduction phenomenon. Enoch is home alone, resting in a seat and falls asleep. Suddenly, he hears something, though does not understand what is being said. Two men appear at the end of his feet; they know his name. Enoch wakes up, sees the two men and is afraid. They tell him not to be afraid, “you will ascend to Heaven with us”. It is in Heaven that Enoch is brought in front of “the Elders” and the rulers of a “stellar hegemony”.
The events described by Enoch are identical – if not archetypal – of the events reported in UFO abductions. Fowler was also intrigued by references Andreasson had made. She had described a group of blond human-like beings that were in control of the grey beings. She named these blond people “the Elders”.

True or not, there are important cultural parallels between the story of Enoch and the modern UFO abduction phenomenon.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 05:34 PM
That link is to Phil Coppens site.
That is his opinion, not fact. Same can be said for the Bible.
All I ask for is solid proof, not someone's re-hashed opinion.
Is that too much to ask for ?
I respect opinions, believe me. But, when opinion is attempted to be spoon-fed to me, respect is lost.
Proof, anyone ?


posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 07:51 PM
so basically the aliens morals are similar to the morals of God and his angels long ago, as well as our own morals when dealing with animals and creatures etc. So it's safe to say they have very high morals indeed in that sense. they certainly are not like wild predators with no morals or else there would be death and gore everywhere in their wake. They are obviously extremely careful with humans even though we normally resent any form of contact which is un-asked for.

The aliens told me they have to focus their energies in order to manifest on the earth level, and then they have to act quickly before their energy runs out. So this explains why encounters are normally abrupt and jolting for the humans, who are one moment relaxed in bed and the next moment staring into big alien eyes and feeling stressed to the max.

I'm pretty sure that if we discovered an entire planet overrun with cows, who were destroying all other life forms in their grazing and methane pollution, that we would take measures to control those cows in order to save that world from destruction. But the aliens are letting our species have full reign over the earth, just as the God of The Bible gave us full reign over it.

So I believe the aliens are exhibiting higher morals than we would if we were in their shoes with an entire planet of lower creatures at our disposal.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 09:17 PM
The aliens reveal evil to everyone who encounters them. Whereas Jesus, who is God incarnate came and helped people by healing them and teaching them to love one another, the aliens do the opposite. They hurt people and animals...they torture and mutilate and terrorize people. Jesus, gave peace to people, but the aliens destroy peace and cause distress in the lives of their victims/abductess. So, it is quite clear that the aliens are the opposite of Jesus Christ, which means that they are the opposite of God.

This opposition to the way of Christ shows that the aliens are in reality demons/devils which are able to shapeshift at times into human-like and angel-like creatures. This is why Jesus warned us that the devil can assume the appearance even of an Angel of Light. And this is also the reason that Jesus taught us not to judge by appearances but by works. As most people know the works of the aliens/demons are evil and the opposite of the works of Christ. So, even if aliens/demons assume the appearance of a human or angel, we can know that they are really demons because of the evil that they do. The alien's shape-shifting cannot hide their evil demonic nature.

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